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• "M" is for marriage each letter spells love
  "A" is alter where you're blessed from above
  "R" is for ring lovers' faith set in gold
  "R" is the richness of life it can hold
  "I" is the infinite joy in the soul
  "A" is the answer to life and its' goal
  "G" is the giving of love without end
  "E" is eternal that's marriage my friend.
           Love and Marriage
• Love is holding hands in the street
  Marriage is holding arguments in the street
  Love is dinner for 2 in your favorite restaurant
  Marriage is Chinese take-out
  Love is cuddling (拥抱)on a sofa
  Marriage is deciding on a sofa
  Love is talking about having children
  Marriage is talking about getting away from children
  Love is going to bed early
  Marriage is going to sleep early
          Love and Marriage
• Love is a romantic drive
  Marriage is a tarmac (停机坪)drive
  Love is losing your appetite
  Marriage is losing your figure
  Love is sweet nothing’s in the ear
  Marriage is sweet nothing's in the bank

  Love is a flickering flame
  Marriage is a flickering television
  Love is 1 drink and 2 straws (麦杆,吸管)
  Marriage is "Don't you think you've had enough!"
        Marriage quotation
• The husband who wants a happy marriage
  should learn to keep his mouth shut and his
  checkbook open.
• The most happy marriage I can imagine to
  myself would be the union of a deaf man to a
  blind woman.
• There's a way of transferring funds that is even
  faster than electronic banking. It's called
       Marriage agreement
• Marriage is an economic partnership.
  You should have full financial disclosure
  of your fiancée's assets, debts and income
  before and during the marriage. You
  should know what your spouse is willing
  to share with you before the marriage.
       Marriage agreement
• A pre-marriage agreement, also known as a
  prenuptial agreement, is a legal document. It is
  a contract between you and your fiancée that
  addresses financial issues and any other issues
  that are important to you and your fiancée.
  These other issues may include children,
  religion, sharing housekeeping tasks and career
  support. You should have independent legal
  counsel before signing any agreement. Attached
  to the agreement should be a financial statement
  listing all of the assets, debts and of you and
  your fiancée.
        Marriage agreement
• Getting married is a very happy time in one's
  life but it also has important and serious legal
  and practical meaning. Smart couples wedding
  preparations should include full financial
  disclosure, discussion of issues important to
  each other's life and consideration of a pre-
  marriage agreement. Marriage with a prenuptial
  agreement can provide love and security.
         Marriage agreement
• This agreement is made between the parties
  concerned on August 03, 2006 on terms and
  conditions mutually agreed upon as follow:

1. The Parties Concerned
   Party A:
   Party B: Riceyes
2. Purpose of this agreement
   This agreement is to make sure of mutual
intention for Marriage and to make a promise for
marriage life.
       Marriage agreement
• 3. Duty of Party A
  (1) Party A hereby promise that Party A
  will love Party B forever.
  (2) Party A will do its best to get married
   with Party B as soon as possible
        Marriage agreement
• 4. Duty of Party B
  (1) Party B hereby promise that Party B will
• love Party A forever.
  (2) Party B will do its best to get married with
  Party A as soon as possible.
• (3) In marriage life, Party B will take full respo
  nsibility to take care of Party A not to meet any
         Marriage agreement
• (4) In marriage life, Party B should treat Party A kindly
• and gently like a princess.
  (5)If Party B didn't follow item 3 and 4, he should do
• whatever he can to send Party A back to China safely
• with 200,000 dollars' compensation.
      Marriage agreement
• 5. Validity of Agreement
  This agreement, when duly signed by the
   both parties concerned, shall remain its
• force from signing date to forever.

  PARTY A (         )
• PARTY B ( Riceyes       )
     Marriage and divorce
• In this fickle age, people got marriage
  hastily though they had not known each
  other enough. As time went on, they
  found that their mates have too much
  defect that they couldn’t live with them
  any longer. Many couples may choose to
  get divorce. There are many reasons to
  get divorce, some may be reasonable,
  other are absurd.
      Marriage and divorce
• Most of people got divorced because they could
  not forgive their mate’s faults, or could not
  endure their mate’s defect, such as, disloyalty,
  idleness and family violence.
• On yesterday’s newspaper, there was a news
  that a man wanted to get divorce because his
  wife did not willing to talk with him face to
  face but communicate with him through the
     Marriage and divorce
• Thought many people had a bad and
  unhappiness marriage, they didn’t want to
  get divorced. They knew that divorce not
  only hurt themselves, but also hurt their
  children. Investigation data show that,
  children that their parent got divorced
  when their grown are more violent,
  extreme, introverted and anti-social.
      Marriage and divorce
• "D" is the devil divorce in his game
  "I" is the innocent child you may shame
  "V" is for vow made to God and he heard
  "O" is the old love who meant every word
  "R" is the risk when you break heavens' bond
  "C" is the courtroom not on earth but beyond
  This is my story for "E" in the end
  This is divorce think it over my friend.

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