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									                                 About The American Flag & Its History

For more than 230 years, the American flag has been the symbol of nation’s unity and strength. Right in
the middle of summer comes Flag Day, a day when we all celebrate the adoption of our national flag.
There are thirteen equal red and white stripes in the flag which represent the original thirteen colonies
that rebelled against the British colonization and became the primary states America. These states grew
to 50 with time and this is shown by the fifty stars in white. The colours white, red and blue represent
purity, blood and justice.

The flag, when decorated in a traditional way, is beautified with golden coloured fringe which surrounds
the perimeter of the flag. The star and stripe banner of the American land was made official when the
3rd continental congress passed a resolution to declare it as the national flag. Since then, 14th June is
celebrated with dignity to honour all those who fought hard for the nation to achieve this.

The Flag Day has now become one of the most significant dates in the American calendar and our
countrymen celebrate it by sending cards to each other and meeting their friends over lunches, drinks
and dinners.

The American flag is no doubt the most visible flag among all the countries in the world and carries
strong emotions with it. The national flag soars high in the sky along with the state flags. Flag Day is a
day to look back and remember the Founding Fathers of this great nation. People like to gift Small flags,
desk flags, car flags, military flags, and stick flags to each other to mark the occasion.

There are many online stores on the Internet from where you can order discount flags and small state
flags and make your loved ones happy.

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