Humic Acid NPK Production Introduction by jian5


									Humic Acid + NPK
1. Specifications:
This product is humic acid based formulation with NPK, can stabilize nitrogen,
release lock -up Phosphorus, magnified function to absorb microelement. Enhanced
capability to cope wtth stressed conditions.

 Appearance                                   Black Granule

 Humic Acid (dry basis)                       60.0% min

 Nitrogen(organic)                            5.0% min

 Phosphorus(P₂O5)                             5.0% min

 Potassium(K₂O dry basis)                     5.0% min

 Moisture                                     15.0% max

 Size Rate(1-4mm)                             95.0% min

 Product Code                                 CXHA-HA+NPK-G

2. Direction for use:
50-100 kg/ha every 7-10 days,     Also depends on the soil condition

3. Package:
1) Woven bags with poly bags inside 25kgs net weight,
2) Jumbo bags with dischargeable open on the bottom, with poly bags inside.
3) Can satisfy the customer’s requirement and offer OEM service.

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