JTHJ trio visit Yashji's home town by userImelda


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									It is known news that Madhur Bhandarkar has been freed on the rape charge. While the filmmaker is
keeping it all low key and isn't going ahead with any major celebrations, one wonders whether he is now
looking at filing a defamation case for being taken to the court.

"No no, nothing at all, one should just move ahead in life", Madhur says immediately, "I am here to make
movies and as a creative person, my whole focus is on doing my job right in the world of cinema. Even
otherwise if you see me on Twitter or anywhere else in the real life, I am very good with people around
me. I am friends with them and don't talk ill will about somebody. I am very much the way I am and my
philosophy in life is that there is only one life that you live. You don't have space for negativity in life.
People should just move on in life."

He adds, "Last eight and a half years have anyways been quite bad for me personally. There was so
much of trauma. Now it has to be tension free from here. All that had to happen is over and done with."

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