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					                                    What Wedding Music

Choosing the right wedding music is a huge part of organising any marriage celebration. The
planner, the bride or bride’s mother (whoever will be planning the event) will need to think
carefully and wisely to select the best tunes to suit each particular point of the event.
Each part of the celebration will need its own music. And each different stage will require a
different type of music. And some sorts of music will be best left out of any celebration. Anything
loud or raucous, raunchy or offensive is best avoided, no matter what. Then again, each to their
You’ll need to know what music you want playing when:
    • Your guests are arriving. This can be almost anything. And it’s best to think about what sort
      of music your guests will appreciate. A conservative set of guests aren’t going to be
      impressed by loud, blasting heavy metal, nor will a young, trendy crowd favor overly
      religious music. In any event, you can’t please everyone, but try to please as many people as
      you can. An excellent fallback is some easy listening or classical music.
    • You walk down the aisle. Is there something you could have playing that isn’t a cliché? The
      Arrival f the Queen of Sheba. Canon in D minor. Both of these are very popular in place of
      the traditional wedding march. Many young couples now, who are non-religious, choose
      something sung by Celine Dion or other romantic pop diva.
    • The ceremony is in full swing. During the signing of the register or lull in the events. You
      definitely want something that is non-intrusive.
    • The couple are just married and walking out of the room. Well, this is an important time. The
      couple are now married and newly wed. Something romantic is absolutely essential at this
      juncture. You can have something modern, but it really should be in the spirit of the
    • There is a lull in the speeches. This is the time that not everyone loves. The speeches can be
      a boring part of the ceremony, but it’s essential for close friends and relatives to pay their
      respects. Light background music can really prevent anyone from becoming totally tongue
      tied and be left with the sound of silence to back him or her up.
    • The dancing starts. Every bride will need to choose her own first dance song. This is
      definitely an individual choice and can be anything whatsoever. It should however,
      symbolise the bride and groom.
If you’re going to hire a wedding dj, like Barney from Party Events Unlimited, they can offer
advice and tell you what other people have picked so you have some basis to form a decision.
Whichever way you go, make sure you put time into choosing the right wedding music for this very
important occasion.

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