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									            Helping hands for Best Parenting
                                                In today’s times when often both parents are
                                                earning and have a demanding professional
                                                career, then the children often get neglected. A
                                                caretaker can look after your child when you are
                                                away at work. They can ensure the safety of your
                                                child, and also see to it that they eat meals
                                                properly, study and play. But before you hire,
                                                you ought to understand the different kinds of
                                                caretakers. There are basically three kinds of
                                                nannies – a Live-in Nanny, Live-out Nanny and
                                                Share Nanny.

                                              Child care services in all parts of the world are
                                              available under these three categories, whether
                                              you are looking for Nannies Brisbane. The main
                                              difference between these three is the amount of
                                              the time they devote and their primary
                                              responsibilities. Following is the description of
about them and their key responsibility areas so that you can select the right kind of caretaker
for your child:

1. Live-in Nanny
A Live-in Nanny stays with you in the house. So they are at your beck and call 24x7. They are
the best choice if you want complete round-the-clock care for your child. Their responsibilities
start with waking up your children in the morning, helping them to bathe, dropping them to
school and receiving them, cleaning the room of the children, preparation of meals, helping
them with home-work, playing with them, reading bedtime stories and putting them to sleep. A
live-in nanny will help you with all the activities of the day. If a situation arises when children
require care during midnight, like when they fall ill, a live-in nanny would be available to serve.
So if you require all-time availability of nanny, then you should go for a live-in nanny.

2. Live-out Nanny
A Live-out nanny has fixed working hours to assist you, typically from morning 9 am to evening
6 pm. The nanny does all works which are possible within the specified time and doesn’t serve
you beyond these working hours.

The responsibilities of a live-out nanny include serving meals to the child during lunch time,
helping the children with homework, engaging in playful activities with them.
As you must have noticed, waking up children, bathing them, telling them bed time stories is
out of the purview of a Live-out nanny, as this is beyond the standard 6-8 working hours. These
nannies are the most prevalent as mostly professional nannies prefer such fixed job timings. So
if somebody is looking for Brisbane Nanny Jobs, then they are most likely looking for live-out
nanny jobs.

3. Nanny Share
Nanny Share is essentially when two or more families have the same nanny. The amount of
time that the nanny will devote to your children gets divided. So a shared nanny typically serves
you for 3-4 hours in a day. Within these few hours, she would do set tasks that you may have
assigned. She could either help your child with homework or play, or take care of their meals
within the stipulated time. A shared nanny is distinct from a baby sitter.

Nannies job is to take care of the child on a regular daily basis, while a babysitter is called only
when need arises occasionally. So if you want a caretaker on a one-time basis, then ideally you
should find babysitters close to your home, whether Babysitters Sydney or Babysitters

So choose which kind of caretaker is best for you.

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