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									    Five Qualities that make a Great Nanny
                                               There can never be a substitute for mother. But
                                               being a nanny comes as close as possible.
                                               Therefore a nanny is often called as the second
                                               mother of the child.

                                               Just like we can’t say which mother is better than
                                               the other, as each one is truly special in her own
                                               way, similarly each nanny has her own qualities
                                               which make her great. But there are 5 essential
                                               qualities that you must look for when you are
                                               trying to search for a nanny. Whether you are
                                               looking for Nannies Melbourne, Perth, Canberra,
                                               Brisbane and Sydney or anywhere on the globe,
                                               there are some universal qualities which you
                                               should look for in a nanny.

                                               These qualities are:

1. Compassion: Anybody who is not compassionate is unlikely to enjoy serving others. A
caretaker’s job requires one to serve the child, the family and do sundry things. This may
include feeding the child, giving a bath to the child, changing diapers, tying the shoelaces of the
child et al. Only a compassionate person can do these things with a smile and with contentment
in the heart. Compassion is crucial to give you a feeling of belongingness. It makes you sensitive
towards the needs of the child.

2. Experience: You needn’t necessarily have the experience of serving as a nanny, but you
ought to have an experience of being a parent. This experience is of immense help in being the
perfect child caretaker. As a parent, you understand when to be strict with the child, and when
to be soft, when to feed the child and when to put them to sleep. Teenagers, who haven’t been
parents themselves, are a good choice for babysitting. The best Brisbane Babysitters can
probably not be the best nannies if they are too young. As for nanny, you must essentially look
for a person with adequate experience of raising children.

3. Playfulness:
While the nanny should be a responsible senior adult, she should be playful and childlike at the
same time. This is important from the perspective of your kid. After all, your child should enjoy
the company of the nanny. If the nanny can play hide-and-seek, stone-paper-scissors, and lately
the play-station games, then rest assured, your children will love her.

4. Multi Tasking:
Inevitably the nanny will have to be engaged in multiple activities at the same time. A typical
situation is that she might have to read out a story for the child and simultaneously prepare the
next meal for the child and also ensure that the school uniform is washed and ironed. Multi-
tasking is the pre-requisite to be a nanny.

5. Presence of Mind:
Last, but most importantly, you ought to be alert and aware as a nanny. Because you really
never know what can happen next. So be cautious that the child isn’t playing with electronic
items or with inflammable stuff etc. In case of any mishap, the nanny must have the adequate
skills to provide first aid and then immediately call for help. Presence of mind in such situations
is the most important ability for a nanny to have.

This list is not just helpful for the parents, who are seeking and trying to find the best nannies,
but also this article is must-read for people who are applying for Sydney nanny jobs, Melbourne
nanny jobs, and Perth nanny jobs and want to become admired, adored and successful nannies.

These five qualities are indeed your stepladder to greatness!

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