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									Polls Showed Romney Missed Key Opportunity

A year ago in September of 2011, Consensus survey research findings predicted the Romney
nomination, but indicated that the Republican campaign would be more effective if it avoided direct
attacks on Obama, and concentrating instead on inventing a new enemy for the public to vote
against: the banking/government complex.

New York, NY, November 09, 2012 --(PR.com)-- In the November 2012 edition of The Consenus
Letter, Consensus Research Group pointed to six key components in the Obama 2012 election victory.

Older voters and lower-income groups sensed greater Obama and Democratic Party sensitivity and
responsiveness to their current economic and human concerns, compared to the more upscale priorities of
the Republican ticket.

The Romney/Ryan tickets was seen as intelligent and analytically skilled, but more committed to
protecting the interests of corporate and upper-income constituents---preserving tax advantages for
private equity firms and other enterprises; seeking regulatory and operating cost reductions for business;
reducing government financial support for average households facing economic and financial pressures,
and the effects of natural disasters.

Strong voter turnout among Hispanic voters, women, African-Americans, union members and older age
groups offset Republican spending on media advertising. "Available voters" who weren't totally
committed to either party's candidates responded to last minute campaign issues, including the risks of
changing presidents during delicate budget, national security, energy and other uncertainties.

Male/white/blue collar voters who are more likely to express racial bias in their voting preferences, were
convinced that Obama was likely to win re-election, and like major team sports fans, wanted to vote for
the winner.

Republican efforts to intimidate Hispanic and African-American voters with billboards and advertising
threatening felony prosecuting for registration irregularities backfired, and increased turnout among
younger minority voters who supported Obama.

Early statements by Republican leadership, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, that
defeating Obama was the Republicans' exclusive mission in 2012, also had a negative impact on
undecided or "available" voters who preferred the principle of identifying the most qualified candidate
with the most effective solutions for challenges facing the nation.

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