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                                 Columbus Biography Handout

                 1.        Create an Portrait of Arthor Schomburg On a separate sheet of paper draw
                    an image of what Schomburg might look like based on the biography. And
                    identify what is personality would be like based on the biography. Use at least
                    two quotations to support each part of the portrait: the physical and the
                    personality. Write out the quotations next to the image. Also write out and
                    explain what the quotations that refer to his personality mean below the image.
                 2.        Complete the chart below using the Columbus biographies from the packet/
                           Indirect Characters in the Columbus Biographies

Type of Indirect      “Columbus: The               “The                  Similarity or Difference
Characterization      Voyage that Changes          Importance of
                      the World”                   Columbus”


Effects on others



                 3.         Respond to the following question in short answer format:

             How do the structures of these biographies differ in developing indirect characterizations
             of Christopher Columbus?
             (Make sure you identify one type of indirect characterization and support your explanation with an
             example of the same type of indirect characterization from each text. Also introduce each quote with
             an introductory word from the list provided in the lesson)

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