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China's Oldest Tower by digitalproductsaroundyou


									China’s oldest tower – bendum tower
The tiger hill pagoda fondly called as the “LEANING TOWER OF CHINA” its official name is yunyan pagoda
for those who don’t know pagodas are Hindu or Buddhist temples with many tiered tower. The tiger hill
pagoda is situated in the SUZHOU City , Jiaysu province of china this pagoda is of a former yunyan
template it was built in 907 CE at that time Suzhou was ruled by wuyue kingdom IT WAS COMPETED IN
961 CE the height of pagoda is seventy feet and its weight is 70,00,000 kilograms the leaning is caused
by the forces of nature to this pagoda its leaning is only three degrees and all the tower is supported by
columns the half soil half rock foundation is the real cause for the leaning the restoration efforts took
place in 1957 they found A store casket for the leaning with Buddhists scriptures during this time it is
said that uppermost stroreys were built during the religion of chongzen emperor the public is not
allowed to the top of tower since 2010 bendum tower is very high and is one of the amazing thing to see
in the china and a beautiful place out there

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