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SkyDrive coming to Windows Phone 8


									SkyDrive coming to Windows Phone 8
The update of the application dedicated to Microsoft cloud service supports
the new OS and adds new features.

Present at the launch of Windows Phone 8, SkyDrive application has been
updated to support the new operating system. SkyDrive and 3.0 allows it to
access the service file storage, upload photos and videos from a Windows
Phone, manage (move, delete, create new folders) and share content.

SkyDrive coming to Windows Phone 8
In addition to support Windows Phone 8, the new version also introduces a
few new valid for Windows Phone 7.5. First, there is the possibility to search in
files and folders SkyDrive. We can also define the size settings for downloading
and uploading photos. The application is available in French on the app store
Windows Phone. (Bale Nagi)

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