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How to Stop Smoking Instantly by matedyonline11


									How to Stop Smoking Instantly
1.      Trash those cancer sticks. Any cigarettes you may have, whether they care in your
car, drawer, or pocket. Rid yourself of any temptations.

2.     Whenever you are tempted to grab that cigarette, think about your loved ones.
They want you to be healthy and have a good life. You will end up harming your lungs,
along with other unpleasant side effects, due to your smoking.

3.      Grab something else instead. Some candy, or gum. Better yet, do a physical
activity that requires your full attention, to get your mind off smoking.

4.    Give your family or friends a phone call. They will give you the support you need.

5.    If you have any friends that smoke, ask them to not do it in front of you, for
two reasons: you might be tempted, and second-hand smoke is even more dangerous
than smoking itself.

6.     Make a good list of reasons why you should stop smoking. You don't want to let
your family members down, you want to keep your lungs healthy,etc.

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