The Slimmest Most Stylish Professional iPhone 5 Cases Unveiled

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					          The Slimmest, Most Stylish, Professional iPhone 5 Cases Unveiled

Apple’s churning out products like a saw mill, most recent being the much hyped iPhone 5, we sure
know the long queues and near death experiences you had to go through to FINALLY lay you hands on
the iPhone 5, now that you have bought it, positioned it in all the different ways to bag your colleague’s
envious attention, skimmed through most features, don’t you feel it’s about time you clothed it? From
saving your iPhone from all the disasters possible to even giving it a new look, iPhone cases are as
exciting as they get.

Apple stores usually sell the default type iPhone cases, which most of you have already seen, but stores
across are having serious stock issues and it’s about time we looked into the more functional, vivid yet
stylish iPhone 5 cases.

Let’s start with the four most stylish iPhone 5 cases:

1. Grip Candy Sheer Case

This case packs along a stylish transparent frame and comes in a multitude of colors; the easy grip and
an unbulky texture make it a class apart. Priced at $25, one could order it over through Amazon.

2. The Case-Mate Artist Series Zebrawood
This case features a striped hardwood material that provides, a raised bezel and silicone liner for
defence against damage, priced at $50 for direct sales in most mobile stores.

3. Griffin Survivor Cases

These cases come in a hard heavy–duty, shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame covered in silicone.
While also featuring a built in screen to protect the touch display, this hardy cover protects your iPhone
from rain, to dirt to damages from free fall, available at $50 directly.
4. The Speck CandyShell Grip

This is as colorful and vivid a phone case can get, priced at $35 this carries a patented double layered

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