WOW Gold Farm Guide by hakimmarief


									The motes and primals of Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Life, Shadow and Mana are needed by all
of the crafting professions from level 325 and up. These can also prove to be a great source of
making tons fo gold!

Before farming motes there are some things to keep in mind:

      Motes can be purchased from 2 vendors in Outland.
         o Najeeb at 45,37, up the path above the Innkeeper in Stormspire, Netherstorm
         o Tariq at 39,71 in the Ring of Observance, on the ground floor of Auchindoun,

       One of the more popular spots for farming motes in the Elemental Plateau in Nagrand
       located at in the northeast of the zone. A flying mount is required to reach it. Since
       this is a very popular place, farming here can be very competitive. You can find
       Water, Fire, and Air motes there.

       Motes of Water

       There are several zones to get these. My easiest monster to farm is the Shimmerscale
       Eel in Silmyr Lake in northern Terokkar Forest. These guys are only level 61-63, so
       they fast, and their drop rate is good. The best zone for farming Motes of Water is
       probably Nagrand. There you can find water elementals in just about any lake.

       Mote of Earth

       This is probably the cheapest mote of them all, because they are so easy to get when
       mining. The best zone for farming Motes of Earth is Nagrand. There you can find
       earth elementals all over the place. The best drop rate is from Shattered Rumblers of
       which are south and west of Oshu'gun.

       Motes of Fire

       The best spot for Motes of Fire is along the western border of The Hand of Gul'dan in
       Shadowmoon Valley. Here you'll find lots of Enraged Fire Spirits. Another good spot
       is Skald (i.e. east of Gruul's Lair) in the Blade's Edge Mountains where you'll find
       Searing Elementals.

       Motes of Air

       The best area for farming Mote of Air is Shadowmoon Valley. There, you'll find
       Enraged Air Spirits in several locations. One is the Netherwing Fields to the
       southeast, with a large concentration in Netherwing Pass to the south. The smaller
       area is north of the Altar of Sha'tar. In Nagrand, you can find low level air elementals
       scattered all over the zone, but in no large concentrations.

       Mote of Mana

       The best place to farm Motes of Mana is Netherstorm. There are two good farming
       spots there. The first is Kirin'var Village, where you should target Mana Seekers and
       Mageslayers. The second is the Ruins of Enkaat, where you should go after Mana
Wraiths and Nether Rays. If the Ruins of Enkaat is too busily farmed, you might want
to go a little further northwest for the Phase Hunters.

Motes of Shadow

Farming Motes of Shadow is relatively light on competition. The Voidspawn
wandering the area around Oshu'gun in Nagrand is probably the best spot. Just run
circles around the area killing them as you encounter them. Its probably one of the
easiest motes to farm.

[-] FastMover_DarkIron 08-01-2008
Nice guide, also note if your engineering, get the Mote Extractor in Zangar Marsh, I
get up to 5 motes off a single cloud, very nice.
[-] Peeches 12-18-2008
Motes of Life was not mentioned...I get these from the bog lords in
Zangarmarsh...which also gives you rep with the little Sporelings.
[-] Gerhard 01-02-2009
how much do the motes from the vendors???
[-] Exonfang 01-13-2009
FastMover_DarkIron, I'll have to agree, with my Mote Extractor get about 4 primal
airs just from doing a lap for farming Adamantite and Fel Iron.

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