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                                 West Side Story
Thank you to everyone that tried out for this show. We were amazed by your talent, bravery and
commitment and excited to see so many new students auditioning. Over 120 people tried out for West
Side Story. If you didn’t make the show I want to encourage you to sign up for the running or costume
crew and certainly to audition again. A rehearsal schedule for the fall (Fridays and Mondays) will be
coming out shortly. The bulk of the rehearsals will begin in January. This document is 3 pages long.

Cast List

The Jets
Tony                                   Gregory Rodriguez
Riff                                   Nick Chieffo
Action                                 Zachary Steenbergen
A-Rab                                  Bradley Levine
Baby John                              Zachary Britton
Diesel                                 Casey Bryant
Snowboy                                Nick Olmoz
Big Deal                               TJ Swetz
Mouthpiece                             Nick Penn
Gee-Tar                                Sean Burns
Tiger                                  Calvin Ludwig
Trouble                                Kyle O’Shea

The Jet Girls
Velma (“Cool”)                         Erika Bauerlein
Graziella (“Cool”)                     Amanda Shuttleworth
Minnie (“Cool”)                        Taylor Wood
Clarice                                Claire Whitton
Pauline                                Elizabeth Saint Louis
Ursula                                 Lauren Baker
Maxine                                 Nicole Carlyle
Carol                                  Deirdre Reed
Lucille                                Jessica Steinbach
Mary                                   Paige Shields
Francis                                Katie Hogan
Kim                                    Shannon Burke
Janette                                Rachel Sclafani
Susan                                  Lindsay Follette
Joyce                                  Michele Tesoro
Anybodys                               Lisa Delia

The Sharks
Bernardo                              Eric Porter
Chino                                 Drew-Point Jour
Pepe                                  Robert Simmons
Indio                                 Cedric James
Luis                                  Aubrey Marrow
Anxious                               Ben Wang
Nibbles                               Andrew Harrison
Juano                                 George Archundia
Toro                                  Devon Angelone
Moose                                 Alexis Aldana
Julio                                 John Hartman
Marco                                 Devin Gibbs

The Shark Girls
Maria                                 Gabrielle Hondorp
Anita                                 Marisa Marinelli
Rosalia (“America/I Feel Pretty”)     Jasha Woodall
Consuela (“America/I Feel Pretty”)    Hanna Brandow
Teresita (“America/I Feel Pretty”)    Sarah Nathanson
Francisca (“America/I Feel Pretty”)   Victoria Steenbergen
Estella (“America”)                   Gianna Tucci
Margarita (“America)                  Naomi Calhoun
Katalina                              Isabella Starvaggi
Inez                                  Gina Silvestri
Isabella                              Tiffany Brookes
Paloma                                Brooke Wallace
Lavinia                               Annie Wu

The Adults
Officer Krupke                        Anthony Loria
Shrank                                Kyle Flannigan
Doc                                   TBD
Glad Hand                             TBD

Girl (“Somewhere”)                    Claire Whitton
Voice of Maria’s Father               TBD
Voice of Maria’s Mother               TBD

The following understudies will be used if a student is unable to fulfill their role.

Tony                                   Casey Bryant
Bernardo                               Aubrey Marrow
Maria                                  Jasha Woodall
Anita                                  Naomi Calhoun
Anybodys                               Kim Dougherty
Girl (Somewhere)                       Victoria Weir

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