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									        WORLDWIDE ORGANIZATIONAL FAIR - NOV 28, 2012
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Action Against Hunger /   http://www.actioncontrela
Action Contre la Faim

AIESEC McGill   

Badilisha Eco Village
CARREFOUR MISSION http://www.cmi-

Global Tesol College

Horizon Cosmopolite    http://www.horizoncosm
International Student    http://www.isvolunteers.o
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Ministère de l'Éducation, http://www.mels.gouv.qc.
du Loisir et du Sport     ca/assistants

Operation Wallacea
Voyages Campus   http://WWW.SWAP.CA
ORGANIZATIONAL FAIR - NOV 28, 2012 - 12:30PM - 3:30PM - BR
     Overview                                                                            Degree Levels
     Action Against Hunger – Canada is a member of the international network             Graduate
     Action Contre La Faim which provides humanitarian aid in over 45 countries in       (Masters/Doctorate) /
     the fields of nutrition, water supply, sustainable food supply and emergency aid.   D'études supérieures
     ACF - Canada is responsible for building, maintaining and enhancing visibility      (maîtrise / doctorat)
     and financial support among Canadians with the aim of increasing Canada’s
     contribution to the global fight against hunger.

     AIESEC McGill, a chapter of the world’s largest not for profit student run          Undergraduate
     organization, works with over 150 affiliated universities around the world to       (Bachelor) / Premier
     send students on international internships and find internship opportunities in     cycle (baccalauréat)
     Montreal. We offer international internships in over 110 countries for
     engineering, education, management, and community development.

     Badilisha is a local organization on Rusinga Island, Kenya, that focuses on        Undergraduate
     promoting sustainable farming practices to address malnutrition, food              (Bachelor) / Premier
     insecurity, and livelihood instability. We use a type of agriculture called        cycle (baccalauréat)
     Permaculture to farm effectively while reducing our carbon footprint. Recently,
     McGill 2012 graduate Nicholas Tan worked with Badilisha, Rusinga's
     community, and health care professionals to establish a permaculture farm
     inside the local clinic. He is setting up a food bank for patients suffering from
     infectious diseases whose conditions are worsened by malnutrition. Moreover,
     with the help of the Permaculture Research Institute of Kenya (http://www.pri-, Nicholas will teach patients how to acquire the nutrition they need to
     gain a fighting chance against tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV/AIDs.

     Badilisha has hosted interns from McGill University in the past years and hopes
     to have new interns for their demonstration farm, for Nicholas' health project,
     and for their research.
L’association CMI se veut un carrefour, où se retrouvent des associations et   Graduate
petites entreprises locales, en Afrique, qui cherchent de nouvelles            (Masters/Doctorate) /
compétences externes, et les jeunes professionnels désireux d'échanger et      D'études supérieures
participer à des projets de développement à l'international.                   (maîtrise /
Elle propose des missions de travail en Afrique de l'ouest, rémunérées ou non, (Bachelor) / Premier
selon la structure d'accueil. Ces missions s'adressent aux jeunes de 18 à 35   cycle (baccalauréat)
ayant des compétences et surtout une grande motivation pour acquérir une
1ère expérience en solidarité internationale.

C'est une occasion unique de découvrir un pays d'Afrique francophone, des
méthodes de travail différentes, d'autres cultures et, aussi, pourquoi pas,
d'apprendre la langue locale. Parallèlement, c'est aussi une opportunité pour
réfléchir à ses choix professionnels, ou enrichir son CV pour rechercher un
emploi dans la coopération internationale.

Le CMI travaille en collaboration avec un réseau d'associations et d'entreprises
œuvrant dans différents domaines : Éducation, santé, médias, etc.

Trains speakers of English to teach English overseas                               Graduate
                                                                                   (Masters/Doctorate) /
                                                                                   D'études supérieures
                                                                                   (maîtrise /
                                                                                   (Bachelor) / Premier
                                                                                   cycle (baccalauréat)
At HorizonCosmopolite, our mission is to bring together people of different        Graduate
cultures and to develop a lasting solidarity between them. Through our various (Masters/Doctorate) /
internships and exchange programs, we promote the development of new               D'études supérieures
attitudes, knowledge, and skills in order to encourage a society that is just,     (maîtrise /
harmonious, and respectful of its environment. We believe that educational         doctorat),Undergraduate
intercultural exchange programs equip participants with the tools necessary for (Bachelor) / Premier
change in today's global world. The programs help participants to develop the cycle (baccalauréat)
skills needed to make a positive contribution to society. With its insightful
perspective on today's society, HorizonCosmopolite has been working since
1997 to create a generation of global citizens who will be equipped to face
tomorrow's challenges. We believe this is the first step toward building a united,
mor just and more humane world.
ISV programs offer unparalleled opportunities to get involved in the front lines of Undergraduate
sustainable community development and conservation initiatives internationally, (Bachelor) / Premier
in addition to exploration, adventure and cultural exchange, while traveling        cycle (baccalauréat)
through one or more countries. ISV sets the industry standards for best
practices, safety, opportunities to learn, and of course fun!

We are much more than a volunteer program. ISV is a constantly-growing team
that is fostering positive change and development: improving lives and
communities, helping to protect our environment and natural resources, and in
the process, spreading awareness, compassion and understanding while
having one life-changing adventure!

There are many different travel and volunteer programs being offered today. Go
to for some of ISV’s unique qualities that make us one of
the highest rated programs on the planet.

International Language Assistant Program                                           Graduate
Become an English language assistant in Germany: a career- and life-enriching      (Masters/Doctorate) /
experience!                                                                        D'études supérieures
The English as a Foreign Language Assistant Program in Germany offers              (maîtrise /
students in Québec universities the opportunity to assist language teachers in     doctorat),Undergraduate
German secondary schools (gymnasium). Few positions, which have a 12-hour          (Bachelor) / Premier
work week, are available each year.                                                cycle (baccalauréat)
This program was launched in 1999 under an agreement between the
Pädagogischer Austauschdienst (PAD) and the Ministère de l'Éducation, du
Loisir et du Sport du Québec.

Operation Wallacea is a network of academics from European and North               Undergraduate
American universities who design and implement biodiversity and conservation (Bachelor) / Premier
management research programs. Research is supported by students who join cycle (baccalauréat)
the program to gain course credit, collect data for a dissertation or thesis or
simply to gain hands-on field research experience in all aspects of wildlife
conservation. Academics benefit from funding for high quality fieldwork
enabling them to publish papers in peer reviewed journals. This model enables
the collection of large temporal and spatial data sets used for assessing the
effectiveness of conservation management interventions.
This internationally accredited series of biological and social science expedition
projects have been run since 1995. Many major UK, Canadian and American
universities participate in the program as well as many public and private high
schools. We currently run intensive research programs in Indonesia, Honduras,
Mexico, Peru, Guyana, South Africa, Egypt, Madagascar and Cuba.
                                (Masters/Doctorate) /
                                D'études supérieures
                                (maîtrise /
                                (Bachelor) / Premier
                                cycle (baccalauréat)
M - 3:30PM - BROWN 5001
     Majors                    Position Types
     Food Science &            Full-time / Temps Plein
     ernational Agriculture
     and Food Systems

     All Majors               Internship / Stage

     All Majors               Internship / Stage
Health                  Internship /
Sciences,Education,Engi Stage,Volunteer /
neering,Social          Bénévole
er,Agriculture &

All Majors              Full-time / Temps Plein

All Majors              Volunteer / Bénévole
All Majors              Summer / Eté

All Majors              Part-Time / Temps

Anatomy & Cell           Summer / Eté
logy,Atmospheric &
ent & Natural Resource
All Majors   Summer / Eté

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