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									Returning in Kind and Kindness

                                   Words have power, and it is really important to
                                   understand the dynamics of fighting back. If you are
                                   attacked, or even feel attacked, then you might have a
                                   strong inclination to return in kind. The truth is, how
                                   you respond to those failures is how you will be seen in
                                   the end, and sometimes a ways before the end. People
                                   are watching, so if you care about how you are seen, it
                                   is appropriate to remember that you will be judged not
                                   just on what was said about you, but how you
                                   responded to it. And yes, every little detail is being
                                   That is a good thing.
If you have difficulty in keeping yourself together under pressure, it will definitely show.
However, if you meet your challenges with enthusiasm and grace, rather than
nervousness or outright recklessness, then you are setting yourself up to appear well in
the end.
Those who have the highest emotional intelligence end up having the least amount of
reaction to being put down or being run off, and that gives these people extremely high
advantage over their peers, even over those in second place. These men and women are
natural leaders because they are able to assess a situation and act appropriate, if even
necessary, rather than automatically react. Calm, rational thinking, rather than emotional
reactions, are called for throughout the day all the time in business. Alcohol drug testing
are necessary testing procedures for people who wish to run a logical business. If you
cannot handle yourself, then you are a liability to the company. This is why managers
implement workplace drug testing laws where applicable, and why they go ahead and use
drug and alcohol testing the rest of the time for the sake of their companies the rest of the
time. They understand that returning in kind is silly and childish, but showing kindness
and operating the company in a calm rational manner is the most valuable thing that they
can offer their employees. Job security and business revenue depend upon it, so
workplace drug testing has a directly positive effect on the employees. For more
information about drug screening services in Western Australia, call Mediscreen today:
(+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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