HMIS DataEntryCheatSheet by euch4U


									HMIS Quick Start Guide – Client Intake Process
 Start on the Intake page – click that page in the Navigator Bar on the left side of the screen to open it
 Click the NEW button first
 Enter Client Information (light blue
  fields are required):

1 - Social Security Number
      and appropriate SSN code
  - Client First Name, Last Name
      and Date of Birth (use two digits
      for month and for day)
  - Address & Contact information
 Click SAVE button
 Click Household Statistics in the Navigator Bar to open that page
 Enter Client information (blue fields are
 Click SAVE button
 Enter Income on right side of page:
  - Click NEW, enter Income Source,
     Stated Income, Pay Interval
2 - Click SAVE button
  - If second record is needed, click
     NEW, enter information, click SAVE
 More household members?
  - Click NEW button in left section
  - Set Consent as System, do not
    change date
  - Enter all required information
  - Click SAVE TO SAME FAMILY button
    to save to the same family as the
    original Client OR click SAVE TO
    NEW FAMILY button to save in same
    household but different family
  - Enter Income as above
 Click JUMP TO PROGRAM ENTRY button near top of page
 On Program Entry page, select Program
  in dropdown and click ENTER
  PROGRAM button
 Select Consent level, Case Manager,
  Entry Date
 Answer the two questions
    Click SAVE button
 Answer Program Entry Questions:
  - Select or enter each Answer in
3 - Click NEXT button to view next
     question or press ENTER key
  - When no more questions appear
     you are finished – Click SAVE
 To answer questions for additional
  household members click “Shrink to
  Current HH” button and use Customer
  dropdown or blue arrows at top to
  switch to next member of HH.

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HMIS Quick Start Guide – Client Service Delivery
Program Component and Milestone are already filled in

To record SERVICES on Services page (without a Case
    Click NEW button in bottom section of Services page
    Select Activity and enter # of units/minutes/days (optional)
    Select Staff and Date of Service
    Click SAVE button

To record a CASE NOTE, click Case Notes page
    Click NEW button
    Select Consent Level
    Select Program Component
    Select Activity
    Select Staff conducting Case management, Date, enter and
     Estimated Time
    Enter Subject
    Enter text of Case Note in light blue box
    Click SAVE button
    In bottom left, select Milestone to link to Case Note
     - Click DOWN arrow
     - UP button removes Milestone
    Repeat with additional Milestones as needed
To attach a SERVICE ACTIVITY record to Case Note
    Select Milestone to link to Activity
    Select Activity in dropdown in bottom right section
     - Click DOWN arrow to push into grid (UP removes Activity)
    Repeat with more Activities as needed
    Click SAVE button

To EXIT Client, click Exit Program page in Navigator Bar               in
    Enter Address (optional)
    Click SAVE button
    Answer Exit Questions for everyone in household exiting program
     (same procedure as program entry above)
     - In popup, enter Date and Click EXIT button

To record FOLLOWUP SERVICES after exit
    On Exit page, click FOLLOW UP button
    Follow instructions for Profile page above

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