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					                                              SABHARISH MUR ALI
               96 Heath Street, Buffalo, NY, 14214  716-435-9626         
                                              LinkedIn Profile

                              ENTRY LEVEL CHEMICAL\PROCESS ENGINEER
   Graduate student in Chemical Engineering with strong background in industry oriented chemical
    engineering courses, Optimization, Quality control and computer software with an endeavor to learn.
   Experienced in Process Development, Ansys, Process control, Computational Fluid dynamics, Molecular
    modeling, modeling particulate\crystallization processes, Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics.
   Proficient in Quality Control and six sigma methodologies, Reaction Engineering, Heat and Mass Transfer,
    MS Office, numerical Techniques, Programming in FORTRAN and C++.

                                        PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

   UNIVERSITY AT BUFFALO, SUNY, NY,USA                                                        Jan 2011-Present
    Graduate Researcher
    Estimation of Vapor-Liquid Coexistence Curves of complex hydrocarbons and Ionic Liquids using Monte Carlo
    Simulation and Molecular Dynamics.
      Studied the Interfacial properties of Octane, Propanol, Cyclohexane, water, Squalane and Ionic Liquids
         using Monte Carlo Simulation.
      Obtained the Saturated pressures, Coexistence densities, Critical Density, critical Temperature and other
         Thermo physical Properties.
      Analyzed the data obtained to get a deeper understanding of the VLE curves which is paramount for any
         chemical Engineering process.

G.B ENGINEERING ENTERPRISES, TRICHY, TN, INDIA                                       Sep 2008-Apr 2009
    Process Engineering Co-op
    Process development: Preparation and Characterization of Activated Carbon
     Developed a process to produce highly porous Activated Carbon from rice husk.
     Characterized Activated Carbon using BET technique, STM (Scanning Tunneling Microscope) and
        measured its porosity, Surface area etc.
     Prepared process flow diagram and scaled the process for industrial application.
     Optimized the procedure to achieve maximum possible yield at minimal cost and applied quality control
        techniques to achieve optimum product.
   S&I ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS and IISC, BANGALORE, INDIA                                   May 2008-Jul 2008
     CFD Simulation Intern (Project Report)
    Numerical computations for the flow past an Omar 4-element Airfoil using Computational Fluid Dynamics.
     Simulated the Fluid flow over an Omar Airfoil using Finite-Element method and Navier-stokes equations
     Used Ansys (Gambit) software to generate a grid around the Airfoil and used Fluent (and Hifun) to study the
       flow around the airfoil.

    Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, HPCL, Travancore Chemicals
     Industrial Visit
     Analyzed the various Unit operations, equipment and process control used in the plant.
     Observed the safety procedures, standards followed inside the plant.

   Master of Science in Chemical Engineering                                                      (2010- SEP 2012)
    University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, N.Y, U.S.A                                 GPA 3.57/4
   Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering                                                     (2006-2012)
    National Institute of Technology Thiruchirapalli, India                                            GPA 8.5/10
                                               ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE

    Design Optimization for the manufacture of microwave popcorn using lean six sigma principles.
     Applied DMAIC principle successfully to a 12-factor design (each factor with 2-levels).
     Conducted measure system analysis (MSA) to identify the variation due to gage.
     Performed Design of Experiment (DOE) to identify significant factors.
     Identified ideal setting for the significant factors to obtain optimum product quality and performed
       capability analysis to find the ability of process.
     Prepared work instructions, control plan and standardized the manufacturing process using Minitab.
       (Project Report)

   NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, TRICHY, INDIA                                          Nov 2009-May 2010
      Design of a Cement Plant (Project Report)
     Carried out a detailed process design and economic evaluation of a cement plant.
     Prepared a Comprehensive report including Mass and Energy balances, Process control and
       instrumentation (P&ID), PFD, Plant Layout, Safety and Cost Estimation of the chemical plant
     Designed Rotary Kiln, Cyclone Separator and Gas Conditioning Tower used in the plant

    INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE, BANGALORE, INDIA                                             May 2009-Jul 2009
     Research Intern and Programmer (Project Report)
    Solution of Monovariate population balance equations using length as internal co-ordinate to study
    crystallization of Nano-sized particles
     Programmed a FORTRAN code to solve Population Balance Equation for a system of N Nano-sized
        particles by fixed pivot method using numerical technique Ranga-Kutta Method & Monte Carlo Simulation.
     Technique developed was computationally more accurate and required less computational effort.
   NIIT, CHENNAI, INDIA                                                                      Dec 2007–Apr 2008
    An advanced level course on Java Programming language and Web Design (J2EE)

                                         SOFTWARE SKILLSET
   Languages          : C(Mid-Level), C++(Advanced), Java(Advanced), Fortran(Advanced), Python(Mid-Level)
   Web Designing      : HTML, PHP, Databases, JavaScript
   Packages           : MS Office, MATLAB, AUTOCAD, Gambit, Octave, SQL, Ansys(CFD), Minitab

                                      LEADERSHIP AND ACTIVITIES
   Conducted a workshop on Computational Fluid Dynamics at Alchemy ’10, NIT Trichy
   Student Coordinator, Poster and Publicity Team, Pragyan ’09, NIT Trichy
   Student Manager, Printing and Publicity Team, Alchemy’ 10, NIT Trichy
   Completed online Courses offered by STANFORD engineering on Databases, Artificial Intelligence and Machine
    Learning, PGM, Algorithms and received statement of accomplishment.

                                   RELAVANT TECHNICAL COURSES
        1)   Quality Assurance                      6) Chemical Kinetics and Reaction Engineering
        2)   Fluid Mechanics                        7) Environmental Engineering
        3)   Heat and Mass Transfer                 8) Food Technology
        4)   Colloids and Surface Phenomena         9) Advanced Separation Techniques
        5)   Unit operations                        10)Process Control and Dynamics

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