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Ms. Priya Hiranandani- Vandrevala - Co-Founder and Chairman - Hirco Group and Member of the Global Agenda Council on India


She attended 2 sessions at the WEF 2012 - Derisking Indian cities (held on 8th November) and A Vision for India (held on 7th November) Addressing the World Economic Forum session on Derisking Indian cities, Priya Hiranandani -Vandrevala said that “We must stress on empowering the city administration. We should elect representatives in the cities who have power. In India, city executives have no real power” Comparing affordable housing she mentioned, “In UK, policies are supportive, finances are available for affordable housing and subsidy for rental housing is also granted.” Commenting on the resource generation model for the cities, she said “land holdings in India are fragmented and hence having access to land to unlock land value would be relatively hard here (India)” On her vision for India, Priya Hiranandani -Vandrevala added: “Investment in services such as healthcare is woefully low. India spends one-tenth the amount spent by Western nations on health, and one-third of that spent by China and this needs to change. A huge investment in infrastructure is also required and there is a need to liberalize the financial markets.”

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