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									                     Help People and Fill your Pipeline!
 You have a buyer that walks in, they have a 599 FICO Score. Don’t panic, put them in your pipeline!
       A buyer calls, and they have a 578 FICO Score. Don’t worry, put them in your pipeline!
You get a referral from a preferred agent who just showed a house she listed to an applicant and they
   have a 602 score. Don’t Worry! Put them in your pipeline. You know as a loan officer you have
 experienced each of these cases. You may not be able to help your agent make that applicant their
next buyer right now, but we can help you get their FICO score to 640. Send your applicant back with
a pre-qualification letter in hand and ready to close. Why fill up your pipeline like this? Because what
   comes out the other end of your pipeline! A 640 FICO Score and we all know what that means!
                               MORE COMMISSIONS AND REFERRALS

                                            478        FICO

                                       New 640 FICO
              Broker’s Best Contract Loan Processing’s
   FICO Improvement Value Added Service is offered exclusively to
 Mortgage Broker’s and their borrowers to help rebuild your clients FICO
 Score. We can roll in the total cost for this service at closing as a seller
           concession, buyer closing cost or a lender credit.

   That’s right!!! No large up-front cost for your borrowers and no more
             sending them to an unknown credit repair service.

Once we have your client’s FICO score at or above 640 we’ll work with you
           and your Agent to help structure the transaction.

Additionally, BBCLP will assist so that seller concessions, buyer closing or
lender credits can be applied in a manner that benefits the borrower, seller,
 agent and you!! Then package your loan application for your lender, clear
          all conditions, ordered doc’s, and schedule the closing!!
                           People are not a number.
  But they live with three very important numbers. You now have a unique
opportunity to improve them. No more having to send them to a credit repair
  service who may or may not accomplish the goal of a 640 FICO Score.
           Your applicant now stays with you during the process!!
Talk to your customer about their
         credit situation:
                          Offer a solution!!
                  A mortgage closing date that other
                  Loan Officer’s can’t offer.
                  FICO Improvement to 640.
                  Include your clients FICO
                  Improvement fee as part of the
                  mortgage transaction.
                  Pass the cost of credit repair on to
                  the seller at closing.
                  Low out of pocket up front
                  No additional cost if loan doesn’t
                  Piece of mind knowing your with
                  them through the whole process.
          score you ask?
 Maxed out cards -10 to -30 pts
30 day late payment -60 to -80 pts
  Debt Settlement -45 to -65 pts
   Foreclosure -80 to -105 pts
   Bankruptcy -130 to -150 pts
BBCLP works with your clients to dispute
 any discrepancies on their credit report
Before we can start, we need

 A signed 1003 and LOS electronic file
 An Initial Fee Worksheet, GFE and TIL
 Current lender rate sheet and intended loan
 An Authorization to Release
 Copy of your client’s Drivers License
 Copy of your client’s Social Security Card
 Proof of Address
 Initial FICO Improvement fee
  30% of score = credit accounts
Broker’s Best Contract Loan Processing has
a credit program where your client’s can get
 a new credit line up to $5000 to help boost
              their credit score!
  We work with your clients to help them
   understand how reducing their credit
balances or getting their credit limits raised
       increases their credit score

                        Raise Credit

Questions Most Clients Ask:
 How much does it cost?
 To start will require an initial enrollment fee of $250 for individuals
 or $500 for joint repair. All FICO Improvement fees can be
 credited back to your clients at closing as a seller concession,
 borrower’s closing cost or lender credits.
 How does it work?
 Broker’s Best Contract Loan Processing reviews your client credit
 report, challenges everything that may be negatively affecting
 their score thru relentless, vigorous legal challenges. We also
 work with the Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents as partners
 to help structure the transaction so your clients can close.
 How long does it take?
 Average customer sees 80 to 100 point increases in as little as 90
 to 120 days.
Why Broker’s Best Contract Loan Processing?

 BBCLP helps Loan Officer’s increase their loan closings by providing exceptional
 Loan Processing and FICO Improvement.
 BBCLP can provide FICO Improvement and
 pass the cost on to the seller.
 Your clients have nothing to loss and
 everything to gain when you use our
 Loan Processing and FICO Improvement
 We charge a small up-front fee to offset the
 cost to improve your clients FICO score
 We don’t charge any addition fees
 until your loan closes.
 We have 80 years of combines experience
 servicing the Mortgage Industry.
 Dedicated Customer Service
              Benefits For You
              the Loan Officer
We review your client’s credit file and help you structure the loan transaction
to make hard to originate loans close.
We have proven techniques to boost your clients FICO score 80 to 100 pts
We have the industry’s lowest out of pocket cost.
We can pass the cost of the FICO Improvement as a seller concession,
buyer closing cost or a lender credit.
Loans you had to turn down due to low FICO scores can now be brought
back to life and you don’t have to turn down applications tomorrow.
We keep you in the center of the transaction. No longer do you have to
refer your client to some unknown credit repair service and hope to hear
back from them.
More Realtor and Applicant Referrals.
Larger Commissions.
Offer your borrowers a value added service
  Why get started with Broker’s Best
     Contract Loan Processing?
  Because you had, have or about to
 schedule a loan application with the
    exact type of borrower we are
experienced and committed to helping.
  Ready to Get Started?

Our FICO Improvement and Contract
  Loan Processing are easy value
     added services you need!
   Contact us at (214) 295-8573.

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