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					                                                                      What people do for fashion.
                                              This is a photo of a famous singer from Ireland whose name is Sinead O'connor, she shaved her head because she wants
                                              people to admire her voice not her looks.
                                              In your group give your opinion about these topics:
                                              In this photo even with a shaved head, she is still beautiful but for many people a girl with a shaved is not. What is your
                                              opinion about girls who shave their heads?
                                              Most people believe that if a girl has shaved her head, it must mean she is homosexual, would this also be your opinion and
                                              In many societies, it is common that girls have long hair and boys have short. Why do you think that this is common; such
                                              as why in so many countries a girl with a shaved head is strange and If a boy has long hair he'll have trouble finding a job.
                                              In ancient Egypt, people had to shave their heads because of Lice which are small insects that live in people's hair.
                                              Buddhist nuns have to shave their heads and some African women have very short hair. Yet in most cultures, women with
                                              shaved heads is a strange sight.

                                                                           In the west it, is very common for young people to have piercings and it is part of their
                                                                           fashion. First reason would be to stand out from the crowd and the other is to be accepted by
                                                                           those who stand out from the crowd. It is now so common that having piercings, you no longer
                                                                           stand out because almost everyone has one.

In your group: you have to choose which one of these piercings you would get. If you don't want any then you must give a reason why such as "it looks too painful."
Group one           What would happen if you were to come home with a piercing, how would you parents react to this?
Group two           What would happen if one of your friends insisted that you and him/her both go and get pierced together?
Group three         What would happen if you were an employer and someone with a pierced face wanted you to give him/her a job, what would you say and do?
Group four          What would happen if your girl/boyfriend decided to get one, would you mind or would you have a problem with it and how would you react?
Group five          What would happen if all of your friends have a pierced face except for you and they all told you to go and get one, would you get one or leave your
Group six           In these photos, the people have their piercings in the face but many people have them on other parts of their bodies. What is your opinion about
                    having a piercing on your naval?
Group seven         Some people do not want to pay a professional person to pierce them and get a friend instead by helping them to use a needle at home. What is your
                    opinion about this such as is it crazy?
Group eight         In India women have piercing because of tradition and religion but in the west it's because of fashion. What is your opinion about the difference
                    between people who pierce because of their religion and someone because of fashion?
Group nine          Is just one piercing okay? If a person has one small piercing such as on the nostril, in your opinion is this acceptable? Explain your reason why you
                    would think this.
Group ten           There are people who don't want one but actually have almost a hundred on their face. Most people consider them to be crazy but why do you think
                    that these people would do such a thing?

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