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									In Mozilla Thunderbird
, while working with your e-mails, you have been toggling between the mouse and
frequently so far. The
keyboard shortcuts
 are easy to use and helps to perform your operations faster. We have listed out
most useful keyboard shortcut keys for Thunderbird
 in different categories based on their function.
Like most other programs, even Thunderbird recognizes keyboard combinations
 with which you can take care of tasks often faster than you could with a mouse.
This is especially interesting when you are composing new e-mails, since you can
work without using the mouse.
You want usual short-cut keys for printing, copying, pasting, cutting, undo, and
redo work. However, in addition to this there are other shortcut keys that help save
time when managing the inbox. Instead of working one’s way through menus with the
mouse a single press of the [N] or the [P] key, for instance, helps you go forward
or backward to the next unread mail.
Likewise, you can call-up the new mails for the active account with the [F5] key.
When composing e-mails, you can fnish off the usual formatting through the keyboard
and execute tasks. This can even assist you in sending mails much faster. However,
you need to continue using the mouse for file attachments.
Mozilla Thunderbird Keyboard Shortcuts
F8             Toggle the message pane’s visibility
F2             Rename current folder
F5             Send + Receive
Ctrl+U          View current email’s source
Ctrl+M          Create blank email
Ctrl+N          (Also works)
Del             Delete selected email
Ctrl+Q          Exit Thunderbird
Email Organization
J                 Mark selected email as "junk mail"
Shift+J            Mark selected email as "not junk"
M                  Toggles the selected email’s "Read" status
Ctrl+Shift+C        Marks as "Read" all emails in current folder
G                 Group-sort your emails
i                 Toggles the selected email’s "Flag" status
1-5                Assign a label to the selected email
0 (zero)           Un-label the selected email
*                  Expand all threads
/                 Collapse all threads
Ctrl+A              Select all emails in folder
Ctrl+Shift+A         Select all emails in thread
Email Reading
Ctrl++            Increase email text size
Ctrl+-            Decrease email text size
Ctrl+0 (zero) Normal email text size
F                Next email (tip: F as in Forward)
B                Previous email (tip: B as in backward)
N                 Next unread email (tip: N as in Next)
P                Previous unread email (tip: P as in Previous)
T                Next unread thread
Ctrl+O            Open current email
Ctrl+P            Print current email
Email Message
Ctrl+R              Reply to email
Ctrl+Shift+R         Reply to all recipients
Ctrl+L              Forward email
Ctrl+Enter          Send an email immediately
Ctrl+Shift+Enter Send an email later
Email Formatting
Ctrl+B      Bold
Ctrl+U Underlined
Ctrl+I      Italic
Ctrl+L      Insert Link
Ctrl+A Select All
Ctrl+X Cut selected text
Ctrl+C      Copy selected text
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+K Check spelling
Find & Search
Ctrl+F           Find text in current email
Ctrl+G          Find again (find next)
Ctrl+Shift+G Find previous
Ctrl+Shift+F Search messages
Address Book
Ctrl+2         Show Address Book (when in email side of Thunderbird)
Ctrl+1         Show Thunderbird (when in Address Book)
Ctrl+N          New Address Book Card
Ctrl+I          Opens current contact’s properties
Ctrl+Shift+F Find a contact in address book
www.GFChips.comKeyboard shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts
About keyboard shortcuts
In Thunderbird, keyboard shortcuts are context sensitive. That is, they vary according
to the area of the Thunderbird interface that is currently "active". For example,
when a message is selected in the message list, the Cut, Copy and Paste keyboard
shortcuts are disabled (because it doesn't make sense to cut and paste text into
the message list). Similarly, if you select text while you are reading a message,
the Copy shortcut is available, but not the Cut or Paste shortcuts (because while
it makes sense to copy text from a message you are reading, it doesn't make sense
to paste text into or cut text from a message you are reading).
Sometimes the keyboard shortcut functions themselves vary depending on the part of
the Thunderbird interface that is active. For example, if you are writing a message,
Ctrl + A
 keyboard shortcut selects all the text in the message. However, if a message is
highlighted in the message list,
Ctrl + A
 selects all the messages in the message list.
Shortcut keys and operating systems
On Windows and Linux, the shortcut accelerator key is usually the Ctrl key
On Mac OS X, the shortcut accelerator key is usually the Command (⌘) key
On Mac OS X laptops, you must hold down the fn key to enable a function key
Message functions
New message (default format)
Ctrl + M (Windows)Command + N (Mac)
New message (non-default format)
Shift + Ctrl + M (Windows)Shift + Command + N
Open message (in new window or tab)
Ctrl / Command + O
Ctrl / Command + P
Ctrl / Command + C
Move to previous folder Again
Ctrl / Command + Alt / Option + M
Delete bypassing trash
Shift + Del
Select All (messages or text in a message)
Ctrl / Command + A
Select Thread
Ctrl / Command + Shift + A
Ctrl / Command + Z
Ctrl / Command + Y
Edit Message as New
Ctrl / Command + E
Expand All Threads
Collapse All Threads
Find Text in Current Message
Ctrl / Command + F
Find Again in Current Message
Ctrl / Command + G, F3
Find Previous in Current Message
Ctrl / Command + Shift + G, Shift + F3
Search All Messages in Folder
Ctrl / Command + Shift + F
Caret Browsing
Close window or tab
Ctrl / Command + W
Forward Message
Ctrl / Command + L
Get New Messages for Current Account
Ctrl / Command + T, F9 (Linux / Mac), F5
Get New Messages for All Accounts
Ctrl / Command + Shift + T
Increase Text Size
Ctrl / Command + +
Decrease Text Size
Ctrl / Command + -
Restore Text Size
Ctrl / Command + 0 (zero)
Add/Remove Tag
1 to 9
Remove All Tags from Message
0 (zero)
Mark Message as Read/Unread
Mark Thread as Read
Mark All Read
Shift + C
Mark as Read By Date
Mark as Junk
Mark as Not Junk
Shift + J
Add Star
View Message Source
Ctrl / Command + U
Reply to Message (sender only)(default format)
Ctrl / Command + R
Reply to Message (sender only)(non-default format)
Shift + Ctrl / Command + R
Reply to All in Message (all recipients)(default format)
Ctrl / Command + Shift + R
Reply to All in Message (all recipients)(non-default format)
Shift + Ctrl / Command + Shift + R
Reply to List
Ctrl / Command + Shift + L
Save Message as File
Ctrl / Command + S
Search Messages
Ctrl / Command + Shift + F (Windows / Mac), Shift
F (Linux)
Send and Receive All Messages
Ctrl / Command + T, F5
Ctrl / Command + Q
Newsgroup Messages
Expand Collapsed Thread
right arrow
Collapse Expanded Thread
left arrow
Ignore or Unignore Thread
Ignore or Unignore Subthread
Shift + K
Watch Thread
Moving around Thunderbird
Toggle Message Pane
Go to Next Message
Go to Next Unread Message
Go to Previously Viewed Message
Go to Next Viewed Message
Go to Next Unread Thread
Go to Previous Message
Go to Previous Unread Message
Move to Next Mail Pane
Move to Search Bar
Ctrl / Command + K
Ctrl / Command + ?
Ctrl / Command + M
Mail & Newsgroups
Ctrl / Command + 1
Saved Files
Ctrl / Command + J
Address Book
Ctrl / Command + Shift + B
Ctrl / Command + 1
Hide Thunderbird
Ctrl / Command + H
Hide Other Windows
Ctrl / Command + Alt / Option + H
Ctrl / Command + Q
Writing messages
New message
Command + N (Mac) Ctrl + M (Windows)
Ctrl / Command + C
Ctrl / Command + X
Ctrl / Command + V
Move / Copy Again
Ctrl / Command + Shift + M
Select All (text in a message)
Ctrl / Command + A
Ctrl / Command + Z
Ctrl / Command + Y
Delete current word
Ctrl + Del (Windows)
Delete previous word
Ctrl + Backspace (Windows)
Find Text in Current Message
Ctrl / Command + F
Find Again in Current Message
Ctrl / Command + G, F3
Find Previous in Current Message
Ctrl / Command + Shift + G, Shift + F3
Increase Text Size
Ctrl / Command + +
Decrease Text Size
Ctrl / Command + -
Restore Text Size
Ctrl / Command + 0 (zero)
View Message Source
Ctrl / Command + U
Save Draft
Ctrl / Command + S
Send Message Now
Ctrl / Command + Enter / Return
Send Message Later
Ctrl / Command + Shift + Enter / Return
Add Additional Recipient
Alt / Option + down arrow
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