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									                             COMENIUS REGIO PARTNERSHIP

 Please provide information about your institution and project idea. The Lithuanian National Agency will
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Contact information of Local/Regional authority institution:

Name of regional authority     Kretinga Municipality Administration
Name of relevant               Education Department of Kretinga Municipality Administration
Address of institution:        Vilniaus g. 8, 97108 Kretinga

                               (8 445) 78970, tel./fax. (8 4450 78936

Head of institution/relevant   Jolita Vaickienė, Director of Kretinga Municipality Administration
                               Dalia Martišauskienė, Manager of Education department of Kretinga Municipality
Coordinator of the project
(contact person):
E-mail of contact person:
Institution website:
                               Please provide a short presentation of the organization in relation to the thematic area covered by the project.
                               The department of education of municipality administration implements the state
                               and regional policy of education, resolutions of the district municipality
                               institutions and other acts, regulating activities of education, surveys and evaluates
Short description of           the condition of education, analysis what are the educational requirements of
institution:                   children and adults, monitors schools‘, help for students, teachers and activities of
                               school institutions, managerial and pedagogical process, evaluation, supervision
                               and consulting, coordinates children‘s and students‘ socialization activities and

General information on the project idea
                                The subject „Comparing of education systems“ has been chosen because, in the
                                country and in the district, the implemented education system is clear,
                                understandable and acceptable both the district pedagogue community and the
                                district students. In the country and the district, the implemented general
                                (primary, secondary) and non-formal (pre-school, sports, artistic) education.
                                There functioned the system of help for child and students. In the country and the
                                district, there is inculcated the education system, its structure, principals,
                                prosecuted main activities. We would like to compare them with other countries
General idea of project         education systems peculiarities from early childhood to 18-19-year-old children
                                Having done the comparative analysis, we would like to highlight the similarities
                                and differences of education systems at national and school standart, and that,
                                what positive we could apply in practice and that, what would be acceptable to
                                country‘s - partner‘s implemented education system.
                                1. Formal (primary, secondary) and non-formal (pre-school, sports, artistic)
Please list the main thematic
                                2. Integrated help for child.
areas of your partnership
                                3. Self education.
Working language of project     English.
Please list other partners’     1.Department of education of Kretinga district municipality administration
institution from your region    2. Kretinga district Darbėnai gymnasium.
(add rows if necessary):        3. Klaipėda State College.
Any additional information
you would like to provide

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