How to Condition Your Hair With Aloe Vera

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					How to Condition Your Hair With Aloe
1.    Cut two or three large, thick leaves from the aloe plant. The thicker your hair, the
more you will need. Three should be enough for very thick hair.

2.     Using a sharp knife, remove the thick green skin from each leaf. This will
expose the clear jelly-like interior of the leaf. Be careful to cut as close as possible to the
exterior, so as to preserve as much of the jelly as possible. Set the jelly aside in a bowl.

3.    Break down the jelly. Puree the jelly in a blender. There is no need to add water.
Ensure that the jelly is well blended before removing from the blender.

4.    Strain the blended jelly into a container. It is important to do this so that the jelly is
separated from the white sediments that will otherwise get stuck in your hair.

5.     After washing your hair, massage the aloe vera jelly into your hair thoroughly,
making sure that the hair is saturated from roots to tips. If you use another deep
conditioner or treatment in your hair, you may add this as well.

6.     Apply heat. Place a plastic steam cap over your head and sit under a hair dryer for
about five minutes. Alternatively, you can simply let the aloe sit in the hair for about five
minutes. If you are using an additional treatment product, follow the directions for that
product's use instead.

7.     Rinse out the aloe. After the heat treatment is complete, remove the steam cap and
rinse out your hair. Proceed with your regular hair care routine.

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