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"Any part or line of this eBook can not be reproduced without the
permission of author. All logos, images and trademarks are property
of their respective owners. We are not associated with Google in any
form. "

"The Adsense Guy" is an eBook for helping the users to get an
"Adsense account" easily. I am not going to tell you the so called
stories of how I get richer using Adsense or my method is unique. I
am 100% sure that the money you have spend in buying this eBook
will surely repay. I have tested the method and I was approved within
1 day. You will not need to wait for 6 months

Understanding Adsense:
Every guy with a computer and internet connection knows what
adsense is. Google Adsense is a program run by Google Inc. that
allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve
automatic text, image, video, and rich media adverts that are targeted
to site content and audience. These adverts are administered,
sorted, and maintained by Google, and they can generate revenue on
either a per-click or per-impression basis. Google beta tested a cost-
per-action service, but discontinued it in October 2008 in favor of a
Double-Click offering (also owned by Google). In Q1 2011, Google
earned US$2.43 billion ($9.71 billion annualized), or 28% of total
revenue, through AdSense.
The Trick:

The main reason for which you bought "Adsense Guy" is the
Adsense Approval trick. So let’s move straight to our topic because
you have paid for it, so it is your right to get the thing you need.

Things you will need:

1. Internet connection.
2. Computer.
3. You at least know how to send email.

Steps to create Adsense Account:

The trick is to use for getting Adsense but not with the
ordinary method. There is a special way to do this....So keep reading

  1. Go to .

2. Click on sign up for a new Google account and fill in your details.
Then click on continue.

3. Click on create a new blog and create your blog.
4. Now go to settings of your blog and click on email and mobile.

5. Go below to the posting option and write the secret words to
create your email posting address. You can choose any Secret
Words you want but do not share it with any one else. It will looks like . Save it in notepad.

6. Here comes the real step! Go to Go to bottom of page and click
on Affiliate program.
7. Fill in your details and click on continue.
8. Confirm your email account and then go UniqueArticleWizard
and sign in. Then click on RECEIVE Articles by Email or to your
Blogspot Blog.

9. Follow the instructions given in screenshot:
10. Now go to your blog. You will find an article about confirmation
there. Confirm your blog by going to the given link. If there is no
article then wait for 2-3 hours. Sometimes it takes time. After you
confirm the blog, then within 2 days you will start receiving article on
your blog. Wait for 15 days so that at least 100 articles are present
on your blog. Now go to posting option of your blog and click on
edit post. Select any post to edit and click on post options and
follow the instructions given in screenshot:

11. Now go to Monetize Tab and sign up for Adsense. Everything will
go smoothly and you will get your Adsense account.

This book is presented in its best form. I hope you will like it.
Keep visiting my blog for more tricks and tips.

Allah Hafiz

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