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          1. A line has slope m and y intercept 4 . distance between the origin and the line is
             a) 4                 b) 4               c) 4              d) 4m            e) 4m
             √1-m2                 √m2-1               √1+m2             √1+m2             √m2 -1
          2. One side of length 3a of a triangle of area a2 square units lies on the line x=a
             then one of the line on which the third vertex lies is
             a) x = - a2          b) x = a2           c) x= - a         d) x= a/3       e) x= - a/3
          3. Distance of the point (1,2) from the line x+y+5=0 measured along the line parallel
             to 3x-y=7 is equal to a) 4√10         b) 40       c) √40      d) 10√2      e) 2√20
          4. Area of triangle formed by the lines y=2x, y=3x and y=5 is equal to
             a)25/6              b)25/12             c)5/6              d)30/91         e)25/37
          5. Triangle ABC has vertices (0,0)(11,60)and (91,0) if the line y=kx cuts the triangle
             into two triangles of equal area, then k is equal to
                    a) 30/51         b) 4/7         c) 7/4          d) 30/91       e) 25/37
          6. If the lines y=3x+1 and 2y= x+3 are equally inclined to the line y=mx+4,
             (1/2 <m<3), then the values of m are
                      a)        (1     )              b) (1          )        c) (1            )
                            d) (1          )          e) (1          )
          7.    The vertices of a triangle are (3,0),(3,3) and (0,3). Then the coordinates of the
               circumcentre are
                           a) (0,0)        b) (1,1)           c)              d)(      )           e) (    )
                                                                                   2       2
          8.   Area of the equilateral triangle inscribed in the circle x + y ─7x+9y+5=0 is
                           a)         square units            b)         square units
                           c)         square units            d)         square units
                           e)         square units
          9. The equation of one of the diameters of the circle x2+y2─6x+2y=0 is
                        a) x+y=0 b) x─y=0           c)3x+y=0      d)x+3y=0     e)x+2y=0
          10. If the chords having lengths a ─1 and 3(a+1), where a is a constant of a circle
             bisect each other, then the radius of the circle is
                           a) 6            b)                 c) 8            d)                   e) 10
          11. The equation of the parabola whose focus (3,2) and vertex (1,2), is

                a) X2+4x─8y+12=0                b) X2─4x─8y+12=0             c) y2─8x─4y+12=0
.   . .        d) y2+4y─8x+12=0                 e) y2─8x─2y─17=0
1. c         9. d

2. d         10. b

3. c         11. c

4. b         12.

5. a         13.

6. c         14.

7. e         15.

8. d

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