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Sonakshi to fulfill promise of Bihar visit

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									Sonakshi, as we all know, is a very busy star. So busy that she has not found time to visit her home town
Patna for many years. She would often visit Patna during her childhood with her parents when her Daadi
(Shatruji's mother) was alive. Once Daadi died and grand-daughter Sonakshi became an overnight star
with Dabangg, the people of Patna have not seen their Bihari Babu's Bihari Beti's face.

And they aren't too pleased about it.

Finally, after 3 years of dilly-dallying, Sonakshi is all set to come "home" to Patna on Saturday.

And Patna's population is not pleased. Said a leading exhibitor of Bihar, "She is coming in and going out
within hours, and that too only to promote her new film Son Of Sardaar. Hardly a sign of a Bihari beti
coming home."

Sonakshi's mother Poonam Sinha jumps to her daughter's defense, "Sonakshi is very, very busy. She
hardly has time to get proper sleep these days. She's been promoting Son Of Sardaar in innumerable
cities. People should understand her situation."

While in Patna, Sonakshi along with Ajay Devgn, who will accompany her, will visit the famous 'Patna
Sahib Gurudwara'.

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