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(Terse) introduction to linear algebra

1001 problems in classical number theory

Algebra 1

Algebra 2

Algebra in the early grades

Benjamin Franklin's numbers :an unsung mathematical odyssey

Cellular automata :a discrete view of the world

Chases and escapes :the mathematics of pursuit and evasion

Classical algebra :its nature, origins, and uses

Combinatorial games :tic-tac-toe theory

Computational complexity :a conceptual perspective
Concept-rich mathematics instruction :building a strong foundation for reasoning
and problem solving

Curved spaces :from classical geometries to elementary differential geometry

Day the universe changed[videorecording]

Desk reference of statistical quality methods

Differential equations :a modeling approach
Differentiated instruction for the middle school math teacher :activities and
strategies for an inclusive classroom

Digital dice :computational solutions to practical probability problems

Discrete mathematics

Drunkard's walk :how randomness rules our lives

Elementary geometry
Essentials of Mathematica :with applications to mathematics and physics

Euler's gem :the polyhedron formula and the birth of topology

Exemplary practices for secondary math teachers

First course in mathematical analysis

Focus in grade 3 :teaching with curriculum focal points

Focus in grade 4 :teaching with curriculum focal points

Focus in grade 5 :teaching with curriculum focal points

Focus in grades 6-8 :teaching with curriculum focal points

Fundamental probability :a computational approach

Geometry of an art :the history of the mathematical theory of perspective from
Alberti to Monge

Graph theory :a problem oriented approach

Guesstimation :solving the world's problems on the back of a cocktail napkin

Handbook of linear algebra

Handbook of probability :theory and applications

Hands on history :a resource for teaching mathematics

Head first algebra

Hesiod's anvil :falling and spinning through heaven and earth
Hexaflexagons, probability paradoxes, and the Tower of Hanoi :Martin Gardner's
first book of mathematical puzzles and games

Higher geometry

How long or how wide? :a measuring guide
How mathematicians think :using ambiguity, contradiction, and paradox to create
Impact of reform instruction on student mathematics achievement :an example of a
summative evaluation of a standards-based curriculum

Improving access to mathematics :diversity and equity in the classroom

Inequalities :a journey into linear analysis

Integrating literacy and math :strategies for K-6 teachers
Integrating science with mathematics & literacy :new visions for learning and
Introducing difficult mathematics topics in the elementary classroom :a teacher's
guide to initial lessons

Introduction to Bayesian statistics
Introduction to many-valued and fuzzy logic :semantics, algebras, and derivation

Introduction to numerical analysis using MATLAB

Is God a mathematician?

Kiss my math :showing pre-algebra who's boss

Linear models in statistics
Making the connection :research and teaching in undergraduate mathematics

Math and art :an introduction to visual mathematics

Math at the store
Math doesn't suck :how to survive middle school math without losing your mind or
breaking a nail

Math in the kitchen

Math on the playground

Math teacher's problem-a-day.Grades 4-8
Mathematical coloring book :mathematics of coloring and the colorful life of its

Mathematical masterpieces :further chronicles by the explorers
Mathematician's brain

Mathematics in ancient Iraq :a social history
Mathematics teachers at work :connecting curriculum materials and classroom

MathMatters 1 :an integrated program

MathMatters 2 :an integrated program

MathMatters 3 :an integrated program

Models for probability and statistical inference :theory and applications

Number theory through inquiry

Numbers at work :a cultural perspective

Origami, Eleusis, and the Soma cube :Martin Gardner's mathematical diversions

Out of the labyrinth :setting mathematics free

Outer circles :an introduction to hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Philosophy of mathematics :a contemporary introduction to the world of proofs and

Probability and statistical inference

Professor Stewart's cabinet of mathematical curiosities

R book

Role of statistics in business and industry

Sacred mathematics :Japanese temple geometry

Sampling strategies for natural resources and the environment

Second course in probability

Sink or float? :thought problems in math and physics

Statistical rules of thumb

Stochastics :introduction to probability and statistics
Sturm-Liouville theory and its applications
Supporting mathematical learning :effective instruction, assessment, and student

Survival of a mathematician :from tenure-track to emeritus

Symmetries of things

Symmetry :a journey into the patterns of nature

Thinking and learning about mathematics in the early years

Unknown quantity :a real and imaginary history of algebra
What's math got to do with it? :helping children learn to love their most hated
subject--and why it's important for America
Where's the wonder in elementary math? :encouraging mathematical reasoning in
the classroom

Worlds out of nothing :a course in the history of geometry in the 19th century
Collection for Mathematics in 2008/2009.
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         Katznelson, Yitzhak, 1934-

         Koninck, J. M. de, 1948-

         Pasles, Paul C., 1968-

         Schiff, Joel L.

         Nahin, Paul J.

         Cooke, Roger, 1942-

         Beck, József.

         Goldreich, Oded.

         Ben-Hur, Meir.

         Wilson, P. M. H. (Pelham Mark Hedley)

         Crossley, Mark L., 1941-

         Brown, Courtney, 1952-

         D'Amico, Joan, 1957-

         Nahin, Paul J.

         Aigner, Martin, 1942-

         Mlodinow, Leonard, 1954-

         Agricola, Ilka, 1973-
Boccara, Nino.

Richeson, David S. (David Scott)

Posamentier, Alfred S.

Brannan, D. A.

Fuson, Karen C.

Mirra, Amy.

Paolella, Marc S.

Andersen, Kirsti.

Marcus, Daniel A., 1945-

Weinstein, Lawrence, 1960-

Pilone, Tracey.

Simoson, Andrew J.

Gardner, Martin, 1914-

Moranville, Sharelle Byars.

Cleary, Brian P., 1959-

Byers, William, 1943-
Romberg, Thomas A.

Garling, D. J. H.

Hammerman, Elizabeth L.

Gardella, Francis J.

Bolstad, William M., 1943-

Bergmann, Merrie.

Butt, Rizwan.

Livio, Mario, 1945-

McKellar, Danica.

Rencher, Alvin C., 1934-

Kalajdzievski, Sasho.

Weiss, Ellen, 1949-

McKellar, Danica.

Weiss, Ellen, 1949-

Weiss, Ellen, 1949-

Muschla, Judith A.

Soifer, Alexander.
Ruelle, David.

Robson, Eleanor.

Lynch, Chicha.

Lynch, Chicha.

Lynch, Chicha.

Stapleton, James H., 1931-

Marshall, David C.

Taschner, Rudolf J. (Rudolf Josef)

Gardner, Martin, 1914-

Kaplan, Robert, 1933-

Marden, Albert.

Brown, James Robert.

Bartoszy ski, Robert.

Stewart, Ian, 1945-

Crawley, Michael J.

Hahn, Gerald J.

Fukagawa, Hidetoshi, 1943-

Gregoire, T. G.

Ross, Sheldon M.

Kendig, Keith, 1938-

Van Belle, Gerald.

Georgii, Hans-Otto.
Al-Gwaiz, M. A., 1942-

Picone-Zocchia, Joanne.

Krantz, Steven G. (Steven George), 1951-

Conway, John Horton.

Du Sautoy, Marcus.

Pound, Linda.

Derbyshire, John.

Boaler, Jo, 1964-

McVarish, Judith.

Gray, Jeremy, 1947-
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247 :how cell phones and the Internet change the way we live, work, and play

250 HTML and Web design secrets guide to Web design :build and maintain a dynamic, user-friendly Web site using
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Abu Ghraib effect

Advertising creative appeals[videorecording].

All news is local :the failure of the media to reflect world events in a globalized age

American carnival :journalism under siege in an age of new media

Animated Soviet propaganda.American imperialists[videorecording]

Associated Press stylebook and briefing on media law.

Behind the screens[videorecording] :Hollywood goes hypercommercial

Beyond good & evil[videorecording] :children, media and violent times

Big bucks, big pharma[videorecording] :marketing disease & pushing drugs
Breaking news :a stunning and memorable account of reporting from some of the most
dangerous places in the world

Breaking news :how the Associated Press has covered war, peace, and everything else

Cable visions :television beyond broadcasting

Children and television :a global perspective

Class dismissed[videorecording] :how TV frames the working class

Claude Shannon[videorecording] :father of the information age.

Columbia history of American television

Convergence culture :where old and new media collide

Cracking the advertising code[videorecording]

Crisis of the cultural environment[videorecording] :media & democracy in the 21st century
Critical cyberculture studies

Culture conglomerates :consolidation in the motion picture and television industries

Digital encounters

Electronic storyteller[videorecording] :television & the cultivation of values

Encyclopedia of media and politics

Encyclopedia of religion, communication, and media

Everyman news :the changing American front page

Expert podcasting practices for dummies

Exploring multimedia for designers

Feedback :television against democracy

Freedom of the press 2007 :a global survey of media independence

Freedom's journal :the first African-American newspaper

From pigeons to news portals :foreign reporting and the challenge of new technology

Graphic design[videorecording] :what's in a logo

Hands-on guide to Flash video :Web video and Flash media server

Hate and the Internet[videorecording]

Hot off the press[videorecording] :inside a daily newspaper

How Canadians communicate II :media, globalization, and identity

How consumers decide[videorecording] :feelings and the hidden mind

Into the newsroom :exploring the digital production of regional television news

It's getting ugly out there :the frauds, bunglers, liars, and losers who are hurting America

It's not news, it's fark :how mass media tries to pass off crap as news

Jayson Blair story[videorecording] :favoritism and plagiarism at The New York Times

Journalist's guide to the Internet :the Net as a reporting tool

Journalists under fire :the psychological hazards of covering war
Making media :foundations of sound and image production

Managing interactive media projects

Market segmentation, targeting & positioning[videorecording] :developing a focus

Media career guide :preparing for jobs in the 21st century

Media convergence[videorecording]

Media hype[videorecording] :when news coverage goes too far

Media literacy[videorecording] :audience

MIDI manual :a practical guide to MIDI in the project studio

Missing pages :black journalists of modern America : an oral history

Mission Al Jazeera :build a bridge, seek the truth, change the world

New media design

Now hear this[videorecording] :superior sound for digital video and beyond

Occupation of Iraq :winning the war, losing the peace

Off the record :the press, the government, and the war over anonymous sources

On the road to Kandahar :travels through conflict in the Islamic world

Overspent American[videorecording] :why we want what we don't need
Podcast academy :the business podcasting book : launching, marketing, and measuring your

Political communication reader

Portable video :ENG & EFP

Print media[videorecording].

Producing Flash CS3 video :techniques for video pros and Web designers

Pulitzer's gold :behind the prize for public service journalism

Reflections on freedom of speech and the First Amendment

Reporting Iraq :an oral history of the war by the journalists who covered it

Rise of the blogosphere
SAGE handbook of gender and communication

Sage sourcebook of advanced data analysis methods for communication research

Same time, same station :creating American television, 1948-1961

Screenplay :cinemavideogamesinterfaces
Silenced! :academic freedom, scientific inquiry, and the First Amendment under siege in

Speech rights in America :the First Amendment, democracy, and the media

SRDS consumer magazine advertising source.

Television :the life story of a technology

That's marketing[videorecording] :understanding consumer behavior

Truth be told[videorecording]

Universal journalist

Viewer discretion advised :taking control of mass media influences
We're all journalists now :the transformation of the press and reshaping of the law in the
Internet age

What good is journalism? :how reporters and editors are saving America's way of life
What we say goes :conversations on U.S. power in a changing world : interviews with David

When the press fails :political power and the news media from Iraq to Katrina

Wired shut :copyright and the shape of digital culture

Witness :one of the great foreign correspondents of the twentieth century tells her story
You can't air that :four cases of controversy and censorship in American television
on for Mathematics in 2007/2008.
item in Owens Library.

         Hanson, Jarice.

         Holzschlag, Molly E.

         Kyrnin, Jennifer.

         Eisenman, Stephen.

         Stanton, Richard, 1951-

         Henry, Neil, 1954-

         Fletcher, Martin, 1947-

         Lamish, Dafnah.

         Edgerton, Gary R. (Gary Richard),

         Jenkins, Henry, 1958-
Kunz, William M., 1961-

Wood, Aylish.

Weldon, Michele, 1958-

Morris, Tee.

Villalobos, Ray.

Joselit, David.

Bacon, Jacqueline, 1965-

Richter, Stefan, 1973-

Hemmingway, Emma.

Cafferty, Jack.

Curtis, Drew.

Callahan, Christopher.

Feinstein, A. (Anthony), 1956-
Roberts-Breslin, Jan.

Frick, Tim.

Seguin, James.

Huber, David Miles.

Terry, Wallace.

Rushing, Josh.

Austin, Tricia, 1954-

Allawi, Ali A., 1947-

Pearlstine, Norman.

Burke, Jason.

Medoff, Norman J.

Skidgel, John.

Harris, Roy J., 1946-

Anastaplo, George, 1925-

Barlow, Aaron, 1951-
Baughman, James L., 1952-

Johansen, Bruce E. (Bruce Elliott),

Stein, Laura Lynn, 1965-

Magoun, Alexander B.

Randall, David, 1951-
McCall, Jeffrey M. (Jeffrey Michael),

Gant, Scott E.

Chomsky, Noam.

Bennett, W. Lance.

Gillespie, Tarleton.

Gruber, Ruth, 1911-

Silverman, David S.
Addition made easy / Rebecca Wingard-Nelson ; [illustrated by Tom LaBaff].
Algebra and geometry / Alan F. Beardon.
Animal math / Kieran Walsh.
Calculus gallery : masterpieces from Newton to Lebesgue / William Dunham.
Calculus of one variable / Keith E. Hirst.
Change is possible : stories of women and minorities in mathematics / Patricia Clark Kenschaft.
Colossal book of short puzzles and problems : combinatorics, probability, algebra, geometry, topology, chess,
logic, cryptarithms, wordplay, physics and other topics of recreational mathematics / Martin Gardner ; edited by
Dana Richards.
Complex analysis / Eberhard Freitag, Rolf Busam.
Computational introduction to number theory and algebra / Victor Shoup.
Computational methods for heat and mass transfer / Pradip Majumdar.
Conceptual statistics for beginners / Isadore Newman ... [et al.].
Concise Oxford dictionary of mathematics / Christopher Clapham.
Conics / Keith Kendig.
Contest problem book VII : American Mathematics Competitions 1995-2000 contests / compiled and augmented
by Harold B. Reiter.
Count down : six kids vie for glory at the world's toughest math competition / Steve Olson.
Developing thinking in geometry / edited by Sue Johnston-Wilder, John Mason.
Difference equations : from rabbits to chaos / Paul Cull, Mary Flahive, Robby Robson.
Diophantine analysis / Jörn Steuding.
Discovering statistics using SPSS : (and sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll) / Andy Field.
Division made easy / Rebecca Wingard-Nelson ; [illustrated by Tom LaBaff].
Does measurement measure up? : how numbers reveal and conceal the truth / John M. Henshaw.
Dr. Euler's fabulous formula : cures many mathematical ills / Paul J. Nahin.
Essential mathematics and statistics for science / Graham Currell, Anthony Dowman.
Facts on File algebra handbook / Deborah Todd.
Facts on file geometry handbook / Catherine A. Gorini.
Fearless symmetry : exposing the hidden patterns of numbers / Avner Ash and Robert Gross.
Fields and Galois theory / John M. Howie.
First course in differential equations / J. David Logan.
Four pillars of geometry / John Stillwell.
Fractions and decimals made easy / Rebecca Wingard-Nelson.
Functional analysis for probability and stochastic processes : an introduction / A. Bobrowski.
Fundamentals of mathematical logic / Peter G. Hinman.
Geometric modeling / Michael E. Mortenson.
God created the integers : the mathematical breakthroughs that changed history / edited, with commentary, by
Stephen Hawking.
Gödel's theorem : an incomplete guide to its use and abuse / Torkel Franzén.
Greate invention of algebra : Thomas Harriot's treatise on equations / Jacqueline A. Stedall.
Handbook of knot theory / editors, William Menasco, Morwen Thistlethwaite.
History of mathematics : from Mesopotamia to modernity / Hodgkin.
How it all began : a thematic history of mathematics / Dattatray B. Wagh.
Incompleteness : the proof and paradox of Kurt Gödel / Rebecca Goldstein.
Innovative approaches to undergraduate mathematics courses beyond calculus / Richard J. Maher, editor.
Intermediate dynamics : a linear algebraic approach / R.A. Howland.
Introduction to linear models and statistical inference / Steven J. Janke, Frederick Tinsley.
Introduction to nonparametric regression / Kunio Takezawa.
Introduction to partial differential equations / Yehuda Pinchover and Jacob Rubinstein.
Introduction to sieve methods and their applications / Alina Carmen Cojocaru, M. Ram Murty.
Introduction to the mathematics of money : saving and investing / David Lovelock, Marilou Mendel, A. Larry
Kyoodoz algebra solutions book / Yvonne Low.
Lectures on partial differential equations / Vladimir I. Arnold ; translated by Roger Cooke.
Lie algebras and algebraic groups / Patrice Tauvel, Rupert W.T. Yu.
Longitudinal data analysis / Donald Hedeker, Robert D. Gibbons.
Mathematical apocrypha redux : more stories and anecdotes of mathematicians and the mathematical / Steven
G. Krantz.
Mathematical modeling for the life sciences / Jacques Istas.
Mathematics and common sense : a case of creative tension / Philip J. Davis.
Mathematics and statistics for life scientists / Aulay Mackenzie.
Mathematics as a constructive activity : learners generating examples / Anne Watson, John Mason.
Mathematics miseducation : the case against a tired tradition / Derek Stolp.
Mathematics of uncertainty : ideas, methods, application problems / Hans-Walter Bandemer.
MATLAB demystified / David McMahon.
Multiplication made easy / Rebecca Wingard-Nelson ; [illustrated by Tom LaBaff].
Music : a mathematical offering / Dave Benson.
Mystic, geometer, and intuitionist : the life of L.E.J. Brouwer / Dirk van Dalen.
New visions for linking literature and mathematics / David J. Whitin, Phyllis Whitin ; [with a foreword by Judith
Partial differential equations and the finite element method / Pavel Šolín.
Pea and the sun : a mathematical paradox / Leonard M. Wapner.
Probability and statistics by example / Y. Suhov, M. Kelbert.
Reality conditions : short mathematical fiction / by Alex Kasman.
Rethinking mathematics : teaching social justice by the numbers / edited by Eric Gutstein and Bob Peterson.
Space math / Kieran Walsh.
Square root of 2 : a dialogue concerning a number and a sequence / David Flannery.
Stalking the Riemann hypothesis : the quest to find the hidden law of prime numbers / Dan Rockmore.
Statistical models : theory and practice / David A. Freedman.
Statistics explained : an introductory guide for life sciences / Steve McKillup.
Statistics for experimenters : design, innovation, and discovery / George E.P. Box, J. Stuart Hunter, William G.
Subtraction made easy / Rebecca Wingard-Nelson ; [illustrated by Tom LaBaff].
Sums of squares of integers / Carlos J. Moreno, Samuel S. Wagstaff, Jr.
Teaching mathematics to middle school students with learning difficulties / edited by Marjorie Montague, Asha K.
Tracking reason : proof, consequence, and truth / Jody Azzouni.
Understanding and using advanced statistics / Jeremy Foster, Emma Barkus, Christian Yavorsky.
Understanding mathematics and science matters / edited by Thomas A. Romberg, Thomas P. Carpenter, Fae
USA and International Mathematical Olympiads, 2005 / edited by Zuming Feng, Cecil Rousseau, and Melanie
Matchett Wood.
What successful math teachers do, grades 6-12 : 79 research-based strategies for the standards-based
classroom / by Alfred S. Posamentier and Daniel Jaye.
Word problems made easy / Rebecca Wingard-Nelson ; [illustrated by Tom LaBaff].
Write your own proofs in set theory and discrete mathematics / Amy Babich and Laura Person.
Yearning for the impossible : the surprising truths of mathematics / John Stillwell.
13 : the story of the world's most popular superstition / Nathaniel Lachenmeyer.
Afternotes goes to graduate school : lectures on advanced numerical analysis : a series of lectures on advanced
numerical analysis presented at the University of Maryland at College Park and recorded after the fact / G.W.
Anthology of statistics in sports / edited by Jim Albert, Jay Bennett, James J. Cochran.
Ants, bikes, & clocks : problem solving for undergraduates / William Briggs.
Applied linear regression / Sanford Weisberg.
Carl Friedrich Gauss : titan of science / by G. Waldo Dunnington, with additional material by Jeremy Gray and
Fritz-Egbert Dohse.
Challenges in geometry : for mathematical Olympians past and present / Christopher J. Bradley.
Chance : a guide to gambling, love, the stock market & just about everything else / Amir D. Aczel.
Chicago guide to writing about numbers / Jane E. Miller.
Coincidences, chaos, and all that math jazz : making light of weighty ideas / Edward B. Burger, Michael Starbird ;
original illustrations by Alan Witschonke.
Combinatorics of permutations / Miklós Bóna.
Connecting mathematical ideas : middle school video cases to support teaching and learning / Jo Boaler and
Cathy Humphreys.
Creating more effective graphs / Naomi B. Robbins.
Data analysis and presentation skills : an introduction for the life and medical sciences / Jackie Willis.
Descartes's mathematical thought / by Chikara Sasaki.
Differential equations : an introduction to basic concepts, results and applications / Ioan I. Vrabie.
Elementary probability with applications / Larry Rabinowitz.
Equation that couldn't be solved : how mathematical genius discovered the language of symmetry / Mario Livio.
Euclid in the rainforest : discovering universal truth in logic and math / Joseph Mazur.
Everyday matters in science and mathematics : studies of complex classroom events / edited by Ricardo
Nemirovsky ... [et al.].
Exploratory examples for real analysis / Joanne E. Snow, Kirk E. Weller.
Exploratory Galois theory / John Swallow.
Field guide to algebra / Antoine Chambert-Loir.
Finite difference schemes and partial differential equations / John C. Strikwerda.
Fourier series / by Rajendra Bhatia.
Galois theory / David A. Cox.
Gender differences in mathematics : an integrative psychological approach / edited by Ann M. Gallagher, James
C. Kaufman.
Graphs and homomorphisms / Pavol Hell and Jaroslav Nešet il.
Guided tour of mathematical methods for the physical sciences / Roel Snieder.
Handbook for matrix computations / Thomas F. Coleman, Charles Van Loan.
History of mathematics : a brief course / Roger Cooke.
Innovations in teaching statistics / edited by Joan B. Garfield.
Introduction to complex analysis : classical and modern approaches / Wolfgang Tutschke, Harkrishan L.
Introduction to financial option valuation : mathematics, stochastics, and computation / Desmond J. Higham.
Introduction to MATLAB with numerical preliminaries / Alexander Stanoyevitch.
Introduction to measure-theoretic probability / George G. Roussas.
Introduction to numerical continuation methods / Eugene L. Allgower, Kurt Georg.
Introduction to numerical ordinary and partial differential equations using MATLAB / Alexander Stanoyevitch.
Introduction to programming with Mathematica / Paul R. Wellin, Richard J. Gaylord, Samuel N. Kamin.
Introduction to the mathematics of medical imaging / Charles L. Epstein.
Introduction to topology and geometry / Saul Stahl.
Irresistible integrals : symbolics, analysis, and experiments in the evaluation of integrals / George Boros, Victor H.
János Bolyai, non-Euclidean geometry, and the nature of space / Jeremy J. Gray.
Knots and links / Peter R. Cromwell.
Lie groups / Daniel Bump.
Lots of ladybugs! : counting by fives / by Michael Dahl ; illustrated by Todd Ouren.
M&M'S brand subtraction book / Barbara Barbieri McGrath.
Maple by example / Martha L. Abell and James P. Braselton.
Math / by William C. Robertson.
Math and the Mona Lisa : the art and science of Leonardo da Vinci / Bülent Atalay.
Math high school / contributing authors, Patty White ... [et al.] ; publisher, Sharon Wynne ; editors, David A.
Collins, Terresa Barton, Patty Wynne ; math typist, Julie Carnevale.
Math magic : how to master everyday math problems / Scott Flansburg with Victoria Hay.
Mathematica guidebook for programming / Michael Trott.
Mathematics in service to the community : concepts and models for service-learning in the mathematical
sciences / edited by Charles R. Hadlock.
MATLAB guide / Desmond J. Higham, Nicholas J. Higham.
Matrix algorithms / G.W. Stewart.                        ł                       ł
Methods for solving systems of nonlinear equations / Werner C. Rheinboldt.
Modeling reality : how computers mirror life / Iwo Bia ynicki-Birula, Iwona Bia ynicka-Birula.
Musings of the masters : an anthology of mathematical reflections / edited by Raymond G. Ayoub.
Newton-Euler dynamics / Mark D. Ardema.
Now I get it : strategies for building confident and competent mathematicians, K-6 / Susan O'Connell.
Oval track and other permutation puzzles : and just enough group theory to solve them / by John O. Kiltinen.
Oxford user's guide to mathematics / edited by Eberhard Zeidler [with W. Hackbusch and H.R. Schwarz] ;
translated and typeset by Bruce Hunt.
Pie for piglets : counting by twos / written By Michael Dahl ; illustrated by Todd Ouren.
Practical linear algebra : a geometry toolbox / Gerald Farin, Dianne Hansford.
Praxis II : math middle school / written by Arlene Gordon Schlessinger ; edited by Doug Shaw.
R.L. Moore : mathematician and teacher / John Parker.
Resources for the study of real analysis / by Robert L. Brabenec.
Solving nonlinear equations with Newton's method / C.T. Kelley.
Solving ODEs with MATLAB / L.F. Shampine, I. Gladwell, S. Thompson.
Statistics for people who (think they) hate statistics / Neil J. Salkind.
Stepping up to science and math : exploring the natural connections / M. Jenice Goldston, editor.
Super-recursive algorithms / Mark Burgin.
Theory of finite groups : an introduction / Hans Kurzweil, Bernd Stellmacher.
To talk of many things : an autobiography / Dame Kathleen Ollerenshaw ; [with a foreword by Sir Patrick Moore].
Topics from one-dimensional dynamics / Karen M. Brucks, Henk Bruin.
Tour through mathematical logic / Robert S. Wolf.
When computers were human / David Alan Grier.

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