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                   Botox Injections: Reduce the Signs of Aging

Basically, Botox is purified botulism toxin. Botox injections are known for
yielding dramatic improvement in the facial appearance. With these injections,
there is significant improvement of facial lines and wrinkles. Even the underlying
tissues are relaxed. This would leave the face smooth and rejuvenated.

Which Areas Can be Treated using Botox?

Botox injections are applied to different areas. The glabellar frown lines that
appear between the eyes can be treated using Botox. With Botox injections, the
depressor supercili muscle and the corrugator muscles in this region are relaxed.
As a result, the overlying wrinkling is smoothened. Selective weakening of the
muscle can be done for smoothing the forehead wrinkles. With selective
denervation, the brow could be raised and you can achieve a temporary brow lift.

Botox can also effectively address the crows’ feet or fine wrinkles in the lateral
orbital area. Botox treatments provided in the tear trough or the lower eyelid area
relax the orbicularis muscle of the region. This improves the appearance of the
lower eyelid area significantly. Botox can be provided to the oral area as well.
There will be a significant improvement in the rhytids or perioral wrinkles. There
is even an improvement in the marionette lines. Often, treatment of this area is
done in conjunction with fillers.

Botox treatments can be used for treatment of sweating problems as well. When
Botox is injected in the armpit, there is a significant improvement in the

                                           Botox Injections
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hypersecretion or the hyperhidrosis of sweat glands. Even migraine patients can be
benefitted with these treatments.

What to Expect During Consultation

During consultation, the perceived problematic areas of the face would be
clinically reviewed. Furthermore, those areas would also be identified that can be
improved with Botox treatments. The plastic surgeon would explain clearly to
what extent the areas can be improved. Before Botox injections are provided,
anesthetic creams would be applied on the treatment area to ensure pain-free

What to Expect after the Injection

The initial effects of Botox treatments would be seen three days after treatment.
However, you would notice peak effects approximately after ten or fourteen days.
At this time, the overall effects of the injections are visible. If you need touch up
injections, then they are performed at two weeks.

Benefits of Botox

     Non-invasive, safe procedure
     Safe, easy to administer
     Short duration procedure – each treatment takes only a few minutes
     No recovery time needed
     Natural and long-lasting results
     Little or no complications

                                           Botox Injections
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