Excel 5 Instructions by H1a4PA5Z


									                          Computer Applications
                               Excel 5

Objective: The student will solidify their knowledge on how to create charts
in Excel using existing data. The skills that will be used in this assignment are:

           Save a workbook with a new name             Format a data series
           Create a column chart                       Select non-adjacent cells
           Move a chart to a new worksheet             Create a 3-D pie chart
           Reorder worksheets                          Move a chart as an object to a
           Apply a style to a chart                     different sheet
           Insert a chart title                        Add data labels
           Format a chart title                        Format a chart area
           Remove the legend from a chart              Resize a chart
           Insert a vertical axis title                Position a chart
           Rotate and tilt a 3-D chart                 Add data bars to a range of cells
           Modify the depth axis                       Edit a conditional formatting rule
           Insert a chart data table


      1. Open and save Excel 5 from the class Web site.
      2. Age Group Data worksheet: Cell range A3:E12, insert the 3-D Pyramid chart,
         the last chart in the Pyramid section in the Charts gallery.
      3. Move the chart to a chart sheet named Survey Charts.
      4. Move the Survey Charts chart sheet to be the last sheet in the workbook.
      5. Change the style of the chart to Style 10, the second column in the second row
         in the Chart Styles gallery.
      6. Insert the chart title using the Above Chart Title format
          Change the title to Screaming Ice Cream Summer Survey.
          Set its font size to 28 points.
          Remove the legend from the chart.
      7. Add the title Scoops Purchased to the vertical axis, using the Rotated Title
   Set the font size to 20 points.
8. Rotate the 3-D chart using the following parameters: x-axis rotation 40°, y-
   axis rotation 30°, perspective 25°, and depth to 140.
9. Modify the depth axis so the values are displayed in reverse order. Use the
   Axes button in the Axes group on the Chart Tools Layout tab to modify the
   depth axis using the Show Reverse Axis option.
10. Insert a data table without legend keys below the 3-D chart to provide the
    data values for the different columns. Use the Data Table button in the Labels
    group on the Chart Tools Layout tab.
11. Change the fill color of the Seniors series to standard Yellow.
12. Age Group Data worksheet: Cell range B3:E3; B13:E13, insert a Pie in 3-D
   Move the chart to be an object in the Survey Charts chart sheet.
13. Insert a chart title using the Above Chart Title format with the text Total
   Set its font size to 14 points and its font color to Black, Text 1, Lighter 25%.
14. Change the fill color of the Seniors slice to standard Yellow.
15. Remove the chart legend from the pie chart.
16. Add data labels to the Center of the pie chart, displaying each slice’s value.
17. Change the shape fill of the pie chart to No Fill.
   Change the shape outline to No Outline.
   Resize and move the embedded pie chart to the lower-left of the column chart
   so that the chart sheet matches the figure below.
18. Age Group Data worksheet:, Cells B4:E13 add Gradient Fill - Orange Data Bar
    data bars.
   Modify the rule for the data bars so that the maximum data bar length
   matches a value of 10,000.
   It should look like the figure below:

Save in your Mod folder and call me over to grade.
Total Possible Points: 33 points

                                                         Possible Points   Your Points
Survey Charts Sheet: with 3D pyramid chart using         5 pts
correct data & last sheet
Chart Style 10 used                                      1 pt
Chart title correct & legend removed                     2 pts
Vertical axis title correct                              2 pts
Chart rotated correctly with depth axis reversed         4 pts
Data Table correct                                       2 pts
Seniors – Yellow                                         1 pt
Pie Chart – Correct data used & Placed in correct        4 pts
Pie Chart: title correct, seniors yellow, no legend, &   4 pts
center data labels
Pie Chart: no fill for background & shape outline &      3 pts
resized to lower left
Age Group Data sheet: data bars correct                  4 pts
File named & saved correctly                             1 pt

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