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									Dear Advisors, Students, and Guests,

       It is my honor to welcome and invite you to the 13th session of University of Tennessee’s
High School Model United Nations conference (UTHSMUNXII). For the past thirteen years,
UTHSMUN staff has gladly dedicated their efforts to creating an internationally-focused
educational environment for high school students. UTHSMUN is a 3-day conference which
takes place on the campus of the University of Tennessee in Knoxville in the Min Kao
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Building on January 25-27, 2013. At
UTHSMUN, students represent different countries from around the world in a simulation of
committees and subsidiary bodies of the United Nations. Through debate in various committees,
students immerse themselves in the different cultural and political aspects of the countries they
represent. This in-depth study of different nations and international issues cannot be duplicated
as extensively in a classroom setting. In addition to the educational aspects of the conference,
students also gain valuable skills in leadership, communication, organization, and teamwork.

        Our staff is dedicated to providing a fun, challenging, and educational experience for
your delegates. All committees at UTHSMUN are staffed by excellent and passionate students
who care deeply about international issues. You and your students will have many opportunities
to contact staff members for assistance in research or with questions before the conference. At
the conclusion of the conference, students will be recognized for their hard work and dedication
through an awards ceremony. Here students will have the opportunity to be honored with awards
ranging from Best Committee Delegate to Best Delegation.

         This conference was started with the hopes of uniting high school students across the
state and region, to further them in developing personal skills and a true sense of global
awareness. We sincerely look forward to facilitating this educational experience for your
students. Enclosed are the registration materials for the conference. These materials and all
fees must be postmarked by December 7th, 2012. If you have any questions, please do not
hesitate to contact me by e-mail at modelun@utk.edu, or by phone at (901) 229-3520. Feel free
to visit our web page for updates and information regarding the conference at

        For those of you who have joined us for UTHSMUN in past, as well as for those joining
us for the first time, I am excited to tell you about some of the exciting changes we are making
this year! First of all, we will be having our conference in one of the newest buildings on
campus- the Min Kao Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Building. This beautiful new
building will be a terrific new addition to the atmosphere of the conference. Because it only has
six main classrooms, and we don’t want anyone to miss out on the new building, we will only
have six committees. These committees are another of our exciting changes this year. We will be
adding the International Court of Justice and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. I am
confident that these new committees will offer your students the perfect chance to learn about
these important groups not normally represented at our conference. In particular, it may appeal to
any future lawyers or humanitarians out there! Finally, our last major change this year is that we
are shortening General Assembly. It will only be on Sunday this year, giving the students more
time to debate in committee instead of sitting in GA. We hope that this will allow students more
time to finish debate and avoid some of the down time in GA. It is my hope that these changes
will help enrich your and your delegates’ Model UN experience this year!

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Emily Leturno
Secretary-General, UTHSMUN XIII
                                         UTHSMUN XIII
                                     Pre-Conference Deadlines
     Topic Guides will be posted

December 7th, 2012
       Registration Deadline Including All Fees

January 11th, 2013
       Resolutions and Position Papers Due

January 20th, 2012
       Final Dockets Posted Online

January 25th, 2012
       Conference Begins

 All Topic Guides and Resolution Dockets will be available online at web.utk.edu/~modelun. Delegates
                 will be expected to e-mail resolutions and position papers in a single
    Word document to their respective committee chairs. Further instructions will be posted online.

Conference Schedule
        This year we are excited to announce that committee proceedings will take place in the Min Kao
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Building.

All times subject to change.
Friday, January 25th, 2013
2:00-5:30 PM                 Registration/Dinner*
5:30-6:00 PM                 Opening Ceremonies
6:00-10:30 PM                Committee Session

Saturday, January 26th, 2013
8:30 AM-12:30 PM           Committee Session
12:30-2:00 PM              Lunch*
2:00-6:00 PM               Committee Session
6:00-8:00 PM               Dinner*
8:00-11:00 PM              Delegate Dance

Sunday, January 27th, 2013
8:30 AM-12:30 PM           General Assembly
12:30-2:00 PM              Lunch*
2:00-3:30 PM               Closing Ceremonies

*All meals are the responsibility of students and advisors.
                                                UTHSMUN XI
Registration – Country Page
In an effort to provide new experiences for delegates and to make country selection more equitable, we ask
that advisors apply for countries which their delegates did not represent the year before. (For instance, a
school that represented Pakistan last year will not be allowed to represent Pakistan again this year.) Those nations
that are members of the Security Council as of September 1, 2011 are in bold and underlined. An asterisk denotes
permanent SC members. Security Council countries participate in all seven committees. All other countries will
participate in the six remaining committees.

Afghanistan                    Dominica                        Lithuania                      San Marino
Albania                        Dominican Republic              Luxembourg                     Sao Tome and
Algeria                        Ecuador                         Macedonia                      Principe
Andorra                        Egypt                           Madagascar                     Saudi Arabia
Angola                         El Salvador                     Malawi                         Senegal
Antigua and Barbuda            Equatorial Guinea               Malaysia                       Serbia
Argentina                      Eritrea                         Maldives                       Seychelles
Armenia                        Estonia                         Mali                           Sierra Leone
Australia                      Ethiopia                        Malta                          Singapore
Austria                        Fiji                            Marshall Islands               Slovakia
Azerbaijan                     Finland                         Mauritania                     Slovenia
Bahamas                        France*                         Mauritius                      Solomon Islands
Bahrain                        Gabon                           Mexico                         Somalia
Bangladesh                     Gambia                          Micronesia                     South Africa
Barbados                       Georgia                         Monaco                         South Sudan
Belarus                        Germany                         Mongolia                       Spain
Belize                         Ghana                           Montenegro                     Sri Lanka
Benin                          Greece                          Morocco                        Sudan
Bhutan                         Grenada                         Mozambique                     Suriname
Bolivia                        Guatemala                       Myanmar                        Swaziland
Bosnia and Herzegovina         Guinea                          Namibia                        Sweden
Botswana                       Guinea Bissau                   Nauru                          Switzerland
Brazil                         Guyana                          Nepal                          Syrian Arab Republic
Brunei Darussalam              Haiti                           Netherlands                    Tajikistan
Bulgaria                       Honduras                        New Zealand                    Tanzania
Burkina Faso                   Hungary                         Nicaragua                      Thailand
Burundi                        Iceland                         Niger                          Timor-Leste
Cambodia                       India                           Nigeria                        Togo
Cameroon                       Indonesia                       Norway                         Tonga
Canada                         Iran                            Oman                           Trinidad and Tobago
Cape Verde                     Iraq                            Pakistan                       Tunisia
Central African                Ireland                         Palau                          Turkey
Republic                       Israel                          Panama                         Turkmenistan
Chad                           Italy                           Papua New Guinea               Tuvalu
Chile                          Jamaica                         Paraguay                       Uganda
China*                         Japan                           Peru                           Ukraine
Colombia                       Jordan                          Philippines                    United Arab Emirates
Comoros                        Kazakhstan                      Portugal                       United Kingdom*
Congo                          Kenya                           Qatar                          United States of
Costa Rica                     Kiribati                        Republic of Korea              America*
Côte d’Ivoire                  Kuwait                          Republic of Moldova            Uruguay
Croatia                        Kyrgyzstan                      Romania                        Uzbekistan
Cuba                           Laos                            Russian Federation*            Vanuatu
Cyprus                         Latvia                          Rwanda                         Venezuela
Czech Republic                 Lebanon                         Saint Kitts and Nevis          Viet Nam
DPK Korea                      Lesotho                         Saint Lucia                    Yemen
DR Congo                       Liberia                         Saint Vincent and the          Zambia
Denmark                        Libyan Arab Jamahiriya          Grenadines                     Zimbabwe
Djibouti                       Liechtenstein                   Samoa
                                                UTHSMUN XI
                                                 Registration Form
          Please note that this registration form and all fees must be postmarked by December 7th, 2013.

School Information
School Name:__________________________________________________
Number of Participating Students:________
School Address:________________________________________________
School Phone:(    )___________________________
School Fax:(___)____________________________

Head Advisor Information
Home Address:___________________________________________
Home Phone: (      )_______________________________________
All conference materials will be mailed to the school address provided.

Please include names and home phone numbers of any additional faculty advisors.
Phone:(    )__________________________________
Phone:(    )__________________________________

Model UN Experience
Has your school participated in a Model UN conference before?_______
If so, which one(s)?________________________________________________________

         School Fee =                        $ 60.00
         Delegate Fee ($65/student) =        $________
         Total =                             $________

The total amount is due with registration materials postmarked by December 7th, 2013. Please make checks
payable to the UTMUN Club. There will be no refunds after fees are paid.

Hotel Accommodations
This year we have a negotiated a group rate of $91 at the Holiday Inn World’s Fair Park. The address is 525 Henley
St., Knoxville, TN, 37902. (865) 522-2800. It is within walking distance of the conference location, which we hope
will ease your transportation to and from the conference!

Food is the responsibility of students and advisors during the conference. There are over 15 different food locations
available within a 5-10 minute walking distance of UT’s campus.
                                                UTHSMUN XI
                                       Registration – Country Request Form
                Please note that this registration form and all fees are due by December 7th, 2013.
School Name:______________________________
Number of Participating Students:______________
Number of Delegations:______________________

PLEASE READ BEFORE COMPLETING FORM: Complete the following form with the countries of your
choice, in order of your preference. Delegations representing Security Council countries can have up to 6 delegates.
Delegations representing non-Security Council countries can have up to 5 delegates. Each delegation MUST BE
FULL before requesting another country or delegation. Each school may only request one non-permanent Security
Council country and one permanent Security Council country. There is no limit for all other non-Security Council
countries. Every delegation may have only one delegate per committee. A delegation must be complete and have
delegates present at all times during the conference to be eligible for awards. Schools may not represent the
same country two years in a row. Countries will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis to schools who
have turned in all forms and fees.
 UTHSMUN 2013 Committees: Security Council, Disarmament and International Security (DISEC), Economic and
  Financial (ECOFIN), Social and Humanitarian (SOCHUM), International Court of Justice(ICJ), and the United
                                 Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

                                Countries should be chosen from the attached list.
Delegation 1:             1st Country Choice        _________________________________
                          2nd Country Choice        _________________________________
                          3rd Country Choice        _________________________________
                          4th Country Choice        _________________________________

Delegation 2:             1st Country Choice         _________________________________
                          2nd Country Choice         _________________________________
                          3rd Country Choice         _________________________________
                          4th Country Choice         _________________________________

Delegation 3:             1st Country Choice         _________________________________
                          2nd Country Choice         _________________________________
                          3rd Country Choice         _________________________________
                          4th Country Choice         _________________________________

Delegation 4:             1st Country Choice         _________________________________
                          2nd Country Choice         _________________________________
                          3rd Country Choice         _________________________________
                          4th Country Choice         _________________________________


                            RETURN THIS FORM ALONG WITH ALL FEES TO:
                                         C/O Emily Leturno
                                        1160 Kenesaw Apt. C1
                                         Knoxville, TN 37919

For Office Use Only
Date Received________     Amount Received________             Initials________
Please have each student fill this out. It may be brought to the conference or sent in with
registration materials. If it is not sent in, please send us your t-shirt sizes with the registration
packets so we will have the correct size URHSMUN t-shirts for you!

                                       Release of Liability

In exchange for participation in UTHSMUN XIII of ________________, and the use of the
property, facilities, and services of UT Model UN, I agree to the following:
1. I agree to observe and obey all posted rules and warnings, and further agree to follow any oral
instructions given by UT Model UN, or any staff or University of Tennessee staff.
2. I recognize that there are certain inherent risks with the above activities and I assume full
responsibility for personal injury to myself, and further release and discharge UT Model UN for
injury, loss, or damage arising out of my use of or presence on the facilities used by UT Model
UN, whether caused by the fault of myself, UT Model UN, or other third parties.





T-Shirt Size:_______

Parent/Guardian Signature (if under 18):___________________________


Emergency Contact
Phone Number:_____________________________

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