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School of Criminal Justice - Rutgers -Newark - Rutgers _ The State


									African-American &
African Studies

Athletics                          Criminal
Biological Sciences



Classical & Modern
Languages & Literatures

                                               at Rutgers–Newark
                                           he security of our

Earth & Environmental
Sciences                                   bridges and tunnels.
                                           The interplay of crime
                                           and economic revital-
Education, Urban
                           ization. The role of mental illness in
English                    family violence. At Rutgers–Newark,

History                    criminal justice students and schol-
                           ars tackle today’s most urgent prob-
Honors & Scholarships
                           lems, seeking to help communities
Mathematics &              in New Jersey, the nation, and
Computer Science
                           beyond cope with issues as diverse
Nursing                    as organized crime and racial pro-
Philosophy                 filing. In their course work and
                           internships, criminal justice students
                           delve into areas far beyond police work,                I B.A./M.A. program: On the fast track? You
Political Science                                                                  can accelerate your studies by applying in your
                           drawing on the expertise of an esteemed                 junior year to receive a master’s degree in
Pre-Engineering            faculty with backgrounds in sociology,                  five years.

Pre-Law                    anthropology, history, economics, public                I Minor in criminal justice: Consider a minor to
                           administration, and the law. With their                 complement majors such as economics, history,
Pre-Med                                                                            and sociology.
                           guidance, would-be investigators and policy
                           makers conduct cutting-edge research, find              How to apply
Psychology                 internships at government agencies and                  Students should apply to Rutgers’ Newark
                           think tanks, and embark on thriving careers             College of Arts and Sciences or University
Social Work
                           in a field with limitless possibilities.                College–Newark as either a first-year or
Sociology & Anthropology                                                           transfer student. Before a student can

Visual & Performing Arts   Programs                                                declare a major in criminal justice, the
                           The School of Criminal Justice offers these options     following core courses must be completed
Women’s Studies            for undergraduates:                                     with a grade of C or better: Introduction to
                                                                                   Criminal Justice, English 101, and College
                           I B.A. degree in criminal justice: Gain a broad expo-
                           sure to the field with courses such as Culture and      Algebra. Students typically declare a major     Crime, Delinquency and Juvenile Justice, and Com-       with the School of Criminal Justice in their
                           parative Criminal Justice Systems.                      sophomore year.
                                       School of Criminal Justice
                                       With its community outreach programs and
                                       respected educators, the School of Criminal Justice
                                       is a lively environment for the study of criminal
                                       justice. Just consider these reasons to attend a
                                       school known for its groundbreaking work in an
                                       increasingly global, multidisciplinary field:

                                       I The faculty is top-notch. The evidence? U.S. News &
                                       World Report ranked the school fourth in the nation
                                       among doctoral programs in criminal justice. Rutgers–

W          hether you live on cam-
           pus or commute, you
will find Rutgers–Newark is so
                                       Newark professors are leading thinkers in areas such
                                       as community policing, organized crime, and human
much more than attending classes
and studying. You can find your
niche and make lifelong friends        I With its goals of improving the quality of life and      a trio of institutions dedicated to law and
when you join any of the scores        criminal justice practices in New Jersey, the Police       public service—the School of Criminal Jus-
of clubs on campus. If staying fit     Institute provides a one-of-a-kind chance for students
                                                                                                  tice, the School of Law–Newark, and the
and reducing stress is your thing,     to move beyond the classroom and work with probation
                                       officers, mental health professionals, and others.         Center for Global Change and Governance.
or if you’re just a super spectator,
the Golden Dome Athletic Center                                                                   The center’s Don M. Gottfredson Library of
will be your favorite spot on cam-     I Criminal justice students have the chance to conduct     Criminal Justice is considered one of the top
pus, with its pool, fitness center,    research on topics such as prisoner reentry, racial pro-
                                                                                                  libraries of its kind in the world.
varsity teams, and more. Many          filing, and homicide.
students live on campus, with first-                                                              To obtain further academic
year students living in Woodward       Internships                                                information, contact:
Hall. There is always something        Students gain another perspective on the field from
happening, from open mike night
                                       internships with prosecutors’ offices, the New Jer-
to the annual Thunderdome floor
competition. And when you need         sey State Police, the U.S. Marshals Service, U.S. Cus-     To obtain further admissions
to refuel, Woodward is attached to     toms and Border Protection, and other government           information, contact:
the main residence dining facility,                                                               Office of Admissions
                                       agencies and policy groups.
Stonsby Commons.                                                                                  Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
                                                                                                  Room 100, Blumenthal Hall
H     ome to more than 35,000
       students, Newark is a col-
lege town. Rutgers–Newark’s loca-
                                       The opportunities for criminal justice students
                                       extend far beyond police work. Recent graduates
                                                                                                  249 University Avenue
                                                                                                  Newark, NJ 07102-1896

tion in a major metropolitan center
is one of the university’s great
                                       have landed jobs at the Federal Bureau of Investiga-
strengths. The city is home to         tion, the Drug Enforcement Administration, parole
world-class museums, the New           offices, think tanks, and other organizations. Others
Jersey Performing Arts Center,
                                       go on to graduate studies in criminal justice, the
fine galleries and restaurants,
University Science Park, leading
                                       law, and other arenas.
corporations, two law schools,
a medical school, an engineering       Center for Law and Justice
college, a school of architecture,                                                                Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, is dedicated
                                       The School of Criminal Justice is housed in the            by law and by purpose to serving all people on an equal and
major hospitals, and a profes-                                                                    nondiscriminatory basis.
sional baseball stadium. And,          stunning Center for Law and Justice, a state-of-the-
                                                                                                  The university reserves the right to cancel or modify any program
with Penn Station–Newark within        art building with wireless connectivity, a cafe, and       or course offering.

walking distance of campus, the        “smart” classrooms. With its 120-foot clock tower,         Photography by Dennis Connors, Alan Goldsmith, and
                                                                                                  Nick Romanenko.
unparalleled resources of New York
                                       the center is a campus landmark bringing together          RU-0506-0113/3M
City are just a train stop away.

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