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									  Volume 61, Number 3

  April 2009
                                The Pilot
                                Kalamazoo Sail & Power Squadron

                                In Remembrance - P/C Daniel Edward Chappell, AP
                                  Dan was born on February 28, 1932 in Jackson, MI,
                                son of the late, Daniel August and Genevieve (Snyder)
                                Chappell. Dan grew up in Jackson. In 1954 he received
                                his Bachelors from Michigan State University School of
                                Journalism. Dan married Jane Brydges at St. Philip
                                Catholic Church on January 26, 1957. During 52 years
                                of marriage they had six children and ten grandchildren.
                                Dan was employed at the Battle Creek Enquirer for 40
                                years, and worked for The Senior Times for 10 years.
                                  He served as a member of the Naval Reserve from
                                1950 to 1960, later teaching his entire family to sail
                                every kind of boat imaginable. He was active in the Light-
                                ning fleet of Gull Lake for 35 years. A lifelong member of
                                the Power Sail and Squadron of Kalamazoo, Gull Lake
Inside this Issue               Yacht Club and the Bay Shore Yacht Club,
                                   He was KSPS commander in 1991 and served as
                                Squadron Education Officer from 2001 through 2003.
In Remembrance              1   Dan continued to sail every moment possible on his be-
                                loved Tartan 30, Chaps, cruising the Great Lakes, and
                                beyond. He was a proud leader of the Boy Scouts, Sea
Sailing On                  1   Scouts, the Navy League and Junior Achievement for
                                many years. Dan was an active member in St. Joseph
                                Catholic Church. He was a meticulous woodworker, avid
Education Update            2   hunter, and received many awards for marksmanship.
                                Dan was known for his quick wit, quips, and clichés.
                                He’ll be sadly missed, by all.
A National Position
for a KSPS Member           2    Memorial contributions may be made to
                                 The American Diabetes Association                                P/C Daniel E. Chappell, AP
                                 3940 Broadmore Avenue SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512                Feb 28, 1932 — Mar 1, 2009
Events, Meetings and
other Activities            2

                                                                   Sailing On
Public, Advanced
& Elective Courses          2                                      By Jane Brydges Chappell

Personal Best:                                                     Thus comes a time
Dan Chappell                3                                      in every sailor’s life
                                                                   to make fast his vessel –
Birthdays—April & May
                                                                   fold his sails,
                                                                   coil up his line
                                                                   and rest in a quiet harbor.
2009 KSPS Bridge Officers   4
                                                                   Now your wind is gentle,
Dyckman Bridge Hours                                               the weather fair
                            4                                      and the seas quiet.
                                      Daniel E. Chappell           Rest Well
Safety Corner— Kidde
Extinguisher Recall         4
Page 2                                                                                                                              The Pilot

KSPS, D-9 & USPS Activities, Events and Meetings
Tues 14 April 2009 Time: 1830 - 2100              Tues 12 May 2009 Time: 1830-2100                Tues 9 June 2009 Time: 1830 - 2100
KSPS General Meeting                              KSPS General Meeting                            KSPS Executive Committee Meeting
Exploring Michigan’s Rivers                       Location & Topic TBA
Michelle’s 4010 Gull Rd

Sat 1 August 2009                                 8-13 Sept                                       23-25 Oct
Coast Guard Festival and Parade                   USPS Governing Board                            D9 Fall Conference
Grand Haven, Michigan                             Kansas City, MO                                 Sterling Heights
                                                                                                  Host: Mt Clemens

Education Corner                                                               A National Position for a KSPS Member
P/C Karen Strand, AP has volunteered to coordinate Seamanship. It                                             At the 2009 USPS Annual
will be offered late fall. This is the first advanced grade course available                                  Meeting, Robert Landeros,
to new members. It builds on knowledge from the public boating                                                SN was installed as chair of
course. If you have not taken it, you should seriously consider it. If you                                    the Instructor Development
have already taken Seamanship or Engine Maintenance, consider                                                 Committee with the rank of
thanking the squadron for all the classes you’ve enjoyed by volunteering                                      Rear Commander.
to teach one night of ABC, Seamanship or Engine Maintenance. .                                                The Committee is responsi-
                                                                                                              ble for instructor certification
America’s Boating Course is being offered in Battle Creek during April.                                       and recertification, teaching
                         Engine Maintenance, coordinated by Lt/C                                              aids awards at the USPS
                         Daniel Livingston, S will be offered this fall.                                      Annual Meeting, and the
                           If you have friends, family, or neighbors that                                     Charles F. Chapman Award
                                                                                                              for Excellence in Teaching.
                           would benefit from these courses, please
                                                                                                              Additionally, the committee
                           pass this page on to them or refer them to
                                                                                                              will explore the viability of
                           our website. Check the schedule below to
                                                                                                              using a virtual network to
                           find the contact for each course. Call and
                                                                                                              disseminate USPS instruc-
                           register early so that we can order a suffi-
                                                                                                              tors’ knowledge among all
                           cient number of textbooks. Additional course              Rear Commander           USPS instructors.
                           descriptions are at the back of the roster and
                                                                                   Robert Landeros, SN        Bob has been a member of
                           on our website. http://www.ksps-usps.org/
                                                                                     Home Squadron:           KSPS since 2002 and was
                                                                                  Kalamazoo Sail & Power      our SEO from 2003—2005.

Public Courses, Advanced Grade Courses & Electives
Course                                           Start Date           Contact Person         Telephone     e-mail address
America’s Boating Course: Battle Creek           16 Apr 09              Nils Strand        269-964-6690    nils.strand@gsa.gov
America’s Boating Course: Kalamazoo              Fall 2009              Wally Corder       269-321-0751    wccorder@hotmail.com
DNR Course (age 12—16): Kalamazoo                Fall 2009             Lois Whitmore       269-345-4521    lwh@core.com
Intro. To Piloting: Battle Creek                 21 May 09              Nils Strand        269-964-6690    nils.strand@gsa.gov

Seamanship                                       Fall 2009             Karen Strand        269– 964-6690   karenstrand@sbcglobal.net
Piloting                                         Fall 2009                Bill Ditty       269-323-3143    cgdiver@juno.com
Advanced Piloting                                   TBD              Jerry Hendrickson     269-353-7243    jlh10acrewoods@charter.net
Junior Navigation                                   TBD               Robert Landeros      269-501-2757    robert.landeros@sbcglobal.net
Navigation                                          TBD               Robert Landeros      269-501-2757    robert.landeros@sbcglobal.net
Cruise Planning                                 March 2010             Karen Strand        269-964-6690    karenstrand@sbcglobal.net
Engine Maintenance                            Fall 2009 (Wed)          Dan Livingston      269-781-2328    autodan@yahoo.com
Instructor Development                              TBD                Lois Whitmore       269-345-4521    lwh@core.com
Marine Electronics                               Fall 2008             Harold Hladky       269-969-0815    harold.hladky@wmich.edu
Operations Training                            26 Jan 2009             Phyllis Buskirk     269-375-2586    andiamo91@cs.com
Sail & Advanced Sail                             Fall 2009            George Tyler, Jr.    269-671-4560    gtn8kjd@tds.net
Weather                                         5 Feb 2009          H. Hladky & G. Tyler   269-375-2586    Harold or George
                                                                                                                                          Page 3

                                                                             takes over two weeks.
Personal Best: Dan Chappell
                                                                               In January 2002, the Chappells chartered a sailboat and toured
                                 Scene Magazine granted permission           the British Virgin Islands for seven days in the Caribbean. They
                                 to capture photos and highlights from       have also sailed in the Atlantic along the Massachusetts and
                                 an article on Dan Chappell, written by      Maine coastlines.
                                 his friend and colleague, Rick DeRuiter       In 1962, Dan became a member of the Kalamazoo Power
                                 in 2003.                                    Squadron (now
                                    The magic of moving a boat over          Kalamazoo Sail and
                                 water using only the wind and skill         Power Squadron).
                                 captured Dan Chappell at a young age        His wife joined
                                 and never faded. In 1947, Dan learned       KSPS in 1990. He
                                 to sail as a member of the Sea Scouts.      served in various
                                 Dan grew up in Jackson MI and               positions on the
                                 learned to sail on Wolf Lake. In 1955,      Executive Commit-
                                 Dan and two of his friends, Rick Ed-        tee and Bridge. He
                                 dinger and Ed Shukur, bought their          was KSP squadron
                                 first sailboat. They paid only $25 for it   commander in 1991
because it was a wreck that the Gull Lake Marine Center was going to         and served as it’s
burn. They fixed it up and named it Typo. Dan and his friends got a          Squadron Educa-
lot of sailing out of that boat. They became fixtures on the waters of       tional Officer (SEO)
                                                                             from 2001 through
Gull Lake as they honed their skills.
   Dan’s competitive spirit took over
in the sixties leading him to buy his                                          Over the years
first racer. It was a nineteen foot                                          Dan has taught
Lightning Class sailboat. That first                                         hundreds of people
year, he was last in every race, but                                         how boating can be
he stuck with it and the next year                                           fun and safe. In
was recognized as the “Most Im-                                              addition to teaching
                                                                             squadron courses like Sea-        Chaps, a Tartan 30
proved Racer”. His racing career
spanned over 20 years. Dan became                                            manship, Piloting, Advanced Piloting, Sailing and Weather, he also
successful as a competitive sailor.                                          has taught individuals to sail, many of whom have become fine
He was the Gull Lake Yacht Club                                              competitive
Fleet Champion. That same year he                                            sailors themselves.
raced at the district level, which was
a qualifier for the North American
Championships.                            Dan in Foul Weather Gear
                                                                                     Next Meeting - Tues. 14 April 2009
   Over 50 sailboats from all over the Midwest competed. Dan placed
fifth, which qualified him to move on to the North American Champi-                   Kalamazoo Sail & Power Squadron
onships. The nationals were held on Lake Erie near Buffalo. Dan said
it was a great experience and even though he did not win, he did not                         General Meeting
finish last either.                                                                      Social 6:30 pm, mtg at 7
                                                                                         Michelle’s 4010 Gull Rd
   Due to his success in the Lightning Class, he was asked to crew on
larger sailboats that raced on Lake Michigan. He crewed in many                      Topic: Exploring Michigan Rivers
races including the prestigious Chicago to Mackinaw race on a 47
foot yawl.
  Since 1988 Dan and his wife, Jane, have owned a Tartan 30 sail-
boat, which they have sailed throughout the Great Lakes. They enjoy           Birthdays                                    May Birthdays
cruising Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and especially the North Chan-                                                              May 4
nel of Georgian Bay. The trip to Georgian Bay covers 500 miles and              April Birthdays                             Kent Choate
                                                                                    April 1                                    May 12
                                                                                 Ron Voelker                                 Judy Dorais
  KSPS 60th Anniversary Shirts                                                    April 3                                        May 14
                                                                               Glenn Hahn                                     Ron McPhee
 A special shirt to commemorate                                                  April 14                                        May 16
 our 60th anniversary. In the                                                  Don Paulson                                    L. John Goes
 center of the graphic is Lat 42°                                                April 15                                        May 23
 17' N, Lo 85° 35' W. Shirts $10                                               Trish Smith                                     Dieter Valk
 Caps with KSPS logo $15. Order                                                                                                  May 26
 from Karen Strand.                                                                                                            Gary Bleyer
 269-964-6690                                                                                                               John Pennimann
Page 4                                                                                                                                   The Pilot

The 2009 KSPS Bridge Officers
Commander                    Lt/C William Soule, P                  269-544-0518 (home)              souleb@aol.com
Executive Officer            Lt/C Daniel L. Livingston, S           269-781-2328 (home)              autodan@yahoo.com
Educational Officer          Lt/C Wally Corder, S                   269-321-0751 (home)              wccorder@hotmail.com
Administrative Officer       Lt/C Roger Todd, P                     269-945-5211 (home)              rogertodd@core.com
Treasurer                    P/C Nils Strand, AP                    269-964-6690 (home)              nils.strand@gsa.gov
Secretary                    Lt/C Lyndell Bleyer, S                 269-731-5601 (home)              lyn.bleyer@wmich.edu

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Dyckman Bridge Hours                                                        Kidde Recall
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                                                                    This recall involves the Kidde XL       If you are receiving the Pilot by
Effective Friday, April 18, 2009 the bridge will operate as follows Fire Extinguishers with model num-      regular mail, help us save postage
on the hour and half hour:                                          bers FX340SC, FX340H, FX340GW,          and printing by sending your email to
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Monday thru Thursday 7 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. Fridays until 2400.
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transmits on Channel 12.                                            year is on the bottom. If your extin-
(269) 637-5151.                                                     guisher matches the year and            or have information that needs
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