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					Why study Computer Science at the University                 Competence-driven teaching                                                                               Study computer science in an
of Antwerp?                                                  The Department of Computer Science provides high-quali-
                                                             ty, student-centred teaching with an emphasis on project-                                                   international environment
                                                             based activities and autonomous problem-solving. There is
High standards in education
                                                             ample room for project work and interactive forms of teach-
The University of Antwerp is characterized by its high       ing such as seminars, tutorials and small-group teaching.
standards in education and its internationally competi-                                                                                                       The Master’s programme
tive research. Its roots go back to 1852. The University
has approximately 13 000 students.
                                                             Excellent student support
                                                                                                                                                              in Computer Science
                                                             The city of Antwerp offers plenty of suitable and accred-
The University of Antwerp is an international univer-        ited student accommodation. With the help of a database,
sity. Foreign students from all over the world make up       students will have no difficulty finding a desirable room in a                                   Benefit from many years of teaching and research
12% of the total student population. The University par-     private student house.                                                                           experience. Share your knowledge with young
ticipates in most European education programmes and                                                                                                           academics from different countries and cultures.
has established partnerships with universities around        Education in the city of Rubens, diamonds, culture,                                              Enjoy Antwerp’s art and fashion and experience
the world.                                                   fashion, water and gastronomy                                                                    living in a historical city in the heart of Europe.
                                                             The Department of Computer Science is located in the
ECTS                                                         green belt close to the attractive centre of the city of Ant-
The University of Antwerp uses the European Credit           werp. Antwerp is the largest city in Flanders and is situated
Transfer System (ECTS). ECTS makes teaching and              in the northern part of Belgium. It is a historical city by the
learning more transparent and facilitates the recogni-       river Scheldt and a bustling trading, artistic and cultural
tion of studies. The system is used across Europe for        centre with the typical atmosphere of an international port.
credit transfer (student mobility) and credit accumula-      Antwerp lies at the heart of the world’s diamond trade. It is
tion (learning paths towards a degree).                      also known as a city of painters such as Rubens, Van Dyck,
At the University of Antwerp all study programmes are        Jordaens and Breughel. Antwerp is also a leading fash-
measured in terms of ECTS credits. A full-time one-year      ion centre, and is home to a number of internationally
study programme amounts to 60 credits, which compris-        acclaimed designers. In bars and restaurants people enjoy
es a student workload of about 1500 to 1800 hours. One       real Belgian specialities such as chocolate, mussels, beer,
credit stands for 25 to 30 hours of work including contact   cheeses and waffles. Enjoy!
hours, preparatory work, study and assessment.

Organizing department
Playing a prominent part in international research, the
Department of Computer Science works together with
universities and research institutions all over the world.

                                                                                                                               Ontwerp: nieuwe Media dienst
The research carried out by its academics is fully inte-
grated into the courses taught within the programme.
The Department of Computer Science has a large staff
of national and international researchers and lecturers.
The department offers a strong and stimulating PhD
About the programme                                             Registration fees                                                     Admission criteria and application procedure
                                                                The annual registration fee amounts to 578,70 euro* for all           As the programme builds on on your knowledge of
Objectives                                                      students, regardless of their country of origin. In addition to       computer science at bachelor level, applicants should
The Master’s programme in Computer Science helps stu-           this cost, students have to finance their own living and accom-       hold an academic Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science
dents to become competent computer scientists. Via theo-        modation, travel costs and study materials. Some students             or equivalent. All bachelor degrees in the field of Science
retical and practical experiences with instruments, methods     are eligible for a scholarship. Updated information about             or Applied Sciences that have a strong focus on computer
and techniques a strong scientific background is build up in    scholarships can be found on the programme’s weblink.                 science will be considered (e.g. Computer Science, Computer
order to respond adequately to new challenges.                  * Fee academic year 2011-2012. Fees are subject to yearly revision.   Engineering,...).
Students are incorporated in the high-level environments
established by the research teams while they work on their                                                                            The equivalence of Bachelor’s degrees will be decided
master dissertation and the mandatory research intern-
                                                                Programme                                                             by the Board of Admission. In some cases the successful
ships. Direct interaction with professors, PhD students and                                                                           completion of a preparatory programme (15 to 90 ECTS,
                                                                The Master’s Programme in Computer Science carries                    only available in Dutch) may be required. Students in the
other staff members of the faculty enhances their research
                                                                a workload of 120 ECTS-credits. The two year study                    last year of their Bachelor’s programme are encouraged to
competences. Graduates can witness the development of
                                                                programme is full-time and runs from the end of September to          apply, but their admission will be conditional.
new technological breakthroughs and adopt them before
                                                                July each year. Examinations take place in January and June.
they are widely known.                                                                                                                Candidates should send an application with detailed
                                                                Students who do not pass are deferred to the second session
Students follow a personalized study track leading to excel-    of examinations in September.                                         information on their previous studies. If a visa is required,
lency in one of the three majors provided by the Depart-                                                                              the application documents should arrive at the latest
ment of Computer Science:                                       The programme consists of 4 blocks:                                   April 30th at the Student administration office, otherwise
•	 Computernetworks	and	Distributed	Systems,                    33 ECTS Compulsory courses: most of them depend on the                they should arrive at the latest July 31st.*
                                                                         major of interest. All students need to take ‘Scientific
•	 Databases,                                                                                                                         * subject to yearly revision.
                                                                         English’ classes.
•	 Software	Engineering.
                                                                27 ECTS Optional courses: most of them depend on the major
                                                                        of interest.                                                  Language qualifications
Degree                                                                                                                                The programme is taught in English. Candidates with a
                                                                30 ECTS Research internships: each student will do 2 research
Successful students will receive a Master’s degree of                   internships each valued by 15 ECTS-credits at 2               diploma from outside the Flemish community are required
Science in Computer Science, with one major from the                    research teams of the University of Antwerp. The              to demonstrate their proficiency in English in one of the
following list: ‘Computer Networks and Distributed                      student will actively work with PhD students to               following ways:
Systems’, ‘Software Engineering’ and ‘Databases’, offering              address today’s ICT challenges.                               •	 by submitting proof that they have studied at least one
competitiveness in the general field of Computer Science as                                                                              academic year in an English-language programme
                                                                30 ECTS Master dissertation: an independent study resulting
well as in the expert field in line of the major.                                                                                     •	 by providing a language certificate mentioning their
                                                                        in a written report summarizing the knowledge
                                                                        acquainted in the last semester of the programme.                TOEFL or IELTS scores. You can find the minimum
Career opportunities                                                                                                                     required TOEFL or IELTS levels on the website of the
Masters of Science in Computer Science are prepared to          Sample of courses:                                                       Master’s programme.
work in a corporate organisation as a technology consul-        •	 Mobile	and	wireless	networks
tant, software designer, system developer, software archi-      •	 Stochasting	modelling	techniques                                   Links
tect, software analyst,... Graduates will also have an oppor-   •	 Modelling	of	software-intensive	systems
tunity to work within national and international research       •	 Distributed	computing	paradigms
                                                                                                                                      details on the programme, course descriptions,
projects. Moreover they have facilitated access to a further    •	 Advanced	datamining	techniques
                                                                                                                                      scholarships, internships, etc...
PhD programme at the University of Antwerp.                     •	 Current	trends	in	databases
                                                                •	 Database	security                                        
                                                                •	 Software	re-engineering                                            admission, registration, fees, student accommodation,
                                                                •	 Software	testing                                                   student life, etc...
                                                                •	 Compilers

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