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									        Graphic Organiser                          EDED19329             Belinda, Kaitlyn, Kirrily and Kirsten

Criteria                                Alternatives                    Alternatives             Alternatives
(Declarative and Procedural             (Details)                       (Details)                (Details)
-Students will have an                  Pythagoras' Theorem             Year 10 Interactive      YouTube Clip
understanding of the terms              (Maths is fun)                  Maths - Second           (Geometry help)
'adjacent' and 'opposite' sides in a                                    Edition (Maths
right-angled triangle                                                   Teacher)

                                        -Interactive                    -Explains the            -Explains how to use
-Students develop an understanding
                                        -Explains its usefulness        background               half base * height to
that Pythagoras’ Theorem is a useful    -Gives the algorithm and        knowledge                work out area
tool in determining unknown             examples                        -Explains the            -Explains how to use
lengths in right-angled triangles and   -Shows students how to          theorem and proves       the Pythagoras
has widespread applications             work out right angled           the theory               theorem
                                        triangles                       -Application of the      - Uses two different
-Students establish that all three      -Gives the students             theorem                  ways of working out
base-height pairs can be used to        definitions                     -Provides examples       area
calculate the area of triangles.        -Tests the students’            and challenges           -Challenges to
                                        knowledge of the theorem        -Explains definitions    students’ knowledge
                                        -Challenges them with 10        of appropriate key       to enhance further
-Students select and accurately use
                                        questions exploring different   terms                    knowledge
the correct trigonometric ratio to
                                        relationships and algorithms    -Examples explain        -Uses two different
find unknown sides (adjacent,           -Simplifies algebraic           the relationship         applications of rules
opposite and hypotenuse) and            expressions so students can     between triangles        to find the area of a
angles in right-angled triangles        understand the purpose          and rectangles           triangle
                                                                        - Students practise      -Links Pythagoras
- Students recognise that right-                                        applying the formula     and the algorithm
angled triangle calculations may                                        directly to a range of   for area together
generate results that can be                                            triangles
integral, fractional or irrational
numbers known as surds

-Students can estimate the area of

- Students identify and apply the
correct formula for calculating the
area of a triangle

-Students are able to identify the
base and height pairs of triangles

-Students can identify the
relationship between area of
triangles and rectangles.
       Graphic Organiser                     EDED19329              Belinda, Kaitlyn, Kirrily and Kirsten

Comparison of 3 digital          Plus                              Minus                    Interesting
Pythagoras' Theorem (Maths is    -It’s colourful and engaging                               - It shows creative
fun)                             -The students are able to                                  ways of how to
                                 have a play around as the                                  perceive the
                                 website is interactive                                     triangles
                                 -The explanation of
                                 Pythagoras’s theorem is
                                 clear and easy to read the
                                 explanation of why you
                                 should use it
                                 -It provides proof of why this
                                 theorem needs to be used to
                                 find the area of a right
                                 angled triangle
                                 -This web design creates
                                 questioning for students so
                                 they can check their
                                 understanding and
                                 understand why the
                                 algorithm works

Year 10 Interactive Maths -      - It explains the origin of       -The layout of the       -There are no
Second Edition (Maths Teacher)   which the information has         web design is very       interactive activities
                                 come from                         plain and                to engage students
                                 -It contains links in which the   unengaging
                                 students can click on to          -This web design
                                 understand ‘key’ terms            does not cater for all
                                 -The examples provided are        learning styles
                                 detailed and provide proof
                                 of the Pythagorean theory
                                 -There is a clear explanation
                                 of why it is useful to use the
                                 correct algorithms for

YouTube Clip (Geometry help)     -The instructions are clear       -Doesn’t provide         -There are no visual
                                 and concise                       definitions of the key   cues so this does not
                                 -Some students may prefer         terms, some              cater for different
                                 to listen to instructions from    students may not         learning styles
                                 the computer which a              understand the
                                 YouTube clip provides             difference
                                 - Uses two different              -The speakers tone is
                                 applications of rules to find     very bland and
                                 the area of a triangle            students may
        Graphic Organiser                         EDED19329            Belinda, Kaitlyn, Kirrily and Kirsten

                                       -Links Pythagoras and the      become bored with
                                       algorithm for area together    this

How do the digital resources fit       Pythagoras' Theorem            Year 10 Interactive     YouTube Clip
in with the Learning Object?           (Maths is fun)                 Maths - Second          (Geometry help)
                                                                      Edition (Maths

L357 Area of Triangles: triangles      This website would be a        This website explains   This website
without vertical or horizontal sides   great aid to work in with      the background          explores the basic
The Learning object goes through       the learning object. It goes   knowledge of            technique to teach
the steps of using base and height.                                   Pythagoras so           students the
                                       through the steps of
It fits two triangles into a                                          students can make       Pythagoras theorem,
                                       working out a right angled
quadrilateral and then explains                                       sense of the            by voice command.
                                       triangle, gives the            algorithm               It explains how to
the formula 1/2 b x h (half base       definitions of key terms       connection and          use half base *
times height)                          that would be used             proves the theory.      height to work out
                                       throughout learning about      It explore how to       area, explains how to
                                       triangles, shows students      apply the theory into   use the Pythagoras
                                       how to simplify algebraic      practice as it          theorem, uses two
                                       expressions so students        provides challenges     different ways of
                                       can link the process with      It builds on the        working out area,
                                       the purpose, explains the      students’ declarative   Uses two different
                                                                      knowledge with the      applications of rules
                                       importance of the
                                                                      definitions of          to find the area of a
                                       Pythagoras theorem and
                                                                      appropriate key         triangle and links
                                       its usefulness, it gives       terms. It’s helps       Pythagoras and the
                                       plenty of examples of the      build the connection    algorithm for area
                                       theorem to practice while      Of the relationship     together whilst it
                                       also providing challenges      between triangles       challenges students’
                                       which explore the              and rectangles.         knowledge to
                                       different relationships and    Students can then       enhance further
                                       algorithms. This is a          practise applying the   knowledge.
                                       progression which would        formula directly to a
                                       follow from the learning       range of triangles.

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