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					Mobile Website Development and Business Essentials

Your business website is your face to the world and ensuring that it is usable on mobile devices is
imperative. With the diversity of mobile devices growing every day, it is virtually impossible to ensure
optimal user experience on all the devices. Creating a native app per Device/OS platform is the other
extreme that is not sustainable for most businesses. can convert this challenge into a real opportunity and position your business for the
mobile economy. The Wubiquo solution is a series of inference engines, automation and self-service
platforms. At the click of a button, your existing website is analyzed by Wubiquo for inference of site
navigation and content organization. A series of rules auto-adapts it for a wide variety of mobile devices.
In doing so, Wubiquo balances three competing priorities of your website namely,

       Consistency of user experience (Usability)
       Serving multiple platforms and devices (Maintainability)
       Leveraging the power of diverse platforms (Opportunity)

The result is a seamless experience to your customers on a wide variety of devices (feature phones,
smart phones or tablets) that is enabled within minutes. Additionally our self-service platform gives the
technically savvy users complete control of the final output through a series of customization mobile
web development tools that do not require any programming experience.

According to research conducted by Adobe, Google and several other firms, mobile search users will
outpace desktop search users by the year 2013. Therefore it is important for businesses to recognize the
importance of making their website mobile friendly. The Wubiquo platform enables businesses to tap
into the growing pool of mobile users without the need to rewrite their existing websites thereby
attracting new customers who prefer the ease of mobile optimized websites and re-enforcing their
brand among its existing customer base.

About Wubiquo

Wubiquo derives its name from two words, web & ubiquo (means ubiquitous in portugese). It is the
brainchild of two friends who foresee unlimited potential in the fusion of web and mobile devices. We
believe that the availability of internet combined with the ubiquity of mobile devices can do wonders to
your business. The wubiquo team brings decades of experience and complementary skills in building
enterprise applications and smart devices. For additional information please visit

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Description: Wubiquo team brings decades of experience and complimentary skills in building enterprise applications and smart devices.