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					Dan Blase
116 Forest Court  Everett, WA 98275  (206) 650-2921 m 

Accomplished senior manager with an extensive record of successful product development in mobile computing,
consumer electronics, and medical device industries. Demonstrated ability to recruit, train, lead and retain high
performance product development teams that consistently execute on-time and on-budget. Highly effective at
implementing systems, processes and structure that drive top-line and bottom-line financial performance..
Washington State University, BS Mechanical Engineering.

    • Team building / development        • Product development              • Project management
    • Executive relationships            • Collaborative teams              • Project scoping / estimation

   2010 - 2012 Carbon Design Group: Strengthened marketing-focused business development approach,
    which grew profit more than 20% each year, and added 10% to net profit.
   2008 - 2010 Carbon Design Group: Grew engineering and project management team, and expanded
    service offering, resulting in higher quality deliverables to clients and more complex and profitable
   1997 - 2008 Carbon Design Group: Engineering and project management for strategic client projects,
    including Kinect for XBOX 360. Resulted in more than $10M in revenue for Carbon.
   1995 - 1997 Intermec Corporation: Lead mechanical engineer for development of next-generation
    portable computing system.


Carbon Design Group, Seattle, WA                                                                    1997 to 2012
President                                                                                  2010 to 2012
Promoted to President in the fall of 2010. Reported to Carbon’s board of directors. Member of the board.
Responsible for company strategy and execution, key executive client relationships, company financial
performance, and project deliverables. Accomplishments include:
 In 2011, during first full year as president, revenue grew 20%, profit grew 10%, turnover was halted, and
    the company settled smoothly into its new facility.
 In 2012, company is on track for another 20%+ in revenue growth and a headcount increase, while
    maintaining profitability.
 Hired Carbon’s first successful, marketing-focused VP of Business Development. This spurred growth by
    adding key accounts, and expanding existing accounts.
 Hired Carbon’s first Director of Research and Strategy, expanding the service offering and enabling deeper
    engagement with client programs.
 Created a multi-year growth plan that would more than double revenue and profit. Company is ahead of
    plan in the first year.
 Instituted Carbon’s first annual budget and strategy planning.

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Director of Engineering                                                                     2008 to 2010
Promoted to Carbon’s first Director of Engineering. Direct reports included engineers and project managers.
Reported to and advised Carbon’s President. Accomplishments include:
 More than doubled Carbon’s engineering / project management team during the first year in this role.
    This increased revenue, improved the quality of deliverables to clients, and improved morale.
 Hired Carbon’s first software engineer.
 Represented Carbon in key client meetings and business development situations.
 Developed staffing and cost estimates for proposals.
 Instituted regular one-to-one meetings with direct reports, improving trust, communication and morale
    within team.
 Coached best-practices into the team, including design reviews, project reviews, and discipline-specific skill

Principal Mechanical Engineer / Project Manager                                            1997 to 2008
Recruited as the fourth employee of a product development consultancy focused primarily on medical devices.
Engineered and project managed more than 40 projects, instituted key procedures and practices,
Accomplishments to date include:
 Engineered and project managed more than 20 projects for Microsoft, including Carbon’s first, launching
    Carbon’s expertise in consumer electronics devices. Notable projects include the XBOX game controller,
    with more than 100M units sold, and Kinect for XBOX 360, the world’s fastest selling consumer electronic
    device. Projects totaled nearly $6M in revenue for Carbon.
 Laid the groundwork for a 15-year relationship with Microsoft, resulting in more than 100 projects and
    $13M in revenue.
 Engineered and project managed several key products for SonoSite, launching a 14-year relationship with
    Carbon worth more than $5M in revenue.
 Extensive travel throughout Asia to support projects, including vendor qualification, tooling and
    manufacturing support, and product testing.
 Key role in defining and implementing a disciplined, best-practices hiring process that has identified and
    attracted more than 40 top-quality candidates over 15 years.
 Advocated for and helped hire Carbon’s first dedicated project manager. This improved the quality of
    Carbon’s deliverables to clients, and made Carbon more efficient.

Intermec Technologies Corporation, Everett, WA                                                    1995 to 1997
Lead Mechanical Engineer                                                                  1995 – 1997
Hired by this leader of Windows-based mobile computing, data collection and RFID technology to help define
the next generation of portable computing systems. Defined mechanical system architecture, interfaced with
key vendors. Oversaw a staff of 5. Became the company’s best-selling portable computing system.
Accomplishments include:
 Launched the company’s best-selling portable computing system, exceeding sales volume and revenue
     targets by more than 10%.
 Responsible for $2M tooling budget.
 Hit all key program milestones, including release to production, during a 24-month development.
 Patents issued for grip design and battery pack interface.

Previous experience includes engineering and supervisory positions with increasing responsibility at Korry
Electronics, Mukilteo, WA, and Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Everett, WA.

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Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Washington State University, Pullman, WA


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