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 Combined I and II SemesterB.Tech. Engineering (Regutar/Supplementaryl
             Improvement) DegreeExamination, June 2W9
              2K6EN 105: ENGINEBRING GRAPHICS
Time : 3 Hours                                                           Max. Marks: 100
              Instructions: I ) Answer any five questions.
                            2) Usefirst angleprojection system.

 I . a) The top view of a line is 75 mm long and inclined to XY at 45". One end is
        20 mm above HP and 10 mm infront of VP. The other end is 65 rlm above
        HP and is infront of VP" Wtiat is the true length of the line and its inclinarion
        with HP and VP ? Also show its traces.                                            Z0
\./ b\ A hexagonallamina of sides25 mm is lying in sucha way rhatone of its sides
       on HP while the side oppositeto the side on which it restsis on VP. If the
       lamina makes60o to HP, draw the projectionsof the lamina.                  20
 2. a) A hexagonalpyramid of 30 mm sidesof baseand 70 mm heightis positioned
         in sucha way that its axis is parallel to both the plangsand 50 mm away from
         them. Draw itS projections.                                                  20
     b) A pentagonal  prism 25 mm sidesof baseand 60 mm axis length resls on-HP
        on one of it_s
                     e@ of the basewhich is inclined to VP at 30oo.Draw the
        projectionsof the prism when the pisis inclined to F,IP 49",
                                                               at               20
 3. a) A tetrahedron 70 mm edgeis lying on HP on one of its faceswith an edge
         perpendicular VP. It is cut by a sectionplane perpendicular VP so that
                       to                                              to
         the true shapeof the sectionis an isoscales
                                                   triangle of base56'mm long and
         altitude M mm. Draw the sectionaltop view and the tme shapeof the section. 2 0
    b) A vertical cylinder of 50 mm diameterand 75 mm long is completelypeneftated
       by a horizontal cylinder of 40 mm diameterand 75 mm long such that their
       axesbisecteachother at right angles.The axesof both the cylindersareparallel
       to VP. Draw the intersectioncurve.                                         20
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 4. a) A hemisphere radius 25 mm restscentrally on a cube of 60 rnm side such
       that the circular fapeof the hemisphere at the top. Draw the isometric
       projectionof the solids in the given position.                         20
                . o R
    b) An isometricview of a typical type of cast-ironv-block is shownin Fig. l.
       Draw the top, front and side views.                                         20

                                        Fig. 1

 5. a) Draw the profile of the British standardwithworth V-threadsin section
       showing at leastthree threads.Take P = 25 mm.                                I
   b) Sketchneatly two types of bolts usedto securea machineto its foundation.     12
   c) Sketch neatly a knuckle joint for connectingtwo 40 mm diarneterrods. Give
      all importantdimensions.                                                  20

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