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Choosing Right Keywords For Articles


									How to Choose Right Keywords for your Articles
Today everyone wants to build websites, gain traffic to them and their articles and they are learning
search engine optimization and they are learning search engine optimization from pro webmasters or
even some of them are paying thousand of bucks to learn search engine optimization just because of
they want to make money by doing affiliate marketing or from Google adsense but they are just are just
learning , learning and learning they cannot get there any website or articles on the first page of Google
or even some peoples are paying around $250 to get there site optimized for search engines today what
we are going to learn golden rule of choosing right keywords with that keywords you will be able to get
ranked on first page of Google within one day guaranteed and keep in mind this is not a black hat trick
so you go to Google adwords keyword tool to find keywords but sorry to say the competition level
Google is showing is fake if they are showing you low competition for a keyword go to Google
homepage and search the same keyword if you find more than ten millions of about results that is very
strict competition so choose keywords like less than ten million of competing pages and get on 1st page

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