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									      How to save iPhone "water damage".

Replacing water broken IPhone is costly. Warranty of one year of
Apple, optional AppleCare extended protection does not cover to the
iPhone water damage. Put Apple connection handle liquid in each
iPhone to detect if dank. If your iPhone has been wet and not touch
the buttons and unplug directly if it's connected. If it's made
discomfit, push the "on/off" adjoin, and so drag the cursor on the
screen to cut the phone. Start wet iPhone; It can bypass and start
    Instructions

1.IPhone dry surfaces on a easy textile or a paper towel, taking care of is not to push
all the pushes. The iPhone mustiness stay switched off as whatever trust by winner.

2.Handshake the iPhone to external surfaces and dry again. Place the appliance on
the absorbent tissue and sometimes turn to drain the water from the unit.

3.Putting the iPhone inch an elastic bag zipper. Meet the base on rice dry to cover
the iPhone. Rice ends up little wet by the call. Allow iPhone in rice for three days at

4.Absent the iPhone by the base and the rice.

5.Comment iPhone inch an enmesh base or a net near solvent. Leave it overnight.

6.Gently excite the iPhone. If you discover any wet, them mayhap safety to run.
Press the button to activate the iPhone. If the property does not work, accept the call
to the authorized dealer or to the iPhone from Apple computer memory. You have
set everything you are able to answer at house.

Tips and warnings

    Apple leave apply you an bank discount about afresh iPhone to iPhone water
     damage replace. Make phone water damage to the Apple computer memory
     as repair.

    Will not on iPhone dank - this includes touch all the buttons. Become on an
     crocked iPhone leads to shorthand. There has nope go for as any iPhone that
     is in contact.

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