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contemporary literature


									                 Cat on a hot tin roof by Tennessee Williams

1. What tense or tenses are using in the film? Mention at least two specific examples
   from it.

   We think that this movie is in 50s of the United States because:
       We notice that the main characters are white and black people are the
        servitude. It is reflected in the way of dressing of the characters.
       We also notice that each character tries to keep their own problem inside and
        instead of ask for helping they show a social welfare. For example, when Brick
        didn’t want to tell the reason of his alcoholism.

2. What are the feelings exposed in the play? Mention at least three with examples
   from the play.

  We can this feeling:

        Depression: with Brick, he feels betrayed by his wife and his best friend.
        Abuse: when Brick tries to hit Maggie and also when the grandfather shouts to
         his wife
        Ambition: we see the ambition in Edith, because she wants to inherit the
         Pollitt’s possessions.

3. In what part of this play do you think, is the ill spirits of society present? Explain.

   When the grandfather has preference with the physical appearance and doesn’t
    care the feelings of others. For example when the grandfather arrives and his
    grandchildren are waiting for him, he prefers to Maggie.

4. How do you think the characters and situations are distorted in this play? Explain
   and give specific examples from the play.

   When Maggie tries to huge to Brick but he doesn’t accept her affection, then they
    argue, he goes out of the room and strokes a Maggie’s cloth and throws away it.
   He said that he doesn’t love her but he goes on with his relationship.
  5. Are the characters in this play defeated? Support your answers.

Yes, the characters are defeated by their own emotions, they want to do something but
finally they do other things.

                            The Crucible by Arthur miller

   1. Explain how is the world of this play rational?

       The world of this play is the God where everybody believes on it and they were
       against everybody who thinks in a different way.

   2. How does the past have influence on the present in this story? Give examples
      from the play.

       The beliefs which are told of generation to generation always endure, and the
       punishment to people who don’t obey to God’s word. For example, when Abigail
       lies about witchcraft, and she indicates women to kill them

   3. Who learned to take responsibility for their past actions in this play? Explain

       John Proctor because he betrayed to his wife in the past with Abigail but he really
       loves to his wife, so he is punished in the curt because of his adultery.

   4. Evaluate this play.

       It is a play is about the fear of God’s punishment, where people are afraid to
       unknown things, they follow their beliefs and don’t allow that nobody has another
       point of view.
Cat on a hot tin roof by Tennessee Williams and The Crucible by
                          Arthur miller


      Juan Augusto Condori Ramos
      Atenas Katherine Yujra Mamani


      Contemporary Literature

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