Liquid Humate Product Introduction by jian5


									Liquid Humate
1. Definition:

Liquid humate solution contains 7.5% humic acid 7.5% fulvic acid and 3.5% K₂O, is
natural mineral plants growth stimulatant, beneficial element stabilizer and

2. Specifications

 Appearance                               brown liquid

 Humic Acid (dry basis)                   7.5%min

 Fulvic Acid (dry basis)                  7.5%min

 Potassium(K₂O dry basis)                 3.5%min

 PH                                       8-9

 Product Code                             CXHA-HA-L

3. Functions & Benefit:

1)Stimulate plants growth and enzyme to increase the yield and quality(suger content
and vitamin)
2)Minimize heavy metals ,detoxify harmful residuals like pesticide and
weedicide,also buffering excessive iron like calcium.
3)Natural biological food
4)Strong chelate function to chelate all kind ions.
5)promote seeds germination and root development.

4. Direction for use

Soil application:
20-30L/Ha/crop season,for poor soil sandy soil hard soil strongly recommend to
increase the dosage mined with other soluble fertilizer or trace minerals.
Also can be mixed with pesticide.
Foliar application:
1-2 liter with at least 1000times dilution spray one or two times each month ,better
mix with other fertilizer .good effect mixed with pesticide.
Seed treatment:
Per 100 kg seeds apply 50-100 ml, the liquid need to be diluted at lease
1000times.Suggest soak for at least 8 hours.

5. Package:

1) Plastic drums, net weight 20L 25L 50L 100L.
2) Can satisfy the customer’s requirement and offer OEM service.

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