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									   Communication and
Dissemination of Statistics
        InWEnt, Germany

         Anand Sookun

               International Statistical Institute Conference
                 Durban, South Africa, August 13 - 23, 2009
The Current Environment
    “Traditional” products in print, online, & CD-ROM

        • National Accounts Statistics
        • Population Statistics
        • Trade Statistics
        ♦ Consumer Price Index Statistics
        ♦ Labour Statistics

    Supporting statistical materials in print and the web

       ♦ Manuals and Guides
       ♦ Pamphlets
       ♦ Official Reports
The Current Environment
    Online products but different
     ♦ Economic and Social Indicators by
     ♦ Static online tables:
         ♦ Price Statistics
         ♦ Demography
         ♦ GDP
      ♦ Web site for large downloads
The Challenge
    Striving for Communication Rather than

    • How to balance traditional print products in an
       increasingly electronic world?

    • How to send important messages to clients?

    • How to develop effective products for many different

    • How to balance commitment?
New and enhanced online products
♦ Release of Methodologies online
♦ Enhanced web interface
  ■ Cosmetic facelift
  ■ More FAQs
  ■ New online help facility
  ■ New online tutorials
  ■ Expanded database documentation
2007 ♦Developments
       Statistics Newsletter (October)

Strategic Planning
■ Our Vision, Mission
■ Our services and products
■ On-Going Developments
Next Steps...
     Where to begin?

     ♦ Commencement of a project to develop a statistics portal
       to present data in a coherent fashion.

     ♦ Implement a metadata-driven environment.

     ♦ Understand and strengthen communications with key
       user groups.

     ♦ Track and analyze the questions received

     National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS)
     National Statistical Systems (NSS)
Next Steps...
     Best practices in communications:

     ♦ Design a statistics portal that focuses users’ needs.

     ♦ Develop complementary print and electronic products.

     ♦ Offer sufficient metadata in clear English (“the
       democratization of metadata”).

     ♦ Provide robust search capabilities based on everyday
       terms as well as expert taxonomies.

     ♦ Survey users regularly.

     ♦ Provide helpful customer service.

     E.G Environmental Information System (EIS)
Next Steps...
      ♦    Design a user-centric web
      ♦    Review content to meet user needs
      ♦    Develop new options for access
      ♦    Strengthen client support
      ♦    Create a client board
      ♦    Balance public good vs. revenues
      ♦    Develop outreach and education
                             IMF Economic Information
                             Management Environment
       Data                             Data                            Data                         Data
     Collection                      Management                      Warehousing                Dissemination
                                             Statistics                   IMF.Stat                   PubStat?
                                             EDF/ DMX                                                   IMF.ORG
                                                                     Publishable Data                   Statistics
                                                                    IFS, WEO, REOs, etc.                Portal
                                               Area                                                     Online
  National Sources                             Depts                                                    Databases
                                                                   Internally Shared Data
 ICS (Excel/ SDMXML)                           DMX/Other?          Area & Functional Depts.,
                                                                       National Sources,
                                                                      Intl’l Organizations,             Publications
                                                                     Commercial Sources
  Int’l Organizations
 OECD, World Bank, etc.
                                             TBD?                     Limited Sharing
                                                                      WEO-related, etc.?
                                                                                                         CD ROM
Bloomberg, Global Insight,
   Haver Analytical, etc.                                                                                SDMX
                                             Data Analysis/ Visualization
                                            Econometric Tools      Dynamic/Interactive
                                            Fame, Eviews,Stata 8   Graphics
                                                                   IMF Data Mapper

      Fund-wide Metadata Standards (MetaStore, DSBB, SchemaLogic)
                                          Key Driving Initiatives
 SDMX                        WEO Production Redesign                                           Economic Data Dissemination
                             Structural Metadata (SchemaLogic)
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