The Story Of Rama and Sita
     retold by Class S
Once long ago there lived a girl called
Sita. She was in love with a boy called
Rama. Sita had beautiful,blue
sparkling eyes and lovely long eye
lashes. Her hair was golden blonde as
though angels had painted it. Rama
had skin as blue as the ocean. When
the sun shone on it, it would sparkle
like the stars in the sky. His brown
hair was beautiful with glossy dark
One day Rama’s evil stepmother started
shouting because she did not want Rama to
become king after his father died.
So she exclaimed “I want my son Bharat to
become king.” The king replied “I will do
anything to make you happy my wife.”
Then the evil stepmother demanded “I want
Rama to be sent away to the forest for
fourteen years.”
So the king made his promise and sent Rama
to the forest even though he did not want to.
When Lakshmana heard the awful news
he wanted to support Rama so he
decided to be Rama’s companion
together with Sita. So Rama, Sita and
Lakshmana plodded off to the forest.
On the other hand the horrible
stepmother was cackling with joy as she
thought her son was going to become
When they arrived in the forest they said to each     When Sita spotted a golden deer she asked Rama
other. “We could live here for ever there’s lots of   and Lakshmana if they would chase after it.
vegetation, water and food!”                          Lakshmana snapped “ Stay inside this salt circle if
                                                      you stay inside it the demons can’t capture you.”
Suddenly Sita, Lakshmana and Rama heard a
                                                      So off went Rama and Lakshmana to race after the
stamping noise “What’s that noise” screamed Sita.
                                                      golden deer.
“It’s ok Sita don’t worry” cried Rama. All three of
them ran and hid behind a strawberry bush. Rama
peeked out from the bush “Whew it’s gone”
whispered Rama. Rama, Sita and Lakshmana crept
from behind the behind the strawberry bush.
Meanwhile Ravana was hiding behind a tree nearby
and heard every word of their conversation. He had
a plan. His plan was to disguise himself as a Holy
Man and hope Sita would step out of the circle. He
stepped into his Disguising Machine and anxiously
pressed the `Holy Man` button. As quick as a flash
he was a Holy Man. Nervously he stepped out of it
and suddenly he felt murderous again! “I shall
capture this pretty lady, marry her and make her a
demon as well!” whispered Ravana meanly.
Sita stepped outside the light stone circle to
give food to the holy man.
“Thank you” mumbled the holy man.
 Suddenly the holy man changed back into
Ravana and captured Sita before she could step
back into the light stone circle
“Oh no!” Sita cried.
“ I will take you to my home on the island of
Lanka!” he roared.
 Rama was still on the hunt for the golden
deer but he could hear Sita calling for help.
Rama and Lakshmana searched for
weeks and weeks with no sign of Sita
until they found a monkey called
Rama said, “Can you help us?”
Hanuman replied “Yes I will help
Hanuman gathered a big army of
monkeys and bears to help too. They
searched until they got to the sea.
Hanuman bounded to the top of the
Himalayas. He soared into the air and
landed on the island of Lanka safely. Sita`s
cage was guarded by demons. So Hanuman
decided it would be safer at night. When
night came Hanuman snuck past the guards
and whispered to Sita “Help is on the way”
“Thank you” replied Sita. Then with another
giant leap he flew back to Rama.
I will gather my monkeys to build a bridge to Lanka. When he
returned the monkeys all held together to make a bridge. Rama,
Lakshmana and Hanuman crossed the bridge and made it to
Lanka. Suddenly out from the shadows appeared Ravana.
“ATTACK.” roared Ravana. Then the brave monkeys battled the
Rama snuck past the battle to the demon king. He got out his
sword and chopped off one head but it grew back. He chopped
again but all the laughing heads grew back. Instead he got out
his bow and put his sword on it and fired. It hit Ravanna
straight in the heart. Ravanna collapsed on the floor, dead. All
the demons fled and ran away. Rama ran over to Sita and let
her out of the cage. The monkeys made the bridge again and
they went back to the forest. Hanuman went off into the forest
and came back with a letter. It read:
Rama – you are the true king. When you return I shall return
the crown to you. Bharat.
Finally when the fourteen
years were over, they returned
in lamp lit streets. Bharat,
who was there to greet them,
gave the crown to Rama and
crowned him king.
 Rama & Sita were married.
Even the stepmother was
invited to the wedding! Once
they were married they had a
very big party and lived
happily ever after!

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