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					Product training
To understand the Organization and its mission.
 Earth Infrastructures Ltd. is an independent infrastructure provider with
committed customer base backed by a group of dynamic investors from India
and Europe.

 Strong financial support and engineering expertise make us a quality
  infrastructure provider with global presence.

 Implementation of new technology and innovation has been our constant
innovation beyond imagination

We believe in making the finest
elements of urban living through its
magnificent experience in real estate
business for over a decade period.

                                        infusing • life in living
              To be the most innovative and trusted
              brand in real estate industry by adopting
              new technologies with a focus on green
              and eco-friendly construction with focus
              to fulfill the expectations of the

               ONE FACE, ONE VOICE
               There will be one face, one voice
               of Earth for the outer world.

                   To deliver the projects ‘differently’ and make
Brand Value        the customer to feel at ease and comfort and
                   create the ‘Earth Brand’ a most trusted brand.
Our Directors

                   Mr. Atul Gupta   Mr. Vikas Gupta
                      Director          Director

Mr. Avdhesh Goel                                      Mr. Rajnish Mittal
     Director                                              Director
       Awards & Achievements
Best debutant developer award for the year 2010 by Franchise

       Bharat Samman Award by NRI Institute
 Awards & Achievements
Most Innovative Developer from Institute of Economic

    Meri Dilli Award- Real Estate Sector.
Important information
   Earth is the founder member of

   All projects are based on Green building
   concept)- to meet LEED certification
   parameter,s (Leadership in Energy and
   Environmental Design )
Important information

        Concept designers for GAMMATECH-
             EIGEN(U.K)(Burj khalifa )

           Nationalized Bank Assurance
                (Allahabad bank )

        Located in the SEZ(special
        economic zone)
 The major incentives and facilities available to SEZ developers

• Exemption from customs/excise duties for development of SEZs for
  authorized operations approved by the BOA.
• Income Tax exemption on income derived from the business of
  development of the SEZ in a block of 10 years in 15 years under Section
  80-IAB of the Income Tax Act.
• Exemption from minimum alternate tax under Section 115 JB of the
  Income Tax Act.
• Exemption from dividend distribution tax under Section 115O of the
  Income Tax Act.
• Exemption from Central Sales Tax (CST).
• Exemption from Service Tax (Section 7, 26 and Second Schedule of the
  SEZ Act).
Comfort Zone Infratech (I) Pvt Ltd (CZIPL)
                     Comfort zone
• Comfort Zone is in marketing of distinctive and luxurious properties
  and projects developed by Earth Infrastructures Ltd.
• With the driving ambition to be “India’s most customer-centric real
  estate company” .
• We cater the need of customers in their search of best property at
  unbeatable price.
• CZ uses Direct Marketing techniques as mode of marketing .

    Comfort Zone is Unique Mix of two most dynamic
   industries : Real Estate and Direct selling
   Managing Director
Mr.Bobby ( Mr.Jaspreet Khangura)
Our Philosophy :-
              Our philosophy revolves around the Customer and Customer
   Expectation to provide service, using customer centric techniques and
   state of the art methods to reach the right target audience with ultimate
   customer satisfaction .

          To be the trendsetter in real estate services
by exceeding customer expectations.

          To set a benchmark for others in the real
estate industry with optimize relationship, unmatched
• Serving with integrity
• Conducting ourselves and our business in an honest, ethical, and
   trustworthy manner
• Treating everyone with care, respect, and fairness
•Providing financial stewardship
Growing through innovation and creativity

• Aggressively pursue business with vision and innovation to provide
   exceptional customer service.
• Build lifetime relationships with our customers and communities
Real Estates: An Overview
Real Estates refer to a term that encompasses land along with improvements to
the land such as buildings, apartments, basement, or other site improvements on
or below the surface of the earth that are fixed or immovable.

                               Glossary_Indian Real Estates
Why Real Estates ?

Following are a few good reasons to choose realty over other
investment options:

 1. Cash flow
 2. High Appreciation
 3. Debt build-up
 4. Equity returns
 5. Minimal / Zero Risk
 6. Returns not time bound
Market Segment

       Special                                  Commercial
      Economic                                    Office
        Zones                                     Space
                          Real Estate

                                        Retail Space
Earth’s Projects…..


                 Gurgoan                     Greater
                  Gurgoan                     Greater

        Copia            Upcoming
                                           Earth Towne
                        Copia II            Earth Towne
                         Copia II
Earth’s Projects…

Earth Sapphire      Earth Tech
                                      Earth Iconic
   Office Spaces      Retail Spaces      Retail Spaces

   Retail Spaces      Office Spaces      Office Spaces

                        Studio            Serviced
                      Apartments         Apartments

            Earth Tech

            Earth Towne



   Value Proposition

 Strategic Location: Under the purview of the NCR, it’s located 40 kms. south – east of
   Delhi (25 mins.) and about 20 kms. (12-15 mins.) south –east of NOIDA.

 Connectivity: is Greater Noida’s major trump card. Taj International Airport will connect
  city to the globe; and hence, it makes the region as a preferred destination among
  home grown as well as foreign IT/ITES companies.

 Abundance of talent pool: Abundant talent pool of working professionals available in
  the nearby catchment area of Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, Noida and adjoining South and
  trans Yamuna area of Delhi.

 Lower land rates: Compared to other parts of NCR, like Gurgaon, and NOIDA, land rates
  are lower in Greater Noida.

 Trade Tax Exemption: Trade Tax exemption of U.P. govt. is admissible, and hence makes
   great business sense to start off a business /commercial activity in the city.
     Planned development

  One of the largest planned townships in Asia: With an expected population of 3 lakhs
   up to 2001, 7 lakhs up to 2011 and 12 lakhs up to 2021, Greater Noida City has been
   designed for planned growth to ensure supply will always exceed demand.

  Traffic Master Plan, a first: Greater Noida is the first Indian City to have floated a
    traffic master plan to handle and ease out the ever increasing traffic in and around


                                  60-105 mtr. wide roads minus traffic signals and speed
                                  breakers and multi lane roads to facilitate high speed and
                                  slow moving traffic without posing problems to each

Wide and Signal–free road network
Non-Stop utilities

               Managed by Pvt. Sector since. 1994, uninterrupted quality power Supply is a
               surety in Greater Noida.

               A real smart and wired city, Greater Noida is connected to National Telecom
               Network on optical fibre cable and digital microwave system. In addition, the
               city has state-of-the-art high-speed data communication services including
               leased line Broadband connectivity of 650 MBPS and optic fibre backbone
               network. The entire city is being wired by OFC cable for Internet, Cable T.V,
  Telecom      E-commerce & E-governance services.

               In addition to the ground water, 85 cubic cms. of Ganga water is proposed
               to be provided in Greater Noida.

Ganga Waters
  Non-Stop utilities

                    Sewerage and Drainage system of Greater Noida are superior from the
                    other cities. They are wide, covered/underground.

  Drainage System

                    Solid Waste collection and Mechanical Sweeping of the city has already
                    been privatized. The master plan of Greater Noida warrants only non-
                    polluting industries to come up in the locality to help avoid toxic waste.

Solid Waste Management

                       The area has been developed with emphasis on development of
                       recreational green areas such as Golf Course, clubs, nature gardens,
                       Night safari. There is ample space for holding conferences, conventions
                       etc. The city also has Stellar Gymkhana, Heritage club, Sports complex,
                       Amusement Park (232 acres) and various recreational Centers.
Recreation and Clubs
Earth Tech One
 Location: Plot No.1, Tech Zone

 Integrated Commercial Project
Tech Zone:

   It’s about location, location, and location…

                   Layout Maps_Tech Zone
 An epicenter of tourism in U.P.

                       To spur tourism in the city and to augment Greater Noida as a
                       premier tourist destination, GNIDA is planning to develop a Night
                       Safari - a unique concept where visitors can view the animals at night
                       in the open wilderness. It is being developed on the lines of open
                       Zoological gardens already established in China and Singapore.
   Night Safari

                       Just, 5 kms. away from Tech Zone, the 1st Indian Grand Prix race is
                       scheduled to be held between Oct. 28th - 30th this year; with this the face
                       of motorsports in India is about to change forever and Greater Noida will
                       also get plotted on the world sports map.
Formula 1 Race Track

                       Proposed to be developed over an area spread in 200 acres, India’s
                       largest amusement park by Essel World is adding another feather in
                       tourism attraction of Greater Noida.

 Amusement Park
An epicenter of tourism in U.P. …

                                     Very close distance from proposed airport will make
                                     this zone as an attractive as well as comfortable
                                     destination to stay.

  Taj International Airport Hub

                          Another significant step in bringing the city on tourists’ map, GNIDA
                          with collective efforts of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Forest
                          department is developing a ‘paradise for bird lovers’ in a massive area
                          of 330 hectares in Surajpur which includes 110 hectares of wetland.
                          The project is expected to get completed by 2013.
Surajpur Bird Sanctuary
Hub of Knowledge/Professional Tourism

                  Leading corporates are already making their presence felt in the
                  region, out of which, some of them are SEZs. In coming days,
                  These corporates will need stay arrangements for travelling
                  executives, guests and even clients.

                  Spread over 550 acres, Asia’s largest residential university –
                  Gautam Buddha University is exactly ‘opposite’ to Tech Zone.
                  Moreover, this university faces the very first plot in Tech Zone –
                  Plot No.1 which is – Tech One.

                  To improve the vast potential of exporting Indian Handicrafts, and to
                  encourage professional tourism, India Exposition Mart Ltd. (IEML)
                  which is India’s first state of the art project for cottage sector wherein
                  Round ‘O’ Clock International Marketing is available has been concep-
                  tualized and established in Greater Noida in Knowledge Park -2,
                  approximately 3 kms. from Tech Zone.
India Expo Mart
                                        India Expo Mart
Nothing far from here

                        As an extension of Line 3 of DMRC, which connects Dwarka, Sec.
                        21 to Noida, Sec. 32, the work on proposed link between Noida,
                        Sec. 32 and Greater Noida is expected to begin this Sep. and the
                        deadline to finish the same is 2014. This will give connectivity to
                        Delhi at lightning fast speed with all comforts of Delhi Metro.

    Delhi Metro

                         165 kms Expressway connecting Greater Noida to Agra in less
                         than 2 hours and hence will play pivotal role for Delhi – Greater
                         Noida – Agra tourism destinations

                                          Hyperlinks & Screenshots_Earth\Yamuna Exp_Map.png

Yamuna/Taj Expressway
   Nothing far from here…

                               56 kms. long under construction expressway will help people
                               commute at a lightning fast speed between Faridabad-Noida-
                               Ghaziabad. Trucks and other heavy commercial vehicles will not
                               need to enter Delhi.

        FNG Corridor

                                Spread over 600 acres in Boraki, which will include a world
                                class ISBT and an upgraded Railway station on Ludhiana –
                                Kolkata main railway line, along with shopping malls and
                                ‘five star’ hotels in the area, the city will boast of one of
                                the unique and first integrated transport hub in India.
Integrated Transport Hub at Boraki
Model Techone
200 sq. ft. and multiple of 100 sq. ft.
200 sq. ft. and multiple of 100 sq. ft.
Price & Payment Plan (Shops & Showrooms)

 Size & Price details:

          1.            250 / 350 / 450 Sq.ft. (and, multiples)   9500/Sq.ft. (GROUND FLR.)

                                                                  7500/Sq.ft.(UPPER GROUND FLR.)


Payment Plan details:
Price & Payment Plan (ATM Space)

Size & Price details:
       Sl. No.                  Size /Sq. ft.          Availability      Rate (fixed)

         1.                       170
                          170 Sq. ft. Sq.ft.           Ground Floor        35 lakh

         2.                      170 Sq.ft.         Upper Ground Floor     30 lakh

Payment Plan details:

                        Within 30 days of booking
Price & Payment Plan
Size & Price details
Sl. No.                        Size /Sq. ft.                        Availability       Rate (fixed)

  1.         250 Sq.ft. (and, increase by multiples of 50 Sq.ft.)   Second Floor          8500/Sq.ft.
                           e.g. 250,300,350,400,450,500 and so on

Payment Plan Details
Down Payment Plan
          Sl. No.                           Particulars                       % of Sales Value

            1.                At the time of booking                      10% of BSP
            2.                Within 60 days of booking                   85% of BSP
            3.                At the time of offer of possession          05% of BSP + other charges
Flexi Payment Plan
      Sl. No.        Particulars                          % of Sales Value
          1.         At the time of booking               10% of Sales Value
          2.         Within 30 days of booking            40% of Sales Value
          3.         Within 6 months of booking           25% of Sales Value
          4.         Within 12 months of booking          25% of Sales Value
          5.         At the time of offer of possession   Other Charges

Optional Cost

 Location       % of Basic Sale Value
  Front                 10%
 Middle                 7.5
  Back                  5%
                    PROJECT FACT SHEET


       PLOT AREA:                       15.00 ACRES


NO. OF FLOORS PER TOWER:               GROUND + 13

         SIZES:                 465 / 750 Sq. Ft. (1 & 2 BHK )

         TYPE                        FULLY FURNISHED
 Fully furnished apartment as per modern lifestyle
 Serviced Studio apartments in strategic location to attract high-
  paying international tourists.
 Walk to Work: Save fuel, stay healthy, avoid traffic Jams
 Compact studio apartment for the traveling corporate executives
 Ideal for executives, small families, and senior citizens
 A kitchen, a living room and A bedroom in one unit
 Perfect blend of technology and nature
( 27 Items )
  Furniture / Fixtures        Lifestyle Gadgets                Kitchenware

• Double Bed with           •Air Conditioner             •Equipped Kitchen
  Mattresses & Pillow       •Refrigerator                •Electric Chimney
• Sofa                      •Food Processor              •Electric Oven
• Designer Light fittings   •LCD with Cable connection   •Electric Kettle
• Study Table with Chair    •DVD / VCD Player            •Gas Burner
• Cupboards                 •EPABX System                •Juicer Mixer

• Two Seater Dining Table   •Wall Clock                  •Toaster

• Curtain with Rods         •Hair Dryer                  •Crockery

• Towel Rack in Bathroom                                 •Spice/Masala Box
                                                         •Chopping Board
• Geyser in Bathroom
Mandatory Cost Components           Unique features of the Project
                                    • Free Pick and Drop to nearest Shopping
    BSP       • Rs. 4250/ sq. ft.    Destinations

                                    • Free Shopping Guide & Escorts on
Covered Car
  Parking     • Rs. 2,00,000         scheduled days and time.

                                    • Travel Desk and Advisory Services
              • Rs. 50,000          • Conference room facility

                                    • Free Doctor on call
   IFMS       • RS. 125 / sq. ft.
                                    • 24 hour Reception and Securities
                    OPTIONAL COST

                                  Premium    • Front Facing: 75/- sq. ft.
          •   1st Floor : 100/-   View PLC
Floor     •   2nd Floor: 90/-
PLC /     •   3rd Floor: 80/-
sq. ft.   •   4th Floor: 70/-       Wide
          •   5th Floor: 60/-                • Corner PLC: 75/- sq. ft.
          •   6th Floor: 50/-
                                  View PLC
                 Possession Amount
PAYMENT           5% of BSP and
MILESTONES        Other Charges

Booking Amount   85% of BSP within
 10% of BSP      60 days of booking

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