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To support the educational process by obtaining quality
goods and services in a timely and cost-effective manner.

                                CHERRY CREEK SCHOOL DISTRICT #5

                                             Request for Proposal
                                       ECS Child Care Management System

RFP Number: ECS 12-11                                            Vendor Name ___________________________

RFP for:              ECS Child Care Management System

Return RFP to:                              Cherry Creek School District #5
                                            Attn: Purchasing Department
                                            4350 S. Pitkin Street
                                            Aurora, CO 80015
                                            (720) 886-5800

Place: Purchasing Department Conference Room.

RFP Opening Date: December 2, 2011

Time: 2:00 p.m.

Buyer’s Name:                    Tom Barrell
Phone number:                    720-886-5807
Fax number:                      720-886-5809






              SIGNATURE PAGE


Cherry Creek School District (CCSD) is requesting sealed proposals from qualified vendors for a Web-
based child care management system to track registration and payment

Proposals are to be addressed and delivered to Cherry Creek School District; Attn: Tom Barrell; 4350
South Pitkin Street, Aurora, CO 80015 until 2:00 p.m. MST on December 2, 2011, at which time a
representative of the Purchasing Department will announce publicly the names of those vendors
submitting proposals. No other public disclosure will be made until after the award of the contract.


Tom Barrell
Purchasing Manager

                                  GENERAL INFORMATION
Cherry Creek School District is organized and focused to meet the needs of approximately 50,000
students. Five locally elected school board members govern the District. CCSD is staffed by
approximately 3200 licensed teaching personnel, 2600 classified employees, and 140 administrative
employees. The District consists of 41 elementary schools, 10 middle schools, 6 high schools, 5
alternative programs, 1 charter school, and 1 K-8 school.

Cherry Creek School District #5 is soliciting proposals from qualified vendors to a web-based child care
management system to track registration and payment for the Cherry Creek District Extended Child Services
Department (ECS). Questions concerning this RFP may be directed to Tom Barrell at (720) 886-5807,
e-mail at or Sarah Conley at (720)886-8033, e-mail at

There will be a pre-proposal meeting on November 16, 2011 at 10:30 a.m. This pre-proposal
meeting will be held at the Cherry Creek School District’s Education Support Center, Room 210,
4700 S. Yosemite St., Greenwood Village, CO 80111. Vendors may also join the Pre Bid conference
via phone conference by calling (720) 886-7579 and entering 7579 # for the PIN number.


A quality based selection process is used to reach an award recommendation for approval by the Extended
Child Services Department. The evaluation committee will review and score submissions according to
the following criteria, not listed in any particular order:

   1. Demonstrated ability to provide families with an option to register online and provide payment
      for Cherry Creek Schools ECS child care services.
   2. Vendor’s reliability, responsibility and industry performance, based on client interviews, in
      similar contracts with agencies resembling the Cherry Creek School District
   3. Cost for software, implementation and training of CCSD personnel.
   4. Ease of use of vendor’s proposed services including registration and payment, conflict
      resolution and accuracy of information provided
   5. The flexibility available in selecting online or paper options
   6. The extent of confidentiality measures utilized by the vendor

After scoring, the committee will extend demonstration opportunities to a short list of proposers.
Thereafter, the committee will make a recommendation for award. This selection will be for an award to
the responsible and responsive Offeror whose proposal, taking into consideration all factors including
references, submissions, pricing, demonstration’s and responses to questions, if any, is determined to be
the most advantageous to the District.

                                RESPONSE INSTRUCTIONS
Responses to this Request for Proposal (RFP) shall be formatted / organized in the following order for
consistency and easy screening as follows:

Section I:     Table of Contents

Section II:     RFP Cover Sheet, Transmittal Letter
The transmittal letter should include company name and address; name, title, telephone and fax number of
person(s) to be contacted for clarifications or additional information regarding proposal; name, title,
telephone and fax number of person authorized to contractually obligate your company with proposal and
any future negotiations; and a brief summary explaining how all requirements of this RFP will be met and
proposer’s ability to meet the needs and requirements of the RFP.

Section III: References – List a minimum of three (3) references that are comparable to CCSD include
the length of services for each. References must be from agencies; vendor has provided or is currently
providing service, preferably from other school districts similar in size to CCSD.
Section IV: Scope of Service – Provide detailed explanation as to how your company will meet the
requirements specified herein. Provide clear evidence of your company’s ability, experience, resources,
and plans to meet the requirements of the RFP.
Section V: Organization History – Provide a brief history of your organization including types of
clients, location and address of the office that will administer the services, existing customer satisfaction
and experience in providing similar services.
Section VI:    Pricing Information
Section VII: Proof of Business Ownership - under current name and current form for a minimum of
three (3) years.
Section VIII: Sample Forms - Provide sample pre-authorization form(s) and sample reports\results
Proposers should include ONE (1) ORIGINAL (CLEARLY MARKED “ORIGINAL”) and Four (4)
(CLEARLY MARKED “COPY”) and one(1) Electronic Copy of the response sealed in an envelope or
package for delivery to the Cherry Creek Purchasing Department per the instructions in the General
Requirements (see Proposal Completion and Proposal Returns). All documents included in the proposal and
the outside of the envelope or package must be marked with the vendor's name and the RFP number.

Cherry Creek Schools will not be liable for any costs incurred by the vendor in preparing a response to this
RFP. Vendors submit proposals at their own risk and expense. Cherry Creek Schools makes no guarantee
that any services will be purchased as a result of this RFP, and reserves the right to reject any and all
proposals. All proposals and accompanying documentation will become the property of the Cherry Creek
School District. All proposals are open to negotiation.

The Evaluation Committee will consider the most cost productive, efficient and effective plan. Emphasis
will be placed on capability to perform as well as meeting the needs of the using department(s). While
CCSD appreciates a brief straightforward and concise reply, the vendor must fully understand that the
evaluation is based on the information provided. Accuracy and completeness are essential. Omissions,
ambiguous or equivocal statements may be construed against the vendor. The proposal response may be
Incorporated into any contract, which results from this RFP, and vendors are cautioned not to make
claims or statements, which they are not prepared to commit to contractually. Failure of the vendor to
meet such claims will result in a requirement that the vendor provide the resources necessary to meet
submitted claims.

The vendor is expected to examine all documents, forms, specifications, and all instructions. Failure to do
so will be at vendor’s risk.

All documents will be held by Cherry Creek Schools and are NOT subject to public view until an award is
made. Under the Request for Proposal process, sealed offers will be received and opened in the Office of
the Cherry Creek Schools Purchasing Department. At and after opening, proposals will NOT be part of the
public record and subject to disclosure, but will be kept confidential until time of award. When an award is
made, proposals are subject to review under the “Public Information Act”. To the extent permitted by law,
vendors may request in writing non-disclosure of confidential data. Such data shall accompany the
proposal, be readily separable from the proposal, and shall be CLEARLY MARKED “CONFIDENTIAL”.

All proposals will be examined by an evaluation committee.

Proposals that do not conform to the instructions or which do not address all the services as specified may
be eliminated from consideration.

CCSD may initiate discussions with selected vendors; however, discussions may not be initiated by
vendors. Vendors shall not contact any personnel of CCSD during the RFP process without the express
permission from the Purchasing Department. CCSD Purchasing may disqualify any vendor who has made
site visits, contacted any personnel of CCSD, or distributed any literature without authorization from the
Purchasing Department.

Selected vendors will be expected to make a presentation/demonstration to an evaluation committee.
Selected vendor may also be required to implement a pilot program, of up to 10 schools, which may be
used as part of the evaluation process. Presentations may result in negotiating sessions. CCSD expects to
conduct negotiations with vendor’s representatives authorized to contractually obligate the vendor with an
offer. If vendor is unable to agree to contract terms and conditions, CCSD reserves the right to terminate
contract negotiations with that vendor and initiate negotiations with another vendor.

                             OVERVIEW AND SCOPE OF WORK
Extended Child Services (ECS) is the fee-based child care programs in Cherry Creek School District.
CCSD Extended Child Services includes:
    Before and After School Programs (40)
    Intersession Programs in year round calendar schools (6)
    Kindergarten Enrichment (34)
    Infant/Toddler Programs (2)
    Preschool Programs (2)

There are 84 child care programs District-wide at 40 elementary schools, 1 middle school and 2 high
schools. Extended Child Services provides care to approximately 5,800 students district-wide.

The annual revenue generated in Extended Child Services for FY 10-11 was $11.2 million.

The forms of payment currently accepted are check, money order and bank-issued checks. The average
number of separate payments received per month is 175. The average transaction amount is $133.38.

Extended Child Services wants to enhance customer service by use of technology to allow the option for
families to register for the child care programs online. Additionally, ECS would like to provide the option
of using credit cards to families.

   1. Web-based child care management system to track registration and payment.

   2. Online registration
         a. Provide families with an option to register online for CCSD ECS child care services. The
             option for manual entry is necessary for families without a computer.
         b. Online registration system must have the ability to register for fluctuating child care
             schedules. A family must be able to register by and pay for just the sessions needed. For
             example, for before & after school programs, a family may register for Monday before
             school, Tuesday before and after, Wednesday after school.
         c. Ability for ECS Bookkeepers to manually enter registration into system for families who
             submit a paper calendar and check payment.
         d. System should not allow registration to be completed without verified payment.
         e. The system must be able to accommodate multiple rate structures for before and after
             school programs.
         f. The system should have a visual calendar that parents click on to register for each session.
             There will be a calculator at the bottom that increases as sessions are added.
         g. The calendar must also allow parents to register for full day child care when school is not
             in session.
         h. The system should have the ability for families to update their enrollment information and
             send a notification to the director of the change.
         i. The system should have the ability to create, track and print attendance.
         j. Not allow registration that occurs less than 24-hours before care is provided. Parents must
             speak with the director for availability and safety reasons.
         k. The system should allow families to sign their child in/out using a keypad or similar device.

       l. Report functionality:
              i. Aging
             ii. Revenue by school/program
            iii. Interface with Lawson (Excel)
            iv. Tax statements for families
             v. Attendance/registration tracking

3. Credit card processing
      a. Interface with JPMorgan Chase
      b. Ability for families to pay for child care services using credit card, ACH, electronic check.
      c. Ability for Bookkeepers to manually enter payments made by check.
      d. Ability for families to register for recurring payments.
      e. Allow families the ability to update their payment information online.
      f. Upon payment received, families should receive a payment receipt by email.
      g. Parents should be able to view payment history online.

4. IS requirements
       a. Ability to import parent, student, and staff access, account, and demographic information
       b. Ability to export attendance and registration information, direct database access is
       c. Must be web-based and utilize HTTPS/SSL
       d. If solution is hosted:
                i. Compliance with Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70 (SAS 70) preferred
               ii. LDAP or Active Directory integration preferred
              iii. Service Level Agreements must be presented
              iv. back-up / recovery must provide point-in-time recovery
       e. If solution is onsite, must integrate with Active Directory/LDAP, exist on Windows
          2008R2 operating system, and utilize SQL Server 2008 database.

5. The Child Care Management System vendor must be able to accommodate a full implementation
   of 43 schools (84 programs) over the duration of 6-12 months and/or a pilot program of 10 schools
   (18 programs) at the determination of the CCSD.

6. Selected proposers will be required to present Demonstrations on one of the following dates:
       a. December 9 from 2:00-4:00
       b. December 15 from 12:00-4:00

7. The Evaluation Committee and the Demonstration Panel will include some or all of the
   member(s) from the following CCSD areas:
      a. ECS Administration
      b. Information Systems
      c. Purchasing
      d. Extended Child Services
      e. Fiscal Services
      f. An ECS Bookkeeper
      g. A Before & After School Director
                                 CONTRACT TERMS AND CONDITIONS


Cherry Creek School District reserves the right to terminate all or part of this contract without cause by giving the
vendor at least 30 days notice. Any and all monies that have been paid for in advance shall be prorated to the date
of termination and refunded to Cherry Creek School District #5.

Nothing herein shall be construed as giving the contractor the right to perform the services contemplated under this
agreement beyond the time when such services become unsatisfactory to Cherry Creek School District #5. In the
event that the contractor shall be discharged before all the services contemplated hereunder have been completed,
or the services are for any reason terminated, stopped or discontinued because of the inability of the contractor to
serve under this agreement, he shall be paid only for that portion of the work which shall have been satisfactorily
completed at the time of termination.


Successful vendor whether under separate contract or not shall not assign any part or whole of this contract or
agreement to another party, subcontractor, or company nor shall they assign any money due or to become due to
him hereunder, without the previous written consent of the District.


Pricing for the offered service must include complete on-site training.


In the event a dispute occurs or a clarification of minor contract terms becomes necessary, please indicate your
company representative for arbitration proceedings.

Representative's name                    _____________________________________________________

Telephone number                         _____________________________________________________

Our District representative will be      Tom Barrell

Venue of legal action will be in the State of Colorado.


The apparent silence of any specification and any supplemental specifications as to any details or the omission from
it of a detailed description concerning any point shall be regarded as meaning that only the best commercial
practices are to prevail and that only materials of first quality and correct type, size and design are to be used. All
workmanship is to be first quality. All interpretations of the specification shall be made upon the basis of this


Venue for any and all legal action regarding or arising out of the transaction covered herein shall be solely in the
District court in and for Arapahoe County, State of Colorado. This transaction shall be governed by the laws of the
State of Colorado. The vendor or bidder agrees that any and all notices, pleadings and processes may be made by
serving two copies of the same upon the Colorado Secretary of State, State Capitol, Denver, Colorado, and by
mailing by return mail, an additional copy of the same to the vendor or bidder at the address shown herein; that said
service shall be considered as valid personal service, and judgment may be taken if, within the time prescribed by
Colorado law or rules of civil procedure, appearance, pleading, an answer is not made.


The contractor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Cherry Creek School District #5, its agents, Board of
Education, and employees from and against all liability, claims, and demands, on account of injury, loss, or
damage, including without limitations claims arising from bodily injury, personal injury sickness, disease, death,
property loss or damage, or any other loss of any kind whatsoever, which arise out of or are in any manner
connected with this contract, if such injury, loss, or damage is caused in whole or in part b, or is claimed to be
caused in whole or in part by, the act, omission, error, professional error, mistake, negligence, or other fault of the
contractor, any subcontractor of the contractor, or any officer, employee, representative, or agent of the contractor
or which arise out of any workman's compensation claim of any employee of the contractor or of any employee of
any subcontractor of the contractor. The contractor agrees to investigate, handle, respond to, and to provide defense
for and defend against, any such liability, claims, or demands at the sole expense of the contractor. The contractor
also agrees to bear all other costs and expenses related thereto, including court costs and attorney fees, whether or
not any such liability, claims, or demands alleged are groundless, false, or fraudulent.


a)    The contractor agrees to procure and maintain, at its own cost, a policy or policies of insurance sufficient to
      insure against all liability, claims, demands, and other obligations assumed by the contractor pursuant to the
      indemnification section of this bid. The District shall have no responsibility or liability for such insurance
      overage. The contractor shall not be relieved of any liability, claims, demands, or other obligations assumed
      pursuant to the indemnification section of this bid by reason of its failure to procure or maintain insurance, or
      by reason of its failure to procure or maintain insurance in sufficient amounts, durations, or types.

B)    Contractor shall procure and maintain, and shall cause any subcontractor of the contractor to procure and
      maintain, the minimum insurance coverage listed below. Such coverage shall be procured and maintained
      with insurers on forms acceptable to the Cherry Creek School District #5, and shall name Cherry Creek
      School District #5 as additional insured on the policies of insurance required in Section 2 and 3 below. All
      coverage's shall be continuously maintained to cover all liability, claims, demands, and other obligations
      assumed by the contractor pursuant to the indemnification section of this bid. In the case of any claims-made
      policy, the necessary retroactive dates and extended reporting periods shall be procured to maintain such
      continuous coverage.

      1. Workmen's compensation insurance to cover obligations imposed by applicable laws for any employee
         engaged in the performance of work under this contract.

      2. Commercial general liability (including contractual liability covering the indemnification in paragraph 2
         above) with limits not less than $1,000,000 combined single limits per occurrence for bodily injury and
         property damage.

      3. Comprehensive automobile liability insurance with minimum limits of $1,000,000 combined single
         limits per occurrence for bodily injury and property damage insuring each of contractor's owned, hired or
         non-owned vehicles assigned to or used in performance of the services.

      4. The contractor shall provide a certificate of insurance to be completed by the contractor's agent/broker as
         evidence that the policies providing the required coverage are in full force and effect. The certificate
         shall indemnify this contract and shall provide that the coverage afforded under the policies shall not be
         canceled, terminated or materially changed until at least 30 days prior written notice has been give to the
         Cherry Creek School District #5 Risk Management Department, 4850 S. Yosemite Street, Greenwood
         Village, CO 80111.


Vendors must be engaged in supply products or services rendered. Pre-award inspection of the bidder's facility
may be made prior to award of the contract.

Bids will only be considered from firms which have been engaged in the business of manufacturing or distributing
the goods and/or performing services as described in this invitation to bid. The bidders must be able to produce
evidence that they have an established satisfactory record of performance for a reasonable period of time and have
sufficient financial support, equipment and organization to ensure that they can satisfactorily execute the services if
awarded a contract. The term "equipment and organization" as used herein shall be construed to mean a fully
equipped and well established company in line with the best business practices in the industry and as determined by
the proper authorities of the district.

The District reserves the right, before awarding the contract, to require a bidder to submit such evidence of its
qualifications as it may deem necessary, and may consider any evidence available to it (including, but not limited
to, the financial, technical and other qualifications and abilities of the bidder, including past performance and
experience with the district) in making the award in the best interest of the district.


The items on this bid will be provided on a vendor furnish and install basis. The successful vendor will have the
complete responsibility for the items or system until it is in place and working. Any special installation preparation
and requirements will be submitted to the District after receipt of a purchase order. All transportation and
coordination arrangements will be the responsibility of the vendor.


In accordance with C.R.S. 8-17.5 et. Seq., the bidder whose name and signature appears on the request for bid
hereby certifies, represents, warrants and agrees as follows:

   A. In the event this request for bid is accepted by the school District, the bidder, as a vendor, shall comply with
      provisions of C.R.S. 8-17.5 et. Seq., requiring certification that the bidder does not and during all times
      bidder is under contract to perform services for the Cherry Creek School District # 5 (“District”), will not
      knowingly employ or contract with an illegal alien.

   B. The bidder will not knowingly contract with a subcontractor who knowingly employs or contracts with an
      illegal alien to perform work under the contract with the District.

   C. The bidder will verify that it does not employ any illegal aliens by participation or attempted participation in
      the basic pilot emergency verification program administered by the social security administration and the
      department of homeland security or otherwise comply with C.R.S. 8-17.5-102(2)(b)(i).

Cherry Creek School District is a member of the cooperative educational purchasing council (CEPC). The
geography of the council lies along the front range of the Rocky Mountains from the Fort Collins/Greeley area to
the north, through Colorado Springs to the south, and represents approximately 70% of the K-12 public school
enrollment for the state of Colorado.

We hereby request that any member of the CEPC may avail itself of this contract and purchase any and all items
specified herein from the successful bidder(s) at the contract price(s) established herein. Each CEPC member
which uses a contract(s) resulting here from will establish its own contract, place its own orders, issue its own
purchase orders, be invoiced there from and make its own payments, and issue its own exemption certificates as
required by the bidder.

It is understood and agreed that the District is not a legally binding party to any contractual agreement made
between a CEPC member and the bidder as a result of this bid.


SECTION V                     Proposal Certification Signature Page




Purchasing Department
4350 so. Pitkin St.
Aurora, CO 80015

The undersigned certifies that in compliance with this Bidder’s proposal, and after carefully reviewing all
the terms and conditions and requirements contained therein, the undersigned agrees to furnish such
goods/services in accordance with the specifications and scope of work.

______________________________________________                      ____________________________
(Firm)                                                              (Phone #)

_______________________________________________                     ____________________________
(Address)                                                           (Fax #)


_______________________________________________                     ____________________________
Rep. Name (Printed Name)                                            (Email)


(Authorized Signature)


If there are exceptions taken to any of the terms, conditions or specifications of this bid document,
they must be clearly stated on a separate sheet of paper, attached to this sheet and returned with
your bid.

SECTION VI                          Costal Proposal

   1. Clearly itemize any and all costs associated with each being requested herein.

      Web-based Child Care Management System

      A. Software
         1. Registration                                                 $ ____________

           2. Payment                                                    $ ____________

      B.      Implementation                                             $ ____________

      C.      Training                                                   $ ____________

      D.      Yearly Maintenance                                         $_____________

If any services are offered as standard or optional packages, please describe below.

Describe and itemize any costs not listed above.


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