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					Hues News
2012 - 2013
November 2012                                    Western Ohio Art Education Association Newsletter

 Mark Your Calendars!                         Summer Awards Luncheon                                               June 27, 2012
                                                                                  Our Summer Awards Luncheon was held this
 October 10, 2012                                                            year on June 27th at the Dayton Art Insti-
        Western Meeting, Panera, 5pm
                                                                              tute. We gathered in the Private Dining Room to
 October 13, 2012                                                            honor our Distinguished Educator for Art Educa-
        High School Art Show Reception                                        tion, Garry Martin; our Distinguished Citizen for
 November 8, 9, 10, 2012                                                     Art Education, James Pate; and our Distinguished
        OAEA Conference in Cincinnati                                         Business for Art Education, Quality Enterprises
 December 16, 2012                                                           owned by David Molnar. Each of these men have
        Nibble N Network, Sue Ayers Estate
                                                                              gone out of their way
        YAM/YPAE Drop off 1-4pm
                                                                              to support Art Edu-
                                             cation. After the awards were distributed, we en-
 December 12-16, 2012
                                             joyed a delicious salad and dessert buffet provided by
        YAM/YPAE Drop off
                                             the WOAEA Board members. During lunch, I noticed
        DAI, front desk
                                             that each of the men were genuinely complimenting
        Between the hours of 10am –5pm
                                             each other on certain accomplishments that each was
                                             familiar with. I immediately understood why they
YAM/YPAE Shows                               were our Local Awards Recipients for 2012.
                                                After the luncheon, some of us gathered for a
"It is that time of year again! Start        workshop titled, "Creative Thinking Tools". The
collecting your student art works for        workshop was conducted by Arlene Branick, her farewell performance before retire-
the YAM/YPAE show!” Current entry                                                 ment. The workshop began with a tour of
forms are available online                                                        the exhibit, "Inside the Box". This exhibit dis-
at Art work drop off is                                             played the artwork of students attending the
at the Dayton Art Institute Decem-                                                Riverside Montessori School. We then ven-
ber 12th - 16th. Please check with
                                                                                  tured upstairs to make our own "Inside the
the DAI about hours of operation.
Make sure to have your name on the                                                Box" creation. We all left the workshop excited
art work, wrapped before drop off,                                                to share our newfound lessons with our stu-
and written attention to Mary Beth                                                dents.
Whitley. There will be another drop                                                Take time to Create,
off date at the annual Nibble and                                                  Becky Molnar, Regional Director Elect
Network session on December 16th
from 1:00-4:00pm.
                                              OAEA Membership
Inside this issue:                                                    OAEA-Developing Creative Mindsets since 1954
                                             We reach the OAEA’s mission by:
Summer Awards Luncheon            cover         Uniting art educaotrs in the promotion and understanding of the visual arts in a quality education
                                                Stimulating the professional growth of members
OAEA Membership                   cover
                                                Initiating art education service and advocacy programs
YAM/YPAE Shows                    cover         Encouraging the involvement and commitment of members in all activities endorsed by the association
                                                Informing members of current educational developments
Regional Director                      2
                                                 Educating citizens and key decision makers about the knowledge, skills, and values provided by quali-
Western Summer Show                 2-3           ty art education.
                                             OAEA membership runs from October 1-September 30
YAM Flag Design Form              insert     Visit to keep your membership current. Encourage your colleagues to join us in this vital organi-
 PAGE 2                                                                                             N O VE MBE R 2012

 Greetings From Our Regional Director
                         IT’S CONFERENCE TIME!
                         I am hoping that every Western member has already registered for the OAEA’s Greater
                         Cincinnati 2012 Professional Development Conference. Our conference will take place No-
                         vember 8th through 10th in Covington, Kentucky. This conference will be a little bit differ-
                         ent from past conferences because it will end after lunch on Saturday. This change should
                         please those that have a long way to travel. I plan on staying and enjoying the post con-
                         ference activities!
                         Should you have any registration questions, you should contact Leslie Koelsch at
 Judith Couture Charves
Please join us on Friday, November 9 th for the Western Regional lunch meeting from 12:00-12:50 at the
Embassy Suites in the John Roebling Room #1. We will be choosing our 2013 Outstanding Teacher Award,
3 Service Awards which include Outstanding Citizen, Distinguished Business, and Distinguished Educator.
We also need nominees for Elementary, Middle, and Secondary Division awards. Information and forms are
available on the OAEA website. Please fill out the paperwork before we meet because our meeting will be
short. If you are unable to make this year’s conference you could send it with someone that is able to at-
tend. You could also send it to our Awards Chair Nicole Wentz before we meet in November. Nicole’s infor-
mation can be found at the back of Hues News. This year we will honor several Western members on
Thursday evening at the Awards Dinner. Our award recipients are Sara Green Secondary Division, Lind-
say Gustafson Middle Division, Mary Beth Whitley Museum Division, and Bonita Taggart is our OAT.
Will you be one of the guest presenters? I plan on being Maria Montoya Martinez for the evening.
YAM/YPAE Have you started collecting your student art works for the YAM/YPAE Show? The entry
form can be found online at Art work can be dropped off at the Dayton Art Institute Decem-
ber 12th through 16th between 10:00 am -5:00 pm at the front desk. You could also drop off work on Decem-
ber 16th at the Nibble and Network get together from 1:00 to 4:00. Make sure you have your name on the
artwork, wrapped before drop off, and please write attention to Mary Beth Whitley.
NIBBLE & NETWORK                                                                                                     I
am looking forward to our annual Nibble & Network get together on Sunday, December 16 th, 2012 from
1:00 to 4:00. Once again, Sue Ayers has graciously agreed to host this event. I would like to be able to give
Sue a head count. Please e-mail me at and list subject as Nibble and Network by De-
cember 9th to let me know that you will be there. I will respond with an address and directions. All that
attend are asked to bring an appetizer or desert to share.

Western Region Summer Exhibit                                                        June 19-29, 2012
                           The 2012 Western Region Summer Student Art Exhibition was on display at Uni-
                           versity of Dayton ArtStreet this year for approximately two weeks in June. Fol-
                           lowing installation on June 18, the show was officially open to the public from
                           June 19 through June 29.On Saturday, June 30, three receptions were held, with
                           registration about a half hour prior to each recognition ceremony, beginning at
                           10:30 a.m., noon, and 1:30 p.m. Kohl’s employees again volunteered to assist with
                           the receptions. They signed in participants, arranged and distributed name tags
                           and programs, poured refreshments, and even donated cookies. This year’s event
     Art Street, UD  staff included Terri Hawk, with son Corey; Heidi Kauflin; Cathy Applegate; Sarah
Drought; Katie Haines, with son Zach; Beth Hall; Samantha Hall; and Maribeth Stump. At each reception,
the staff at ArtStreet was thanked along with Kohl’s, Western Region 2011 Distinguished Business for Art
Education. Despite the power outages and storm damage caused by recent severe weather, all of the recep-
tions were well-attended by art teachers as well as students and their families. By about 4 p.m., the art-
work had been removed from the gallery, with most of it having been claimed by the students and teachers
in attendance.
  N O VE MBE R 2012                                                           PAGE 3

Congratulations!                Western Summer Show Participants
                                    Normandy Elementary School
                                    Alice Tavani
                                    Margot Carlson 3
                                    Rachel Cohea 2
                                    Emma Gaeke 3
                                    Haley Harrison 4
                                    Nicholas Mattingly 5
                                    Lori Rakes 4
                                    Ella Shergill 2
                                    Primary Village South:
                                    Suzanne Mitolo
                                    Gabe Boehm 1
                                    Isabella Delgado 1
                                    Spencer Drylie 1              Main & Parkwood Elementary
                                    Emma Hunter 1                 Bill Stanforth
                                    Aleister Moore 1              Lilian Bentley 1
                                    Yasmeen Razi 1                Grace Dailey 2
                                    Raef Taha 1                   Sam Fisher 4
 Wapakoneta Middle School           Logan Wellinghoff K           Abigail Greenisen 4
 Tracey Otto                        Matt Szozda                   Megan Kwik 3
 Mya Hager 7                        Eloise Bennett 1              Mia Soliz 4
 Joanna Schultz 7                   Alana Bui 1                   Valley Elementary School
 Heaven Strickland 6                Cassandra Corbin 1            Sue Hagan
 Cridersville Elementary School     Jaylen Howard 1               Ally Barnett 4
 Kimberly Wheeler                   Candace Lim 1                 Maria Hollon 5
 Clayton Fisher K                   Anna Karoline Maddox 1        Sarah Mallets 3
 Falon McCune 4                     Shay Verma 1                  Makenzie Raines 3
 Austin West 1                      Xinyi Wu 1                    Trinity Thompson 5
 Demmitt Elementary School          John Hole Elementary School   Kane Voris 5
 Kate Brookshire                    Lindsey Hull                  Klay Warner 1
 Emma Bowser 4                      Taegan Phelps 3               E.G. Shaw Elementary School
 Colin Boyer 2                      Rosey Frazer 4                Andrea Leach
 Monica Burgmeier 1                 Sydney Heckman 2              Megan George 5
 Alexis Crawford 3                  Miamisburg Middle School      Jillian Gruber 4
 Anna Hieatt 3                      Cathy Sweny                   Kristina Kepler 4
 MonaLisa Moazampour 4              Maddie Blair 6                Adam Krusemark 5
 Daniel Shook 4                     Linn Carter 8                 Ashley Ober 3
 Alaina Tuttle K                    Lyndsey Eversole 8            Ashley Scheffler 3
 Tippecanoe Middle School           Grace Fisher 6                Dillon Skinn 2
 Janet Butsch                       Mansi Patel 6                 Quinn Wuebker 5
 Kristine Kreusch 6                 Yamie Wehner 8                Baker Middle School
 Destiny Martin 8                   Mallori Wolfe 6               Kevin Ferguson
 Amanda Sauls 7                     Ankeney Middle School         Anna Ferris 7
 Broadway Elementary School         Melissa Clark                 Kristen Henry 7
 Joan Lucas                         Ben Ferree 7                  Chay Parker 8
 Gracie Ganger K                    Lauren Kwik 6                 Fairborn High School
 Elizabeth Rogers 3                 Misja Lentin 7                Pam Koverman
 Nevin Coppock Elementary School    Melina Slye 7                 Rachelle Allen 11
 Meggan Klein                       Remy Stanforth 6              Olivia Dillin 11
 Carli Federle 2                    Alison Thomson 7              Brittany Gausel 12
 Abby Hilterbran K                  Austin Tiffany 7              Alexis Golish 10
 Ashley Wickline 2                  Ellen Wirtz 6                 Hanna Lyman 11
 Hillel Academy                     Kettering Middle School       Coldwater Middle School
 Susan Ayers                        Lindsay Gustafson             Terri Bey
 Andrew Lewis 2                     Jared Feltner 6               Gina Dues 7
 Meira German 1                     Kayla Freeman-Haynes 6        Amanda Schmitmeyer 7
 Jordan Vandersluis 4               Allison Gouge 7               Ryan Vagedes 7
 World of Wonder @ Residence Park   Addison Johns 7               Coldwater Exempted Village
 Nancy Vogel                        Adelina Perez 6               Kari Jutte
 Tre’vone Archie 4                  Madi Reiter 7                 Sarah Diller 3
 Leotanae Clancy 8                  Madeline Smith 8              Emma Eckstein 4
 Dale Robinson 6                    Amethyst True 6               Andrew Hicks 2
 PAGE 4                                                                                                        N O VE MBE R 2012

 Bill Stanforth
                           We are on the web!
 125 Allerton Road
 Dayton, OH 45405

          OAEA Mission Statement
* Build community for visual art educators
by promoting professional growth and lead-

                     Attention, "Westerners": It’s
                   that time of year again, twice
                   as much to do and half the
time to get it done! As you are preparing to pro-
mote your school art shows and documenting all
of those important activities that you do all year
long could you please send me some of those
pictures and articles for the Western PR display
at the OAEA Convention this fall.

          PR Chair: Bonita Taggart
              1862 Pence Ridge Ct.
               Lebanon, OH 45036

Western Officers
                                         Summer Exhibits Co-Chair: Mary Baine
Regional Director: Judith Charves                                                   Secretary: Kevin Ferguson
                                         43 Nightingale Trail
1631 Diplomat Drive                                                                 1547 Charter Oak Pt. Apt. 6
                                         Enon, Ohio 45323-9711
Beavercreek, OH 45432                                                               Fairborn, OH 45324
937-429-4427                                                                        937-626-6174
                                                                                                 Summer Exhibits Co-Chair: Melissa Clark
                                                                                    Technology Chair: Kate Brookshire
                                         1438 Crown Point Ct.
Past RD: Cathy Sweny                                                                3736 Wenzler Drive
                                         Beavercreek, Ohio 45434
950 E. Central                                                                      Kettering, OH 45429
Miamisburg, OH 45342                                                                937-643-9886
937-866-6782                                                                            OAEA Historian: George Liston
                                                                                    Newsletter Chair: Bill Stanforth
                                         111 Oakwood Avenue
Regional Elect: Rebecca Molnar                                                      125 Allerton Road
                                         Dayton, OH 45409
1511 Bartley Road                                                                   Dayton, OH 45405
Dayton, OH 45414                                                                    937-277-6502
                                         H.S. Exhibits Chair: Sarajane Steinecker
                                         15189 Chicken Bristle Road
Awards Co-Chair: Nicole Wentz                                                       Membership Chair: Kathy Pugh
                                         Farmersville, OH 45325
1015 Glen Arbor Ct.                                                                 5121 S. Rangeline Road
Centerville, OH 45459                                                               West Milton, OH 45383
937-367-8841                                                                        937-698-5257                                        
                                         PR Chair: Bonita Taggart
                                         1862 Pence Ridge Ct.
Awards Co-Chair: Lindsey Hull                                                       Regional YAM Coordinator: Megan Krieger
                                         Lebanon, OH 45036
1430 Clearsprings Ct.                                                               2456 Tennyson Drive
Centerville, OH 45458                                                               Bellbrook, OH 45305
937-681-3577                                                                        937-271-1731                                                   

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