; An Overview of Venturing
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An Overview of Venturing


An Overview of Venturing By Seth Chalmers

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									An Overview of Venturing By Seth Chalmers
•   Venturing, a program for youths between ages 14 and 20, is designed to give
    young people the opportunity to develop leadership skills, ethical values,
    cooperative abilities, and healthy fitness habits.
                       Venture Crews

•   One of only two Boy Scouts of America programs that allow girls, the program
    appeals to many because of the guided autonomy that participants are given in
    choosing which “ventures” they want to originate.

•   Indeed, Venture crews collaborate to determine what their group will take part in,
    whether it be helping to build homes for the homeless, setting sail in the
    Caribbean, or exploring the Smithsonian.
    Venturing Crews Youth Leadership

•   Elected youth officers lead the Venturing crews, and adult advisors help to oversee
    them, a dynamic that functions as a partnership rather than a hierarchical

•   Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of the program, for both members and society,
    is that of teaching others what has been learned, an activity required of those who
    earn Venturing awards.

•   This helps participants substantiate and better retain what they have learned, as
    well as share their newly acquired skills with others.
                   About the Author:

•   Seth Chalmers, an Eagle Scout and longtime supporter of the Boy Scouts of
    America, serves as the President of Chalmers Engineering Services, Inc.

•   The firm functioned as a charter organization for Venturing Crew 2068, which
    explored a number of sites in California.

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