Designation � Content Quality Analyst by HC12110909719


									Designation – Content Quality Analyst

Experience – 6+

Educational Qualification – Graduate / Post Graduate (Preferably English)

Job Description –

      Identify and correct instructional flaws in scripts / storyboards using principles
       of Instructional Design

      Identify and correct issues pertaining to clarity, conciseness, and grammatical
       correctness based on principles of English grammar and required writing styles

      Identify and correct deviations from standards based on documented client /
       project standards / styles

      Identify and correct deviations from the process

      Comprehend reference material and grasp subject matter to suggest changes in
       content, if required

      Ensure that there is no loss of information when rephrasing text

      Transfer knowledge / learning to instructional designers using the review
       mechanism by writing meaningful comments

      Analyze and comment on relationship between textual and non-textual content,
       if required

      Analyze defect data to identify patterns and perform Root Cause Analysis to
       suggest possible solutions

      Identify and communicate risks early in the development

Location - Noida

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Contact Number - 0120 - 4677800

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